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Last updated 18.3.18

Week Beginning 19.3.18

This week we will be writing a character description of The Bumble Bear, the children have enjoyed working on this book!

In Welsh, we will be continuing writing about the weather.

In Maths we will be doing work on Number Bonds for 5/6/7, trying to remember some of them off by heart.

We are making a Welsh Book for our friendly dragon Dewi, the children will be drawing pictures on the ipads of Dewi to add to the book.

The eggs are arriving on Monday and the children will watch them hatch and grow over the next 2 weeks.  We will be learning how to care for them as the life cycle of the hen.


Week beginning 12.3.18

This week we will be reading The Bumble Bear and the children are writing book reviews.  They will also be writing in Welsh about the weather.

In Maths we are learning double and halves to 10 using cubes, fingers and cubes!

They are using the ipads to draw pictures of their favourite characters in the story, changing brush size and colour.

We are looking forward to the eggs arriving on Monday.  We will be watching them hatch and grow into chicks over the next 2 weeks.


Week beginning 5.3.18

Due to school being closed last Thursday and Friday, we will be celebrating St David’s Day and World Book Day this week.

On Thursday we will be celebrating all things Welsh, singing Welsh songs, learning new Welsh phrases, making Welsh craft and hearing Welsh stories.

In Maths we are using the vocabulary higher and lower and ordering numbers to 20

Just a reminder that we are dressing up as book characters this Friday.  Our theme for the day in class is The Fairy Tale Tea Party.  Thank you for the offers of story telling – we have a full agenda now!  If your child would like to bring a book for the Book Swap, please send it in on Friday.  We are also asking for £1 donation to go to Book Aid.

Week Beginning 26th February

We have a busy first week back – Welsh Week and the World Book Day on Friday 2nd March!

This week we will be celebrating all things Welsh, singing Welsh songs, learning new Welsh phrases, making Welsh craft and hearing Welsh stories.

In maths we are learning Number Bonds for 5 and 6 using the Numicon to support.  They are also making repeating patterns using the beads.

Just a reminder that we are dressing up as book characters this Friday.  Our theme for the day in class is The Fairy Tale Tea Party.  Thank you for the offers of story telling – we have a full agenda now!  If your child would like to bring a book for the Book Swap, please send it in on Friday.

We look forward to a busy and fun week with the children!

Week Beginning 12th February

This week we are learning about Chinese New Year.  There is an event on in the Waterfront Museum on Sunday which some of you may be interested in

This week we will be making Chinese lanterns, learning about the story linked to the Chinese Zodiac (this year is the year of the dog) and writing descriptions of the animals in the stories.

In Maths, we will be learning how to read ordinal numbers and order them (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc). We will also be doing some simple addition using Numicon to support.


Week beginning 5th February

This week we will be writing about ourselves in Welsh to make a book for Dewi.  He came to visit the school last weekend and left us some clues.

The children will be ‘Dragon Detectives’ using magnifying glasses and ipads to record their findings.

In Maths we will be practising a combination of coins to buy items as well working on ‘one more and one less’ of a number.  They will also be going on a Number Trail around the school looking for numbers in the environment.  Maybe this is something they could do around the house or while out and about?

Week beginning 29th January

On Friday we received a letter from a friendly dragon called Dewi who lives on Mumbles Hill!  The children were very excited and keen to write back to him.  This will be our writing focus this week-we hope he writes to us again!

In Maths this week we will be using our new knowledge of ‘teen’ numbers to buy items in a shop for more than 10p.  We will also be using a combination of coins to make amounts to 10.  We are practising counting in 2’s at the moment to link to odd and even numbers.

Due to the NSPCC visit for the older children, we will not be able to use the hall for PE this week so there is no need for kit.  The children will be preparing a display for a National Book Day competition instead (we will be celebrating National Book Day further on Friday 2nd March).

Please continue to support your child’s reading at home – they should be reading their books at least 3 times in a week or until they have some fluency of some of the words.  Ideally, they should be reading every day to you.  Fluency/ recognition of words will only come with practise.  If they are blending every word in the book, they will not be able to grasp any understanding for the text and we may ask you to keep the book for another week  to practise further to develop instant recognition of, at least, the repeated words in the book.  Thank you for your support in this matter

Week Beginning 22nd January

The children were excellent listeners on Friday listening to Prince Phillip’s stories! They also asked very good questions.

This week we will be writing about Sleeping Beauty and the role that the Prince played.

In Maths, we will be learning about odd and even numbers and seeing if we can spot the pattern.  This will also lead into us counting in 2’s to 10 (and then moving onto 20) – please could you practise this at home.

In PE this half term, Mrs Evans has planning some drama/ dance and movement activities linked to Sleeping Beauty.  Please remember to send your child in on a Thursday in appropriate clothes.

Finally, a quick reminder that we have library on a Tuesday afternoon.

Week beginning 15th January

This week we are looking forward to Prince Phillip visiting us to tell some traditional tales.

In Maths this week we are using what we have learnt about teen numbers to buy items for 11p-20p (so using a 10p and then some 1p’s to make the correct amount). The children still need to practise recognising the numbers 11-20 randomly at home please (especially 13,15,12,20).

We will be writing instructions ‘how to make dough’ this week as well.  The children have been making bakery items for the new Medieval Bakery role play.  We also have a new bus role play outside.


Week Beginning 8th January 2018

We have another busy term ahead with our new topic ‘Dragon Tales’.

This term we will be hearing lots of traditional tales and writing some of our own.  Next week we will be having a visit from ‘Prince Phillip’ whose grandfather was the prince who awoke Sleeping Beauty from her slumber!  He will tell the children some stories and answer any questions they may have.  We will be preparing questions for him this week!  Prince Phillip is a visiting actor-we will be using the money made at the Christmas Market to pay for his workshop.

This week we are writing up our Christmas Day diaries – thank you for helping the children with their homework, they are certainly very lucky children to have the Christmas Days we have read about and shared this week!  We are continuing to focus on using finger spaces and full stops and will be starting to use different capital letters other than the ‘Big I’ this term.

In Maths we are focusing on numbers to 20 this week.  We are counting to 20 forwards and backwards, sequencing number cards and Numicon.  Making teen numbers with the Numicon and using our toes and fingers to make teen numbers!  The children are learning that teen numbers are made up of a ’10’ and another number so toes and fingers work perfectly.  Please could you practise counting to 20 and recognising the numbers at home.  12, 13, 15 and 20 always cause confusion and need lots of reinforcement!  Teen numbers are 11-19 officially but we round it off with 20.  The children will also be recapping on 3D shapes and learning cube, cuboid, sphere and cylinder.  Maybe they could find some objects in the house that shape?

Library will continue to be on a Tuesday and PE on a Thursday.  We will use the ClassDojo to message if there are any last minute changes.


Week Beginning 4th December

We have a very busy 3 weeks ahead of us!  This week we will be practising our sharing so that we are ready for our audiences next Monday and Tuesday (12th&13th).  PLEASE COULD ALL COSTUMES BE SENT IN THIS FRIDAY 8TH DECEMBER IN  A NAMED BAG. (let us know if you are having any difficulties organising the costume- we may be able to help).

We are continuing to learn about money this week and will be buying items using 1p.2p.5p.10p.20p coins.

We will having a new role play outside – Santa’s sleigh!  Any spare tinsel would be gratefully received!

Our Christmas Trip is also next week to see Santa at Poundffald farm.  Our trip will be enhanced this year by a tractor ride around the farm!

Library for Reception DD will be as normal this week but Rec ER will be doing their sharing during our usual library session.

Week Beginning 27th November

We look forward to meeting with parents tomorrow evening at 5pm to talk about reading in Reception.  Please return the letter or send us a message via Dojo if you are attending.

Please look out for a letter this week re our Christmas trip to see Santa at the Poundffald Farm.

The children are practising hard for their Christmas show.  Details will be given out soon re the performances.

We are setting up a role play outside- Santa’s sleigh and Mrs Claus’ kitchen. If you have any unwanted  tinsel/ wrapping paper/ decorations we could have please send them in this week or next week.

This week we are sequencing the story of One Snowy Night (Percy The Park Keeper) and retelling it using Talk For Writing.

In Maths we are going to be learning about money, counting out the correct amount of pennies, reading price labels, and recognising the coins 1p,2p,5p,10p,20p.

Please remember to come in PE kits on Thursday and to bring library books on a Tuesday!


Week Beginning 20.11.17

This week we are focusing on the Rights of the child – today in Universal Children’s Day (UNICEF).  We have been comparing the lives of our children with the lives of children in other countries using the CBeebies programme ‘Where In The World?’  Yesterday was Universal Toilet Day which highlights the fact that over 50% of the world population does not have a toilet.  We have also been talking about how lucky we are to have a toilet and clean water (we watched Come Outside- Sewage- to find out more!).

We have new role plays in out classrooms which involve handling money (a shop and a restaurant). We will be learning about money and coins in the coming weeks in Maths.

The children are writing comparisons of their lives and the children in other countries this week.

On Wednesday we have the RSPB in to run a workshop with the children about hedgehogs and how we can look after them in Autumn.


Week beginning 13.11.17

The children were excellent on the trip to Clyne and a pleasure to take out of school.  We all had a very enjoyable morning exploring the park.  The children will be doing the same scavenger hunt in school this week so that they can find similarities and differences between the two locations.

This week we will be writing about our trip and making plans for the Christmas market where we will be using all the pine cones we collected to make Christmas decorations.

In Maths, we are setting up a new shop role play/ cafe in the classrooms, we will be doing lots of counting in 1’s and 10’s forwards and backwards .

Our Christmas shows are 5 weeks today and tomorrow!  Please look out for the words your child needs to learn this week.  We can record the music for you if you send in blank CD’s (they are not traditional songs!)

Week beginning 6th November

If you haven’t already signed up for the ‘class dojo’, please could you do so asap as we will be using this as our regular messaging service

This week we have been sharing holiday news and the Celebrations homework the children completed.

On Friday, we have our trip to Clyne Gardens – a letter will be sent home with further details.  The children need to wrap up warm and wear suitable footwear.  If they have wellies in school we will put them on before we go.

In Maths, we are looking at one more and one less of a number, as well making pictograms of the fruit the children bring each day.

The children will also be doing some drama/ role play with Mrs Stockton using Percy The Park Keeper stories.

We will be starting to learn the Christmas songs for our show next week- more details to follow soon!  The Reception shows will be on Monday 11th December (Dress Rehearsal) and Tuesday 12th December.   The shows will be at 9.15 for Reception DD and 1.15pm for Reception KE/ER both days.

Week beginning 23rd October

This week we will be continuing to learn about Harvest , looking at fruit in particular.  We will collecting data about what fruit everyone brings to school for their snack and making pictograms in Maths to show our findings.

We will be continuing to write our Harvest poems.

The children have been enjoying hearing the stories about Percy The Park Keeper and we are planning a trip to Clyne Gardens after half term to see how the season is changing the trees.  We hope to collect some Autumn items from the park (such as pine cones and acorns) that we can use in craft activities back in school.  Further details of the trip will be sent home this week.

Week beginning 16th October

This week in Reception we will be learning about Harvest and all the fruit and vegetables we are lucky enough to have.  We will be reading a book called Oliver’s Vegetables and then writing a poem.

In Maths we are looking at the vocabulary ‘ one more and one less, the number after and the number before’.  Please practise this with your child at home.

Later in the week the children will be using pastels to draw pictures of pumpkins linking to both Harvest and Halloween.

In the woodland , they will making new homes for the animals in Percy’s Park after their homes have been blown away in the storm!


Week Beginning 9th October

Thank you for all the food bank donations.  They will be delivered this week.

This week in Reception, we have started reading the Percy The Park Keeper stories to the children.  We use these stories throughout this term to learn about the changes in the seasons, story writing and looking after animals in the winter.  The children will be getting to know Percy and writing a character description .

In Maths, the children will be using the Numicon to find different ways of making a number by building towers.  They are also completing their shape pictures.

We will be starting to look at Autumn over the next few weeks, please send in any Autumn leaves, conkers, nuts or other interesting objects you find out and about.  We also want to start collecting pine cones (any size) to dry out and paint for the Christmas Market we are planning next half term.

Library will be starting this week (every Tuesday afternoon) – please ensure your child has a suitable bag in school to carry the book in.


Week beginning 2nd October

This week the children will be writing a list of everything they need for a party!  This is in response to the story ‘Kipper’s Birthday’.

The remaining sounds have been sent home with the children to reinforce at home (Monday) – please practise these with the children regularly so that they recognise them speedily.

In Maths, we have been learning the days of the week as well as ongoing number work.  Please practise recognition of numbers up to 10 ( initially), then 12, then 20.  We are practising counting to 20 in class forwards and backwards and from different starting points (e.g not always starting from 1).

In other areas of learning this week, the children are making shape pictures, trying out the new scooters and trikes, using the mouse on the PC’s to drag and drop items (maths games on Topmarks website are good practise of this), and sorting objects by the materials they are made from.

Week beginning 25th September

The children compiled a Class Charter last week outlining the rules and expectations of both teachers and pupils in our classes.

This week we will be writing party invitations – please continue to practise their name with your child at home, they need to be able to write their name in lower case letters independently.

In Maths we will continuing to practise writing numbers correctly, ordering them and also counting.

The children are practising using the keyboards to type their names and also the camera function to take photos of each other for a Welsh activity, and to record Forest School activities.

By the end of this week, we will have covered all the initial sounds in the alphabet, and will be assessing the children to see what they are able to recall, in order to group them for future phonics sessions.


Week beginning 18th September

The children coped well with their first full week of school last week.

This week the children will be continuing to do activities linked to ‘Birthdays’ as part of our Celebrations topic.

They will be making collage birthday cakes, writing birthday cards, counting candles on cakes and hearing stories about birthdays.

In Maths this week we will be continuing working on counting, recognising, writing and ordering numbers to 10 (and beyond for some).  In Reception there is more of a focus on recording numbers and any practise the children can do at home is beneficial.

Our outdoor forest schools and general activities will be starting this week, so please send in wellies for your child if you have not already done so.  No child will be left out of an activity if they do not have wellies, but they may get muddy shoes.

Week beginning 11th September

We are very pleased at the way the children have settled and we are starting lots of new routines this week.

In Maths we are learning how to read, write,count and order numbers to 10 (or higher for some).  They will also be learning about shapes, their names and properties.

In Read Write Inc we will be learning the sounds c,k,u,b.  Look out for the phonics sheets early next week.

We are focusing on writing names and the children need to be able to do this in lower case letters (not capitals except for the first letter) independently as soon as possible.  Please practise at home regularly.

PE will be on Thursday with Mrs Evans-please send your child dressed for PE.  PE is in the school hall so they will be barefoot.


Week beginning 4th September

Welcome to Reception 2017-2018!  WE are looking forward to getting to know the children over the next few weeks.  Please let us know if your child has any concerns about their transition to full time school and we will help them as much as we can.

Please could all children have a water bottle and a pot of fruit each day.  If they are bringing a packed lunch they will need an additional drink to take to the lunch hall.

For  Reception parents – there are now Read Write Inc videos aimed at parents on You Tube.  Here is the link
















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