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Children In Need Fundraising Success! Friday 17th November 2017

A big THANK YOU for helping us to support and raise funds for Children In Need, last Friday, 17th November  2017.

The theme was “Spotacular”.

The day was a huge success, we held a Bring and Buy sale and dressed up in spotty clothes/spotty character. Thank you for all your donations of toys, games and books and also for the spotacular cakes/biscuits and crafts to sell in the sale.

School Council held competitions for the best spotty dressed, best spotty fancy dress, spottiest cakes and crafts.

The top three Spotty dressed  were, in  joint first place, James and William in Y1SW, second place was Darcey in Y3LC/SW and third place, Lenny in Y4SK.

First prize for Spotty fancy dress was Sophia Y1SW, second place was Matthew Y5MW and third was Max Lightfoot in RDD.

Congratulations to you all!

There were also competitions for the spottiest cakes/biscuits and  crafts. Thank you so much for all your baking and making!

The winners of the spottiest crafts were, in first place, Ruby Y4SK, second place Annalisa Y1MJ and third place Abigail Y4LJ. Gwaith Da!

We were inundated with spectacular spotty cakes and biscuits and it was a very difficult decision for school council to choose a top three. However after much deliberating, the chosen winners were, in first place, Rhydian RDD, second place Poppy in Y1MJ and third Sofia also in Y1MJ.  Da Iawn!

During the Bring and Buy sale there were competitions to guess Pudsey’s middle name; spot how many pom pom’s were on Pudsey’s headscarf;  spot the number of maltesers in the jar and guess which spot Pudsey is hiding under.

The winners were Ffion who guessed Pudsey’s middle name was ‘Need’. Eloryn Y4LJ who correctly guessed that there were 113 maltesers in the jar, Evan Y4LJ who estimated there 52 pom pom’s on Pudsey’s headscarf and Josh RDD who guessed that Pudsey was hiding behind smiley spot number 11.

Ellie Y6CJ won the raffle prize which was a beautiful doll cake donated by Eva RDD.

Thank you for all your donations. The sale was a huge success and everyone thoroughly enjoyed. We raised an amazing £585!

The HSA also very kindly donated Friday’s cake stall sales to Children In Need which raised our whole school total to £700!!


Thank you for helping us to raise a fantastic amount of money for Children In Need and for your continuing support.

Mrs B Phillips