Onesie Wednesday

Huge big thank you to everyone who took part in our Onesie Wednesday fundraiser last Wednesday, to celebrate National Autism week, we managed to raise £202, which will be donated to the National Autistic Society.
Many thanks
Mrs Miller

Letter from the Director of Education

Dear Parent / Carer
As we begin the summer term it is very pleasing to see all our children and young people back in school with the hope that the improving situation continues.
I make no apology for thanking our wonderful school workforce once again and I hope that with the support of our whole school community our children and young people can have a full term back in school with their friends, but for the improved situation to
continue, we need your support. Voluntary Lateral Flow Tests for years 7 and above The Welsh Government have announced the offer of regular asymptomatic lateral flow
tests will now be extended to all secondary school pupils. The lateral flow home testing
kits will allow students to test themselves twice a week. Learners will be able to collect their test kits from their school / setting and will test themselves at home. These tests continue to be part of a range of measures in place to help manage the transmission of
the virus. The responsibility for managing the taking and reporting of the tests is with parents / carers and young people. If you chose to undertake the tests then it is really important that any positive results are reported and self-isolation requirements are met. I also hope they will provide some added reassurance that any positive cases will be identified early.

Pupils in our secondary schools will be required to wear a mask in school if they are unable to keep the required distance from others. All secondary school pupils have
been provided with three good quality masks that can be washed up to 50 times.

Key messages for keeping safe
It is vital that that our children and parents continue to adhere to all rules under our tier
of restrictions to enable further relaxing of rules. These include:
14 April 2021
• Keeping your distance at school gates when dropping off and collecting your children. Please don’t gather in groups at the school gates as tempting as it is
stop for a chat.
• Making sure children are not mixing outside of school, including sleepovers or parties.
• Not sending your children to school if they are feeling unwell even if they don’t have the main coronavirus symptoms.

Schools are as safe as they can be so please continue to play your part in stopping the spread of the virus – figures keep on improving but it has not gone away.
Helen Morgan-Rees
Director of Education

Smoke Free Schools

From March 1st 2021 it will be a legal requirement for school grounds to be smoke free. You will notice signs on the entrance gates to school stating failure to comply could result in a hefty fine. I don’t envisage any issues or non-compliance with this change in the law. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries or concerns.

Thank you
Mrs Bev Phillips