EMAU Swansea

Ethnic Minority Achievement Unit (EMAU) works in partnership with schools in Swansea to support pupils from ethnic minority backgrounds who are learners of English as an additional language (EMAU). The unit provides both specialist teachers and bilingual teaching assistants to help pupils access the curriculum and acquire EAL.

EMAU working in partnership with Sketty Primary
The Sketty Primary EMAU team consists of one specialist teacher and three bilingual teaching assistants (BTA’s). The team supports pupils and works with the senior leadership team and teachers to raise standards for ethnic minority pupils in the school. We promote a welcoming ethos and value ethnic, cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. Lessons are structured to meet the specific needs of pupils at different stages of EAL acquisition.
Specialist Teacher

Mrs Babita Verma

¬†Bilingual Teaching Assistants (BTA’s)¬†

Shaheena Ali – Urdu/Punjabi

Donnie Yuen – Cantonese/Mandarin

Hanaa Alaskar  РArabic

Please contact the school on 01792 206655 if you have any questions or need advice.

Mrs. Babita Verma

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