What a beautiful day!!

Good afternoon every one, prynhawn da pawb!

What a beautiful day!!  We have been very busy again this week!!

Miss John’s year 4 class were superb at the Waterfront Museum on Wednesday! Well done to all who took part. This morning, the whole of year 4 shared their work on the Bells Of Santiago, it was a true music and literary feast, thoroughly enjoyed by a very attentive audience! Well done to the children who took part and a big thank you to Miss John and Mr Knight who deserve a well earned rest this weekend having fought through some interesting technical hitches!!

This week a variety of musical instrument lessons resumed. This is a wonderful opportunity for our children to learn to play a musical instrument but unfortunately some children were left feeling a little sad for a number of reasons! Do not fret! I am on the case and hopefully will have a solution to the situation by this time next week! (fingers crossed!!)

Year 1 had a fabulous visit to St Fagans on Monday. The weather held and everyone enjoyed themselves and learned lots!! I’m led to believe that Miss Withey was a very believable Victorian Head Mistress!!

Year 3’s Brynmill project, linking art with environment, picked up pace this week. One of the lovely children in Miss Copus’/Mrs Williams’ class said that the visit to Brynmill Park and all the activities they had done, had made it “The best day of their lives!!!”

Today, Year 5 and 6 are at the Dylan Thomas Theatre and Waterfront Museum working on a science based theatre project, I look forward to them returning to school to tell me all about it!!

The donations for our local food bank have been wonderful! We still have until Thursday 12th October if anyone hasn’t donated and still wants to.

And finally, I am a little bit worried about our year two teachers! I called to see them this morning to be greeted by two mad scientists!!! It’s been a really busy day in year two and if any one knows where Mrs De Kayne and Mrs Palmer are, please let me know!!

We are a very busy school and above is just a taster really of all the wonderful activities and exciting learning opportunities our children access.

Thank you again for your amazing support.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs Bev Phillips

Head teacher



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