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Donation week – Monday 25th June – Friday 29th June 2018.

Please bring in food, drink (in date), clean soft toys, children’s books and  coloured items for your class rainbow stall.

Rainbow Stall – 

Nursery – Red

Reception – Orange

Y1 – Yellow

Y2 – Green

Y3 – Blue

Y4 – Purple

Y5 – Pink

Y6 – White

All donations very gratefully received!

If you can help out for half an hour please let your PTA Class representative know thank you!

The Great Sketty Potato Grow Off

Eco Councillors have been working with Mrs Morgan, one of our Grandparents and a fellow Eco warrior to launch The Great Sketty Potato Grow Off.

They have prepared potatoes and pots ready for growing and have given each class two potatoes (to grow on the window sill) in preparation to plant after Easter.

The children will follow a set of instructions to learn how to successfully grow the potatoes and there will be a competition to see which class can grow the most. The children will be able to monitor the growth of the potatoes and when they are fully grown they will be given to Alison our school cook in the kitchen to cook for the children at lunchtime.

Happy growing all!

Pob Lwc Pawb!

The Great Battery Hunt!

We have recently signed up to The Big Battery Hunt a nationwide campaign to help recycle more batteries. We would be most grateful if you could help us with this challenge at home.

A small battery box has been sent home with your child for you to recycle as a family. When the box is full simply return it to school with your child so they can deposit their batteries into the large battery box. They can then take their box home and start recycling again! Together we can make a real difference to the planet.

Thank you for your support