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Last updated 16.7.17

For new Reception and also current Reception parents – there are now Read Write Inc videos aimed at parents on You Tube.  Here is the link



The children would like to share their work from the year with you tomorrow.  Please come in to share their books between 9-9.30am or 2.45-3.10pm.  We hope to see you there!

Week beginning 10.7.17

The end of the school year is fast approaching and we have a busy two weeks ahead of us.

This week we have the open session on Tuesday morning for parents to come and see how we operate in Reception – please return the letter by Monday if you want to join us.

On Friday,  the buddies will be running the Pirate Day for the children – please send your child in dressed as a pirate for the day.

In Maths we continue with number bonds and use them to work out some calculations involving money.

Our literacy this week will be linked to The Lighthouse Keeper stories. We will be retelling one story by writing it, and retelling another story through drama!  The children are enjoying reading this series of books.

The class met Miss Withey and Miss Jones last Friday and spent some time in their new classrooms.  They came back very happy and excited about their next move!

Week beginning 3.7.17

If you would like to see how we ‘work’ in Reception, then please return the letter about our open session next Tuesday 11th July.  We hope to see you there.

This week we will be using the ipads to write an account of our trip to Caswell using the app My Story.

In Maths we will be continuing with the Number bonds work – the children need to know these off by heart and so lots of practise needed up to the end of term.


Week Beginning 26.6.17

We all had a great time at Caswell last Wednesday – thank you to all the helpers!

The children are finishing off writing rules for the beach this week.

In Maths we are going to be looking at Number Bonds for the numbers 5,6,7,8,9,10.  We will also look at subtractions linked to these bonds.

The children will be drawing some items found on the seashore using pencil,  pastel and charcoal. They will also be learning a story to put music to called Treasure Island.

The end of term is fast approaching and the Year 6 Buddies are planning a special treat for the Reception children – a Pirate Fun Day – before they move onto the next chapter in their lives – Year 7!  We will give you more details in the next couple of weeks.


Week Beginning 19.6.17

The weather forecast is looking good for our trip this week!  Please make sure that the children are appropriately dressed and have hats, suncream and plenty to drink.

As a follow up to our trip we will be learning about the creatures they find in the rockpools and also writing rules for the beach.

In Maths we will be returning to money and practising giving change by doing ‘take away’ from 10p.

Week beginning 12.6.17

Please could all trip money come in this week so that we can confirm numbers.  Mrs Eagle has enough helpers but Mrs Dalling has space for three more parents/ grandparents. Please let us know if you are able to help.  Fingers crossed for good weather!

This week in Maths we will be learning how to ‘count on’ when adding numbers (rather than starting from one and counting they start at the higher number and count on).  Some groups will also be solving word problems involving adding tens and units.

The children are loving the new pirate role play area and this will develop further as the next few weeks progress.

This week we will be reading the story ‘Lucy and Tom At The Seaside’ which is a classic Shirley Hughes book.  Following on from this, they will be writing about what they enjoy doing on the beach.

Outdoors this week (and it is looking like a dry week!), they will be looking closer at features around the school environment and saying which they like (and dislike).

Week beginning 5.6.17

This week the children will be writing their holiday news using their homework as a prompt. We will also be making some Welsh books about Jasper The Cat.

In Maths we will be learning about tens and units and how to make numbers from 10-20 using the Numicon.  We will also be continuing to read, write and order numbers to 20 (one more and one less in particular).

Please look out for the trip letter which will be coming home this week.  We will be going to Caswell on Wednesday 21st June.  Please let the staff know I you are able to come with us to help supervise a group – we are unable to accommodate younger siblings sorry.

In Forest Schools this week the children will be building new houses for the fairies.  They sent us a letter to say that their homes had been blown away and they need our help!

We hope that the children will enjoy the new outdoor area outside Mrs Eagle’s room which has been transformed into a pirate island for role play!

Week beginning 22nd May

This week we are continuing to learn how to use money – using different coins to pay for items, giving change from 10p.

In language this week we are writing Fact Files about Little Miss Tiny to conclude our mini topic of Teeny Tiny Things.  After half term our topic will be The Beach.  We are hoping to go to Caswell for a trip on Wednesday 21st June – we will send more details after the half term break.

Please help you child to complete their holiday news in the Newsround books and return to school on Monday 5th June.

Week beginning 8th May/ 15th May

This week and next we will be practising and doing our Sports Day for family and friends.  Please come along Tuesday  16th May at 1.15pm on the field to watch the children do their races and circuit of activities.

In Maths we are estimating amounts up to 20, ordering numbers to 20 and also revisiting money.  The children will be learning how to give change from 10p/20p.

We are reading Mr Small this week and will be writing a fact file using the ipads next week about him.

The children are enjoying watching their beanstalks start to grow.  When they are big enough, they will go in the new gardening area cleared by the Community Groundwork Team.

Don’t forget that Mrs Dalling’s class assembly will be on Friday 12th May at 10.30am in the school hall.

Week Beginning 24th April/ 1st May

We have two short weeks and lots to fit in!  This half term’s topic is called ‘Teeny Tiny Things’.  The children will be going on an expedition in the woodland to look for Teeny Tiny Things and then will make a Teeny Tiny Book about their findings.  We will focus on the following books during May – Jasper’s Beanstalk,  Jack and the Beanstalk, Jim and the Beanstalk, Jodie’s Beans.  Needless to say, we will be planting some bean seeds to try and grow our own beanstalks!

PE this term will be outside wherever possible so please provide suitable clothing on a Thursday along with trainers.

In Maths this fortnight, we will be looking at counting in 1’s, 2’s, 5’s and 10’s and completing number patterns (written).

We look forward to seeing you at our class assemblies which are being held in the school hall as follows –

Rec ER – Friday 5th May

Rec DD – Friday 12th May

The gate near the Breakfast Club entrance will be opened at 10.30am for family members to come into the assembly.


Week beginning 20th/ 27th  March

In Maths we will be learning number bonds for 5/6/7 using Numicon and our fingers to help us.  We will looking at how a pair of numbers can be reversed to make two sums adding up to the same number (eg 4+1 is the same as 1+4).

We had another letter from Dewi and have been searching for clues outside as he came to visit over the weekend.  We are now writing back to Dewi to tell him what we found.

The children have also written a class story about Dewi which we hope to share with you at our class sharings after Easter.

This years batch of eggs are arriving on Monday 27th March and we will spend the next two weeks caring for them and the resulting chicks.  This is always a rewarding experience for the children

Week Beginning 6th/13th March

We hope that all the children have had chance to complete their News homework in preparation for our lesson tomorrow.  Please note that homework returned after Monday will not be used in class as we always write our News on Monday afternoon.

This week in Maths, we will be continuing to learn about money.  The children will be playing shop and buying items using different combinations of coins up to 10p (e.g if something costs 7p they could use 5p + 2p).  This is something they could practise at home using real coins.  We are going to use our fingers to check if two coins will add up to the amount we want.

Last week, we had a letter from Dewi , a friendly dragon,  who lives on Mumbles hill.  He wanted to know what we did in our school.  The children are writing letter back to Dewi to tell him what their favourite thing in school is.  We hope to get another letter back from him!

Early Years staff joined the Ground Force group this Saturday to prepare planting beds for the Nursery and Reception children.  All the planters have been cleared and we have filled most of them with soil.  Are there any parents/ grandparents that could spare a morning or afternoon to finish filling them with soil? The soil is at the main entrance in jumbo bags and would need ‘barrowing’ to the infant yard – we can supply the wheelbarrow!  Please let us know if you can help.  We hope to start planting vegetables after the Easter break.

Week beg 27th February

This week the children will be taking part in a variety of activities to celebrate our Welsh culture and St David’s Day.  We look forward to seeing their Welsh hats they have made.  Welsh costumes can be worn to school Wednesday and Friday.

Thursday is World Book Day and Mrs Eagle and Mrs Cox have planned a carousel of activities to mark the occasion.  The children can dress as their favourite book character if they wish for the day.

In Maths this week we will be looking at numbers to 20 and working out whether they are higher or lower than each other.

Week beg 13th February

The children have enjoyed looking at the photos of them reading with their Dads/ Bampis and other family members – thank you for taking the time to send them in.

In Maths this week we will be learning about ‘zero’ and the fact that it does ‘nothing’!  The children will also be learning to measure capacity using sand and water.

Look out for details of the first week back as we will be celebrating both St David’s Day and World Book Day.

Week beg 6th February

Thank you for all the photos sent in already to us for the new reading corner.  If you would like to send a photo in of your child reading with a male role model (Dad, brother, Grandad, Uncle, etc) please do so by Tuesday as we will be printing them and displaying them then.

The HSA have kindly funded some new music CD’s for Reception.  These are produced by Out Of The Ark who also produced the Whoops A Daisy music we used for the Christmas sharing. We are looking forward to using them very soon!

This week in Maths we will continue to learn to count in 1’s, 2’s and 1o’s.  You should have had your child’s new counting target home last week – please help them practise at home.  Also this week we will be continuing using Number Bonds for 5 and 6 and starting to learn them off by heart.

Our writing focus this week is our weekly Newsround on Monday and then we will be writing instructions for how to make dough.  We will use the dough to make play food for our role play areas.

Week Beg 30th January

The end of January already!  The children will be learning about Chinese New Year and carrying out themed activities throughout the week.

In Maths we will be practising addition and word problems using addition.   Our warm ups will be counting in 2’s, 10’s and back from 20 in 1’s.  New counting targets will be coming home with the children this week.

Week beg 23rd January

This week we will continue our work on Sleeping Beauty and telling our own fairy tales.

In maths we will be recapping on one more and one more less than a number and using different coins to buy shop items.  We will also be counting in 2’s to 20.


Week beg 16th January

We had a visit today from Prince Phillip whose grandfather was the prince that kissed sleeping beauty to wake her up.  The children loved listening to his stories and asked pertinent questions.  They will be writing about the story this week.

In Maths we will be looking at odd and even numbers and learning how to share an even number equally.

The children will be doing some story telling of their own this week with Mrs Dodd dressed as different characters from fairy tales.  We look forward to hearing their creations!

PE continues to be on a Thursday with Mrs Cox – the children will be doing some story telling through dance and movement this half term.  Please send the children in suitable clothes on a Thursday for PE.

Week beg 9th January 2017

The children have settled back quickly, although they were tired by the end of the first week back!

Our topic this term is Dragon Tales.  This term we cover traditional tales, we also learn about Chinese New Year and St David’s Day.  Around the Easter break we will be looking after a batch of newly laid eggs and caring for the new chicks until they need to go back to the farm.  A busy term ahead!

In Maths this week we will be learning how ‘teen’ numbers are made up of tens and units, we will be practising to write the teen numbers and also count from 0-20 and back again.

The children have shared their Christmas homework and are now writing their diary.

Thank you for the support you give the children with their reading – please could you make sure that they have their books on their allocated reading day.  Usually, we do not have the flexibility to hear children read their books on another day and may just change their books if they are sent in late.  The children continue to have reading lessons regularly through Read Write Inc, and in our class Big Book sessions we have been spotting capital letters and full stops.  Very soon, we will be sending home sight words which are suitable for Reception children (eg I, in, is, it, and, the) two at a time for the children to learn alongside their reading books.  These words are for reading by sight and not spelling out.

We look forward to seeing you on 18th January for our Open Day where you will be able to share your child’s books with them.


Week Beg 5th/ 12th  December

We have a busy two weeks ahead –

Tuesday 6th  – we will be going on our trip to the Poundffald farm to see Santa and his herd of reindeer.  Thank you to the volunteer helpers.

We will also be making Christmas cards, calendars and other Christmas crafts.

We will be writing a diary about our school trip over the next two weeks.

In Maths we will be learning about what weighing scales do and the meaning of the words ‘heavy and light’.  We will also be using pennies to buy items from the Christmas shop in the classrooms (up to 10p).

Please could the gift bags be sent into school by Monday 12th December as we have lots of the children’s craft projects to send home by the end of the term.


Week Beg 28th Nov

Tickets for the Sharings were sent out today – if you require additional tickets please see the Class Teachers.

Please could you send in any outstanding consent forms and payment for our trip to Poundffald Farm as soon as possible so that we can confirm numbers.

Week beginning 21st and 28th November

Over the next week we will be using the ipads to practise using the keyboard and camera function.

The children have been learning about different materials and sorting them in to groups of wood, metal and plastic.

In Maths we are continuing working on one more and one less and some groups are doing addition and subtraction.


Thank you to all the parents who attended the Read Write Inc meeting .  Please find the link below to the Ruth Miskin website where you will find all the resources mentioned in the meeting.

We are unable to attach a link to the actual Powerpoint used, sorry, due to copyright reasons.

Week beg 7th November

We will be starting to practise the Xmas sharing daily from now on.  If you would like a CD for the music please send a blank one in for us to copy onto.  Please make sure that your child knows their individual lines.

This week we are continuing to write harvest poems – the children are becoming much more confident spelling their own words using the sounds they know.

There is a Read Write Inc this Tuesday at 2.30pm in the school hall with our Read Write Inc consultant.  We look forward to seeing you there.

In Maths we are learning to count backwards from 20 as well as from other numbers between 20 and 10.

Week Beg 31st October

There is a busy week ahead with Halloween and the disco on Thursday.

We will be sending song words and individual lines for the children to learn this week.  Please could you help them to practise.

We are starting to write harvest poems this week and have been learning about what harvest means.

In Maths, we are learning what is one more and one less than a number.

Week beg 17th October 2016

The children have written lists for their party and now are writing pretend invitations too.  We can tell that the children have been learning to write their names at home – thank you for helping them and please still practise.

In Maths we are learning to read and write numbers to 5/10/20 depending on the children’s ability.  We have also been counting in 10’s forwards and backwards.

Thank you for all the leaves you sent in – the children are enjoying mixing Autumn colours and making their prints.

We have started reading the Percy The Park Keeper series of books and will be doing lots of work from these after half term.

Also after half term we will be sending out parts, costume lists and songs for the children’s Christmas Sharing!  We only have four weeks to practise before the big event!  More details to follow.

Your child should have brought home some homework about ‘Celebrations’ today for the half term break .  We look forward to sharing them in class.



Week beg 10th October 2016

We will be continuing with our work on Kipper’s Birthday this week.  The children were full of ideas for a party!

In Maths we will be learning what is ‘one more’ than a number and continuing learning to recognise and use the Numicon shapes.

Thank you for your cooperation with getting the children into the line at the beginning of the day – the mornings are running much more smoothly now.  The children also had a longer PE session this week as we didn’t need to get them fully changed.

We have the flu vaccinations this Tuesday.  If you haven’t returned the form, please do asap (even if you don’t want your child to have the vaccination).

With the Autumn weather now starting to appear, we will be using the wellies more and more for outdoor activities.  If you would like your child to wear wellies, please send them in (named)by half term.  Children will still join in activities if they don’t have wellies, but may get muddy shoes.



Week Beginning 3rd October 2016

This week the children will be carrying out work related to the story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’.  They will be writing lists for a party and making a cake collage.

We are practising writing their names at the moment – please could you practise this at home.

Please could you also help your child to learn their initial sounds and if they have been given them, blending simple words.  Once your child knows their sounds and can blend them into words by reading them, they will be given a reading book to take home.

There will be a  parents meeting with our Read Write Inc consultant Rhianwen Ashford after half term.  All welcome – more details to follow soon.

In Maths, the children continue to learn how to recognise numbers to 10 (and beyond) and also Numicon to 10.

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