School Closure Monday 7th & Tuesday 8th January 2019.

Dear Parents

Due to unavoidable circumstances regarding our roof replacement, school will reopen on Wednesday 9th January 2019 (school will be closed to all pupils on 7th & 8th January).  This is to ensure everyone’s safety on the return to school.   This decision has been made by City & County of Swansea.

We apologise for any inconvenience while essential structural work takes place.

Yours sincerely

Beverley Phillips

Head teacher


Christmas Dinner and Party Box Day

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Christmas Dinner Day Thursday 13th December 2018 – roast turkey, stuffing ball, roast potatoes boiled potatoes, choice of vegetables, gravy and chrismas ice-cream tub.

Party Box Day Tuesday 18th December 2018 – choice of sandwiches, pizza or sausage, crisps, cake, ice-cream and a cup drink. 

The cost of each meal is £2.30.

Please send the form with your childs choice no later than Wednesday 5th December 2018 and ensure your childs Squid Account is credited prior to the meals, thank you. 


Swansea Foodbank Logo

We are once again appealing for your generous donations of non-perishable foods to donate to the Swansea Foodbank. The appeal was introduced to the children in this week’s junior assembly. The appeal will be open for the next two weeks until Thursday 18th October 2018. Below is a list of urgently needed food items from the Swansea Foodbank website.


Small Bottles of Squash, Small jars of Coffee, Tinned Rice Pudding, Tinned Fruit, Tinned Carrots or Sweetcorn, Tinned Tomatoes, Packets of Dry Rice (500 grams or 1kg), UHT Milk or Milk Powder, Soup, Jam, Mash Potato, Chocolate Bars/Sweets.

Please bring in items in a plastic carrier bag if possible.

Thank you for your support.  We are very grateful for your continued generosity in  helping  people who are facing difficult times.