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Headteacher Weekly News – 30.09.16

Children nominated for Good Work merit in Achievement Assembly this week were: Sebastian Parton, Ashton Hiddle, Isla Prosser, Katie Zhang, Mia, White, Tabby Ventress-Brett, Mali Baglow, Maddie O’ Connor, Imogen Ridgewell, Scarlett Morris and Maddie Richards-Jervis.

Children nominated for demonstrating positive values were: Beau Kennedy, Emily Bygate, Wesley Andrews, Rocco De La Haye, William Smith, Eleri Gwynn,  Keston Boyd, Ella Morgan, Ahmed Hasan, Bella Colbourne, Charlie George and Elly Traylor-Holland.  Well done everybody – a really good effort!

It has been a busy week with educational visits.  Year 5 are undertaking a project with the Ospreys this term and had a tour of the Liberty Stadium on Tuesday, where they undertook a variety of Literacy, Numeracy & ICT activities.  Amongst other things, they visited the changing rooms and sat in the press box.  Josh Lomax spoke very well in Assembly today about the visit.

Year 6 went to Llancaiach Fawr mansion on Wednesday as part of their History studies about the Stuarts.  The children were transported back in time to the seventeenth century and learnt about the customs of the day through role play and a variety of interesting activities.  Thea  Wilkinson talked about the visit in great detail in Assembly today and the experience had obviously had a great impact.

Year 4 went to the Roman Fort and museum at Carleon today.  They learnt  about the Roman period through a mixture of studying artefacts and participating in hands on activities.

Year 1 went to St Fagans today to learn about Welsh life in the past; in particular school in the nineteenth century.  It is fair to say school is very different these days!  The behaviour of the children on all of these visits has been exemplary.

The KS2 Meet the Teacher sessions have been held after school this week.  They were very well attended and we trust you found the meetings useful and informative.

Our whole school attendance for September was a fantastic 97.1%.  Let’s hope the children stay well and the bugs stay away as the weather turns more autumnal.

Have a good weekend.


Headteacher weekly news – 23.09.16

Children receiving merits for good work this week were: James Hopkins, Eva Anthony – Dubernet, Toby Laycock, George Dacey, Lewie Harris – Morgan, Darcey Saunders, Evan Morris, Max King, Matthew McKevitt, Sophie Smith, Lucy Spiller, Madelaine Smith, Ryan Afruz – Ali and Thomas Bishop.

Children receiving merits for demonstrating positive values were: Reuben El-Hoss, Sofia Dafydd, Daniel Legg, James Culliford, Neve Reardon, Maddie Jones, Keston Boyd, Olivia Amos, Seren Hopkins, Zoe Wood, Emlyn Haines, Jessica Bevan and Rhianna Jones.  Well done everybody – keep up the good work!

Year 4 are enjoying rugby coaching with the new Rugby Development Officer Gareth George every Monday.  They are learning new skills and playing tag rugby.

We have set up a partnership with the Confucius Institute, Trinity St David. The first positive benefit of this partnership is Year 3 have started Chinese classes with a specialist language teacher every Monday afternoon.  The children are learning about the Chinese culture and some basic language patterns.

Year 5 attended a Science and Energy lecture in Swansea University on Wednesday. The talk was very interesting and informative and the children enjoyed the experience of attending the lecture theatre.

Year 3 visited Big Pit on Wednesday as part of their studies about Victorians. They enjoyed their visit immensely and going down into the mine certainly captured their imagination!  The behaviour on both these trips was excellent.

Years 1 & 2 have held their ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings this week. Thank you to all of who attended.  We hope you found the meetings useful and informative.

Next week is busy with trips and meetings. Year 5 are having a tour of the Liberty Stadium, Year 4 are visiting the Roman Fort at Caerleon (Romans Topic) and Year 1 are going to St Fagans to learn about life in Wales in the past.  In addition, Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 are holding their ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings on different nights spread over the week.  We hope to see you there.

All communication will now take place on this new website  (we have changed the name to an easier one!)

Have a good weekend.

Ospreys Tickets


Dear Parents,

If you are a keen Ospreys supporter you can buy discounted tickets and help raise money for the school at the same time.

The following link will access our schools ticketing initiative home page, simply select Sketty Primary from the schools drop down list. Buy your discounted tickets and the school will receive money back.

The benefits of the scheme are as follows.

Parents or Affiliates of the school can buy tickets at the following rates from the comfort of their own home.

£15 Adult normally £20 (£2 Back to the school)

£10 Concession normally £15 (£1 back to the school)

£4 Child normally £5 (£1 back to the School)

Please help spread the word and support the Ospreys and the school at the same time.

Ospreys in the Community and Sketty Primary


Y6 Trip To Llancaiach Fawr


Click here to find out details of our destination

Year 6 Trip

As part of our topic, a visit has been arranged to visit Llancaiach Fawr, a Tudor Manor House, on Wednesday 28th September.  The cost of the visit it £15.50 per child. Pupils will need to arrive in school at 8.20am as we are due to depart at 8.30am. Packed Lunch will be needed.