Year 1 Noticeboard



Week Beginning 8.11.21

In Active Learn this week we will be continuing to write an opinion on Bonfire night using word banks and our sounds to spell words. The children will also continue to create firework pictures using salt and food colouring as well as learn playground games for lunch/playtime. The children will work independently to create Diwali art, role play the story of Rama and Sita, complete maths loop games and make Autumn booklets using vocabulary cards.

In Maths our focus is 3D shape, identifying them and sorting them according to their properties. We will also be going on a 3D shape hunt around the school! We will be using the outdoors to create symmetrical ephemeral art using a range of woodland/ beach materials.

In Music we will be starting practice for our video Christmas sharing! We will be using a range of instruments to accompany our singing.

The children will  also use JiT5 Turtle on Hwb to direct a rocket to the planets and write a list of things to bring to a Diwali party.

Cricket is on Tuesday this week, dance on Friday. Please send your child to school wearing PE kit.

Have a great week!

The Year 1 Team


Week Beginning 18.10.21

This week we will be tying up any loose ends and finishing our work on the Seasons before half term. We are all enormously proud of how well the children have settled into Year 1 and look forward to an extremely fun and enriching year ahead!

In maths this week, we will be consolidating our learning of place value by making sure the children really grasp the concept of tens and units, how to write these numbers and how to represent them using dienes, multilink and numicon. The children will also start learning how to estimate amounts and then check them accurately. They will be using their collaboration skills to do this in pairs, looking a leaves, twigs, pebbles and other natural materials.

In Language/ICT the children will be composing and sending an email to Mrs Phillip telling her all about the seasons. We look forward to reading her replies! The children will be learning how to self- assess their own work by thinking of 2 stars and a wish. They will also start practicing logging on to Hwb using their own username and password.

In Music we will be practicing our Rap ‘Hey You’ and learning about pitch (high notes, low notes and all the others in between!) using movements to distinguish between them. The children will be playing the different pitches on the glockenspiels and performing to one another. We will also be creating some artistic responses based on a piece of music.

PE this week will be focussing on catching and throwing, working in pairs and playing games to practice these tricky skills. Any practice at home would be great!

Our daily reading activities will include word searches (which the children have loved learning how to do),Read, draw and colour activities, Big Book focus with an adult and reading with the class teacher.

Reminder – PE on a Tuesday and remember reading books on your child’s reading day.

Have a wonderful half term!

The Year 1 Team

Week Beginning Monday 4th October 2021

This week we will be learning how to write Autumn poetry using our senses. The children will be thinking about what they can see, hear, smell, touch and feel during this time of year. We will be trying to use as much descriptive vocabulary as possible to create super sentences!

Our Maths focus this week is doubling and halving numbers and recognising the relationship between the two skills.  As always, the children will use lots of practical methods to grasp the concept before we start recording our work in our books towards the end of the week.

In keeping with our topic, the children will be creating leaf rubbings, investigating the different lines and textures on different leaves. They will also be logging into Hwb and using JiT to draw Autumn pictures and practice typing Autumn sentences to describe their work.

Independently the children will have the opportunity to write letters to a friend about their favourite season, make firework collages using pompoms, sequins, buttons and glitter and also make puppets from the Story ‘Don’t hog the Hedge’ and role play in our class puppet theatre. In our Maths Area the children will practice adding 2 number together using Numicon and multilink and will be problem solving to make a wind/waterproof Lego shelter for a hedgehog.

In Welsh we will be making Flags to consolidate our colours and in PE, introducing circuit training using a range of different equipment (balls, hoops, benches, bean bags) to work different body parts.

Could all children who usually bring their reading books on a Friday bring their books on Monday for this week (they will miss their day due to the INSET DAY on Friday 8th October!)

Reminder – Please could children come to school on Tuesday dressed in PE kits and also remember to bring a waterproof coat to school every day as we do try to get out as much as we can!

Have a lovely week

The Year 1 Team




Week beginning 20.9.21

This week we will be starting our topic ‘Glorious Colours’!

In Active Learn we will be focusing on the Four Seasons, the differences between them, what we like about each one and trying to write some of our ideas down.

We will be going on Scavenger hunts in our woodland area in groups, exploring Autumn nature and making collages. The children will investigate how leave change during the Autumn months. Please make sure your child has a coat every day this week.

The children will also be practicing their cutting and sticking skills in our creative area, practicing writing Autumn words using a range of different art materials, consolidating the colours in Welsh and learning about rhythms and pulses in Music.

In Maths we will be learning about adding one more to find a total, consolidating our knowledge of Numicon and different number bonds to 10 as well as practicing number formation using chalks and paint brushes. The children will also be using their problem solving skills/collaboration skills to build lego bridges across rivers.

Please remember to send your child in with their Reading Book and Journal on their specific reading day. This will have been dojo’d to you.

PE is on a Tuesday. Please send your child into school in their kit and trainers. We will be using the hall if it is wet but outside if dry.

The Year 1 Team


Week Beginning 13th September 2021

Monday is Roald Dahl Day! The children will be learning about  Roald Dahl and looking at some of the different characters in his books.

This week we will be introducing the children to their reading carousel which will run throughout the week. If we can ask the children to bring their books in every day until we are sure which day they will be reading with the class teacher.

We will be looking at number in Maths and we will be asking the children to find different ways to make a number. For example using numicon, writing it as a digit, as a word, using blocks, etc. We will also be asking the children to count forwards and backwards from a given number.

In Active Learn the children will be finishing off writing ‘All About Me’. We will also be asking the children to think about how ‘eco friendly’ we are as a school and to consider whether or not we need to make any changes to our daily routines in school so that we are more environmentally friendly.

Many thanks

The Year 1 Team


Autumn Term

Week Beginning  5th July 2021

Hello Year 1 Families,

We find ourselves at our final full week in Year 1 and we can’t quite believe it. We have a lovely week ahead with lots of fun activities planned.

We will be spending time completing some school surveys where the children will get the opportunity to share their ideas about what PE and ICT should like in on our school.

The children will be receiving a video from their new class teacher and will be given a very important task to complete for them. We will do this in class on Tuesday.

Amazingly we now have butterflies! They have emerged from their chrysalis and are ready to be released. We are all very excited about this!

We will be doing some team building activities all week where we will be on our feet completing different challenges where we have to work together as a team. We will also be asking the children to use materials to build a boat that floats and we will test the boats in water to see which boats float.

We are looking forward to a lovely week. We will be sending pictures of the children’s work on the lifecycle of a butterfly which they have spent lots of time on so keep an eye out on class dojo for this.


The Year 1 Team


Week Beginning 21st May 2021

Hi everyone!

This week our active learn focus is the lifecycle of a butterfly. The children will be learning about what happens at each of the 4 stages and writing this up in their own words onto their very own butterfly.

In maths, the children will be looking at capacity and weight using non standard units.

We have cricket on Tuesday which the children are really enjoying, so please make sure they have PE kit and trainers.

Keep an eye out on class dojo for pictures of their butterfly collage which they will also be making this week!

If you have any questions please send us a message on dojo.

Many thanks,

The Year 1 Team




Week beginning 24th May 2021

Hello everyone! Hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend. This week our active learn focus is going to be music! The children will be composing simple rhythms using the say, clap, tap method. The children will be using picture cards of ants, tigers and butterflys to help them compose their rhythms.

In Maths the children will be will be looking back at the bar chart/pictograms they created last week and generating questions from them for a partner to answer.

The children will also be helping us to plan their Sports Day, pupil voice is an important part of our school and we love to hear the children’s views and to be apart of their learning.

As always reading is so important,  please ensure that your child reads daily at home for 10 minutes and that you write in their reading record to let us know how they are doing.

Please contact us via dojo if you have any questions.

The Year 1 team.

Week beginning 17th May 2021

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend. This week in language the children will be finishing their animal fact files. They have all been working so hard on JiT importing images and writing text about their animal. We can’t wait to see their finished fact files.

In Maths we are going to be collecting data and creating bar charts and pictograms using this data on JiT. The children will also be looking at tally charts and frequency charts.

The children will be writing about how to care for an animal this week, focusing on the key points that you need to do to look after different types of animals.

As always reading is so important, please ensure that your child reads daily at home for 10 minutes and that you write in their reading record to let us know how they are doing.

Please contact us via dojo if you have any questions.

The Year 1 team.


Week beginning 10th May 2021

Hello everyone, hope you all had a lovely weekend!

This week in language the children will be using all of the information that they have discovered about their animal

to write their fact file. The children are going to be using Jit to complete their fact file, this will include them

adding text, adding an image and saving their work.

In Maths we are going to continue focusing on money, the children will be using 1p’s, 2p’s, 5p’s and 10p’s, we will

be focusing on giving change from 10p and 20p.

For their creative focus activity this week the children will be putting into practise everything that they have been

learning about camouflage and will be making some Jungle art.

Please remember to send your child’s reading folder into school each

day and to read with them for 10 minutes each night.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about the week ahead.

The Year 1 Team

Week beginning 26th April 2021

Article 13 – You have the right to find out things.

Hello everyone, we all had a very busy but enjoyable week in Year 1 last week!

This week, in language the children will be text marking information about a

particular jungle animal. The children will then use their work to write a fact file

about their animal next week.


In Maths, the children will be focusing on money. The children will be using 1p, 2p,

5p and 10p coins to make different amounts up to the value of 20p.

On Wednesday, the children will be having a visitor in school to talk about

the Rainforest.

Outdoors the children will be developing their understanding of camouflage and will

be making butterflies to hide in the school grounds.

We will be experimenting with the painting technique pointillism, making stripy


Please remember to send your child’s reading folder into school each

day and to read with them for 10 minutes each night.

Please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about the week ahead.

The Year 1 Team

Thursday 4th February 2021

Good Morning!

Here is today’s Home Learning. We hope you enjoy the activities.

The Year 1 Team

Maths – Combination of + and – sums using Number Line.

Warm up – Practice ordering the numbers. Either challenge yourself with numbers to 20 or 100.

Today we would like you to have a go at answering a combination of – and + sums. You will need to look very carefully at what the sum is asking you to do. Which direction are you going to move on your number line? You could shade all the – sums in one colour and all the + sums in a different colour to stop you getting confused!

Task – Choose a colour that will challenge you a little bit and take your time!

Green 1. 6 + 4 =

  1. 9 – 3 =
  2. 10 – 2 =
  3. 10 – 8 =
  4. 1 + 7 =

Yellow 1. 9 + 8 =

  1. 3 + 11 =
  2. 15 – 3 =
  3. 16 + 4 =
  4. 20 – 9 =

Red     1. 2 + 18 =

  1. 19 – 17 =
  2. 3 + 17 =
  3. 16 – 12 =
  4. 7 + 14 =


Maths /ICT – Navigate cbeebies website, and complete number block game about addition and subtraction.

Task –

 Welsh – Sut wyt ti? Dwi’n…

Watch the revision video with Mrs Porter.

Task – Copy and finish the sentence of how you are feeling today. Draw a picture of yourself doing something to describe that emotion. Use Template or draw your own!

P.E – Cosmic Yoga ‘Betsi the Banana’

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Good Morning!

Thank you again for all of the home learning being sent to us. We really are delighted by the support being given! Here are today’s home learning activities.

The Year 1 Team

Maths – Word Problems – Further practice of Using a Number Line

Re-watch yesterday’s Number Line video if you need to recap using a number line to subtract numbers.

Task – Use your number line to answer the following Word Problems.

Green  – Choose 5

Yellow – Choose 7

Red – Choose 9

Well-being – Healthy Eating

It is important that we understand how to keep ourselves healthy in many areas of our lives including diet, exercise, mental health and personal hygiene.

Task – Watch the powerpoint recorded by Mrs O’Malley about keeping ourselves healthy. Next, think about what healthy foods you would put in your lunchbox. You can use the pictures given or draw your own. (Activity uploaded to class story).

 Language – Discussing a Story

Listen to the story called Carrot club, recorded by Mrs O’Malley. What did you like about the story? What did you learn from the story? Share your thoughts with a grown up.

 Philosophy frog – Helping Others

Think about the question below. Why is it good to help others?

Task – Using what you learnt about Florence Nightingale yesterday to help you, can you record your answers and give as many reasons as you possible. Record your answers on JiT or if you prefer you can write them down and send them to us.

P.E – Joe Wicks The Body Coach 9.30am You Tube Channel.

Tuesday 2nd February 2021

Good Morning

It was great to see the children on Teams yesterday and find out what they have been doing over the weekend. See below for today’s Home Learning.

Maths – Subtracting using a number line

Warm up – Subtraction GAME

Watch Video of Mrs Porter explaining how to take away using a number line.

(Online Number Line – if you didn’t make one last week)

Task – Answer the following using your number line. Write the sum out fully to practice setting out your work correctly.  Think carefully about which way you are going to move. Are you going to end up with more or less than before?

Green 1. 10 – 3 =

  1. 9 – 4 =
  2. 8 – 2 =
  3. 10 – 6 =
  4. 7 – 4 =

Yellow 1. 15 – 3 =

  1. 17 – 7 =
  2. 16 – 3 =
  3. 19 – 8 =
  4. 20 – 5 =

Red     1. 20 – 11 =

  1. 19 – 13 =
  2. 17 – 9 =
  3. 20 – 18 =
  4. 16 – 14 =


Language/Topic – Florence Nightingale

Watch the new RWI sound ‘igh’ with Mrs Wood. How many words can you think of with this sound?

This week we are going to start looking at Florence Nightingale and the important role she played in the past.

Task – Watch the video about Florence Nightingale and write down 3 facts (3 interesting things) about her.

To access the video, go to

Click on child login and enter the code: FW4397

From there you should see the video of Florence Nightingale to click on and click launch.

Art – Colour mixing sums

Today we are going to do some maths with art! Paint works best for this activity but you can also use pastels, crayons or pencils.

Task – Work out the following colour sums by doing some colour mixing.  You can present your work however you like! Have fun and take your time.

Can you make any of your own colour sums? Be as inventive as you like!

P.E – Snow Adventure with Coach Josh


Monday 1st February 2021

Good Morning,

We hope everyone had a nice weekend. Here are today’s activities.

The Year 1 Team

Maths – Warm up – Find the correct Number in this fun ‘Blast Off’ Game.

Today we are going to start subtracting numbers. Some of the sums may seem easy but if the children learn how to use resources to help them from an early age, they will have the skills to do the same when working out much more complex sums when they get older. It is really important that the children can ‘see’ the maths that is happening as this will lead to a much better understanding when we start writing it down. So dig out those lego pieces, pasta shells, teddies etc from last week!

Often the language we use in Maths can be confusing for children so I would like them to use the vocabulary along the lines of ….I have 10 cubes, I give/take away 3, how many do I have left. It is often much easier for children to understand what they can visualise.

Task – We would like you to complete the following in a PRACTICAL way only.

  1. 10 – 6 =
  2. 7 – 2 =
  3. 3 – 1 =
  4. 8 – 2 =
  5. 11 – 4 =
  6. 12 – 3 =

And for more of a challenge,

  1. 19 – 15 =
  2. 20 – 13 =
  3. 15 – 12 =
  4. 18 – 18 =

Language – Capital Letters

Whenever you write anything your work should include capital letters and full stops. We know that capital letters come at the start of our sentences and a full stop comes at the end of our sentences. If we write someone’s name or a place, they also need a capital letter. For example:





All these need capital letters at the start.

Task – Look at the activities below.

Work through the sheets at the level you feel most comfortable. The first one will help you to practice using capital letters for names, the second one will allow you to correct the sentences and the last one is to practice making up and writing some sentences of your own.

Take your time and think about forming your letters as neatly as you can.

Topic /History – The Victorian Kitchen.

Watch PPT by Mrs Porter about the different rooms within the Victorian Home. Watch Mrs Porter’s explanation of task – Sorting of old and new kitchen equipment into a Venn diagram. Remember the middle section is for the objects that you think could be old or new.

P.E –  Join Andy from Cbeebies for a Wild Workout at the beach –


Friday 29th January 2021

Bore da! Please find below today’s activities.

The Year 1 Team

Maths – Practice finding the Numbers on a Number Square. Choose the level you feel comfortable with.

Language – New RWI Set 2 Sound ‘oy’. Write down as many ‘oy’ words as you can think of.

RSPB Big Weekend Birdwatch – This weekend is the RSPB Birdwatch. Have a look online at the many activities to take part in.

 Task – Watch the PPT Story ‘A Tale of Two Feathers’ by Mrs Porter. Can you decorate a feather beautifully either using the template provided or your own idea? You can use paint, pencil, sequins, glitter etc. Be creative!

 P.E – Underwater Fitness with Coach Josh


Thursday 28th January 2021

Good Morning!

We hope that everyone is well. Many thanks again for all of the wonderful Home Learning tasks sent to us and for all the support you are giving your children. We know it isn’t always easy and that you can only do what you can do!

Please find below today’s Tasks.

The Year 1 Team


Maths – Using a Number Line to work out addition sums.

Now that you have made a Number Line of your own, today we would like you to practice using it!

If you are unsure how to do this, re-watch Mrs Porter’s video from yesterday.

You will need to write the sum out fully as it is important to practice writing the symbols + and =.

Tip: if you use pencil lightly on your number line, you can rub it out for each sum. Alternatively, use different coloured pencils for working out each sum on your number line.

Task – Choose a set of questions that you feel comfortable with. Good Luck!


  1. 2 + 3 =
  2. 4 + 5 =
  3. 1 + 6 =
  4. 3 + 5 =
  5. 7 + 1 =


  1. 5 + 6 =
  2. 7 + 5 =
  3. 9 + 3 =
  4. 10 + 4 =
  5. 4 + 8 =


  1. 9 + 7 =
  2. 11 + 9 =
  3. 8 + 11 =
  4. 13 + 6 =
  5. 2 + 15 =


Language/Topic – Spot the Difference!

Below are two photos (also uploaded to class story). One is of our classroom and the other is of a Classroom from a long time ago at St Fagans. I’m sure you will agree that they are quite different!

Task –  What differences can you spot between the old classroom at St Fagans and our classrooms in school? Record your ideas in your own chosen way.

Welsh – Beth wyt ti’n hoffi? (What don’t you like?)

Dwi’n ddim yn hoffi…  (I don’t like….)

Task – Watch video with Mrs Porter to practice this week’s new sentence pattern

Practice asking/ answering the questions with people in your family

PE – PopSugar Workout.


 Wednesday 27th January

Good Morning!

Please find below the children’s Home Learning Tasks for today.

Have a good day!

The Year 1 Team


Maths – Making a Number Line

Warm up –Number Square Video Game with Miss Rees.

Watch video about how to use a Number Line with Mrs Porter.

Task – Using the Template provided or your own idea, make a number line up to 20. Remember to start with 0. Try to write your numbers small and clearly so you can see a space between each one.

Here is an example below……

If you would like, you can use the other lines on the template to extend your number line even further!


Language –  Well Being –  100 things

Each Wednesday we are going to be asking the children to complete a well being activity. Something that doesn’t involve screen time. Below are 100 things that you can do indoors and today we would like the children to choose an activity to do from it.


Once they have completed the activity we would like them to discuss the activity with a grown up as this is part of developing the children’s oracy skills. We would like you to ask them questions such as

What did you do?

How did you do it?

How did it make you feel?

If you did the activity again would you do anything differently?

Please send us photos as we would love to see what you chose to do today!


Topic – Science – Make Teddy a Shelter.

Following on from yesterday’s Science experiment, which material do you NOW think would be best for making your shelter for teddy? Why do you think this?

Task – Record your findings on JiT either by writing or recording your idea using the microphone button.

  • Can you make a shelter for teddy using what you can find in your home and take a photo? (We aren’t expecting a Grand Designs Project here, use what you have!)


PE with Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ You tube channel Live at 9.30am.


Tuesday 19th January 2021

Good Morning

Here are the activities for today’s Home Learning. We hope you enjoy completing them!

The Year 1 Team

Maths – Digital Time

Task – Writing digital o’clock and half past times (worksheets also on Class Story)

Start with o’clock, then half past.

If your child feels confident with the worksheets, have a go at the following word problems. You can use your home made clock to help you. You can write your answers on Jit or on paper.

1.      If I eat breakfast at 7 o’clock and it takes me half an hour, when do I finish my breakfast?

2.     I clean my teeth at half past 7. An hour later I go to breakfast club. What time do I go to breakfast club?

3.     I eat lunch at 1.00 and it takes me an hour. What time do I finish?

4.     I go on a bike ride at 12.00 and cylcle for 3 hours. When do I finish cycling?

5.     I go to bed at 7.30. I had my tea 2 hours before. What time did I have my tea?

Language – Revision of RWI sounds and Reading

Task – Watch RWI Set 1 Sounds and ‘ar’ as a revision exercise. There is also a good episode of Alphablocks to support this sound.

-Reading from Oxford Owl. Please remember to tell us which book your child is reading.





Topic – Sorting Old and New Toys

Watch PPT uploaded onto Class Story. Look at the pictures of old and new toys below and have a think about whether they are old toys or new toys. Think about what materials they are made out of, do they move or make a noise etc.

Task – Cut out the pictures and stick them under the headings Old Toys and New Toys. These sheets are also on Class Story.






Monday 18th January


Every day in school we dedicate time to reading and we would like you to keep this routine up at home. It is important that your child is reading every day. As we are unable to change books in school we have found a website that has lots of Oxford Reading Tree books. We will send you your class logins separately and Mrs O’Malley has recorded a short video showing how to access all the books.

When you choose a book you can either have it read to you or read it yourself and it is then followed by questions about the story. Please start reading on the stage that you were given in school. A book should last a couple of days as it needs to be read more than once. It is a good idea to listen to the story twice, then read it yourself, read it to a family member then answer the questions once you understand the story.

Once your child has read a book please can you email us the title of the story so we can keep a record.

Philosophy Frog – Oracy task

Philosophy frog is a chance for us to think about big questions and reflect on what we would do. Have a look at the question below:

If you could choose just one thing to change about the World what would it be and why?

Task: Think of the question above, when you have thought of your answer, ask someone in your house to record you explaining your reasons. We would like you to share a video with us on J2e talking about your reasons.


Friday 15th January


Happy Friday Everyone! Well, we have got to the end of the first week of Home Learning and have been delighted with the things sent to us. Many, many thanks! We hope the children have found the activities enjoyable and have managed to access them ok. Next week we will be focussing on Reading, Following Instructions and learning to read Digital Clocks.

We would like Fridays to be a more flexible day for the children. We will give them a choice of activities to do and it can also be used to catch up on any incomplete tasks.

Have a lovely weekend

The Year 1 Team


Today’s Choices

-On Sunday 17th January it is World Religion Day.

World Religion Day is about the different religions of the world, working together to make the world a better place for everyone. Inside the world below, write down all the words that people should try to think about when making the world a better place. You could also use this to prompt a discussion about kindness and tolerance for one another instead.


-Practice your Welsh from this week using the teacher video on Class Story


-Cosmic Yoga – Celebrating Differences


-PE with Joe Wicks – You can watch the sessions LIVE every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at 9am on his You Tube Channel ‘The Body Coach’.



Monday – 11th January Show



Mrs De-Kayne is a Year 1 teacher and the Infant Phase co-ordinator

For any problems contact Mrs De-Kayne on<


Please click on the link to see our welcome back to school video.


Welcome back y1SDK – Small


Welcome back y1LOM – Small


Home learning:

12.7.20 updated by sdk

Dear All,
We just wanted to wish you all a happy Summer and to Thank you for supporting us through these challenging times as a year group. We couldn’t have done it without your support!
The last weeks home learning in Year 1 is as follows:

Language: We would like you to do some Philosophy Frog to end the year and to think about when we come back in September what are all the things we can do to be safe in school?
Look at the class dojo for the question.

Maths: We would like you to go over your 10/5/2 times tables one more time before the summer holidays. You will need to know these of by heart ready for Year 2. Keep singing them with Percy Parker!

Science: To end this year we thought you might like to make your own Rainbows! Please see the full instructions to carry out this experiment on class dojo.

Welsh: We would like you to go over the patterns one last time using the video clip we sent you. We know it has been challenging for some of you to do the Welsh at home but well done for having a good try. Diolch!

Creative: We know that lots of you have enjoyed making things at home and so we thought we would end our topic on ‘Wild Things’ with some plate art. You can make a lion/ pig or a caterpillar. Look at the class dojo for the full instructions and pictures to help you at home.

These are all the activities we will be doing in school this week when you come in. We will not be able to do the Science as it is half a day only for us all for the final session.

Please have a safe Summer holidays and we are looking forward to welcoming you all back in September.

Best wishes,
Mrs S De-Kayne/Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

6.7.2020 – updated by sdk

Dear All,
This week some of you will be back in school whilst others will still be learning from home. We will all be doing the same learning and that is as follows:

Language: Using the thought bubbles – can you fill them with some positive things you have done at home during Lockdown with your family. (See the Class story for template of the clouds/ make your own thought bubbles up)

Maths: This week we want you to go back over your times tables 10/5/2 and if you are confident with those we want you to move onto 3/4. Some of you have still not completed your division work( Sharing out). Please have a go at home with this if you can by using objects and drawing out your answers.

Science: Please see the Class story on dojo for the full instructions on how to make a spinning wheel. We will be making one in class too!

Welsh:Most of you have still got your Welsh to complete from last week. If you cant do the work at home don’t worry. Look at the video clip of Miss Rees doing the patterns with you and see if you can copy her. That will be good revision of the patterns you will be using in Year 2.

Creative: We started our Lockdown journey drawing Rainbows. We thought we would end our journey the same way. Please read the Rainbow Poem(See class story on dojo). We would like you to be creative and put a piece of Art to go with the poem. How do you see Lockdown has been for you and can you show us by making a piece of Art however you want to! Please just send photos to us as we like to see all the creative work you have been doing. It helps to cheer us up

Thank you to all of you for your words of kindness, support and encouragement during these difficult times we have all been experiencing!

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

29.6.20 – updated by sdk
Dear All,

We hope that you found the return to school videos useful and that you can see not a great deal has changed except for the number of table sin the room!
The home learning for this week is as follows:

Language: We would like you to think about Year 1 and looking back we want you to email us please what you have enjoyed the most about your year with us despite the Lockdown!

Maths: i would like you all to look at sharing out/ division. This something we would have done in readiness for Year 2 and so I would like you to have a go at solving the sharing out problems. I have put some guidance on the dojo system for you to look at to support you all. Please show the working out by drawing out the answer.

Science: The science is all about grouping/ sorting and using your thinking skills to sort out the seeds. Look at the vocabulary and see if you can things to go into each one of those sets?

Creative: After you have done the Science activity you can then use your seeds and make a picture using a variety of seeds. Please share your photos with us as we like to see what you have all been up to.

Welsh: Miss Rees has been doing some recorded Welsh with you – now you can put all your patterns together from this year and use Jit to record. See Class Dojo for the full instructions and an example of what to do.

We hope you are all keeping safe and we are looking forward to seeing most of you back next week.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/Miss Rees.

22.6.20 – updated by sdk

Dear All,
We hope you are all well and keeping safe. The work for this week is as follows:

Language:Can you create an Alliteration poem using animals of your choice. Please see the dojo class story on how to go about it. This is follow up work from last week that most of you did.

Maths:This weeks Maths is all about improving Mental agility. It is an activity called ‘Leap Frog’. It will help you to consolidate counting on in 10’s from any given number. If you find it too easy then count on in 20’s/ 30’s etc… and challenge yourself with 100’s.

Creative: Lots of you have been enjoying the creative side of your home learning and so this week can you create a collage of an animal and its habitat. Look at the examples we have provided for you to help you on your way.

Welsh:This weeks Welsh is linked to ICT on Jit5. Can you write about yourself as if you are an animal. Miss Rees has done a Slot Drillo this week for you to support you with this task and she has given examples on the dojo site. Enjoy and send in your work for comments.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

15.6.20 by sdk

Dear All,
The week ahead is as follows:

Language:After reading ‘The Zoo Vet’ powerpoint discuss the story with a family member and discuss what you liked and why about the story.
We would like you to have a go at an Alliteration game. The Dojo site explains what an Alliteration is and then you are ready to go!

Science We have organised a Scavenger Hunt for you.There is a reference sheet for you and we would like to find as many as possible. Let us know how you get on by sending us photos of you on the hunt.

Maths I have found some birds nests that were empty. Please have a look at them and tell me who lived in them? This is a creative challenge – we would like you to make your own birds nest for a garden bird. Look at the mathematical vocabulary and see what you can create. I will then try and guess which bird you have made your nest for!

Keep safe everyone!

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

8.6.20 by sdk

Dear All,
Hope that you have all had a relaxing weekend despite the rain! We have been rather spoilt with the weather recently. The weeks home learning this week is linked to World Ocean Day where we are trying to raise awareness on how to look after our beautiful Oceans!
Language:A Comprehension linked to the Ocean Power point that has been uploaded. Lots of you have been asking for extra comprehensions and so we have combined the two together this week. Also, we would like you to do a Wanted Posterfor an animal of your choice and a bank of vocabulary has been put on for you to support you in this. Please send us your wanted posters to look at!

Maths: Who thought Maths could be so much fun but we would like you to make shortbread please if you can and get the children to weigh and measure the ingredients out. This will allow them to consolidate their skills on weighing.Hope you enjoy!
I have also done some worded problems for you and to support you I have given you a copy of the teachers notes to show you how to work through the Maths with your child.

Creative : We would like you to make a sock puppet. You can create an animal you would like and have fun role playing with it afterwards! Please REDUCE/ REUSE/ RECYCLE materials you don’t need to buy. If you don’t have socks use something else!

We would like to Thank you all for your hard work and support. We appreciate home learning is not easy and you must all be feeling a bit tired by now. We are here to support you. message on the dojos and we will reply during the course of the day.

Take care and keep safe!
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Malley and Miss Rees

1.6.20 by sdk

Dear All,
We hope that you have all had a restful half term and time away from the screens! The weather has been glorious and hopefully you will have had some quality family time as we continue with Lockdown. The week ahead is as follows:

Language: The Language task this week is linked to the Maths activity on sandwiched numbers. We would like you to make a healthy sandwich with your children and for them to use what we call ‘Bossy Verbs’ to describe how to make a sandwich. Please see the key word to use on the story board.
Photos of the healthy sandwiches would be appreciated!

Maths: On class story we have posted a Maths challenge to find the numbers in between the sandwich. If you find the numbers too easy then challenge yourself to create your own number sandwich using hundreds!

ICT: There is a wonderful space challenge for you using the Turtle to navigate your way through and have lots of fun! We are looking forward to seeing how you get on with your space mission.

Creative/ Welsh
: We would like you to make an animal Bingo game. Having already found the Welsh names this will allow you to be creative and make a Bingo game to play with your family. Please post the photos as we would love to see how you get on.

PSE : I know you don’t have the Philosophy frog at home but we want you to do some deep thinking and discussion. The question for the week is Should we keep animals as pets? What do you think. Remember there is no right or wrong answer its all about your views and what you think. Share your views via an email with us!

Take care and make sure you get screen free time please and if you need any help please dojo us!

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/Miss Rees.

Updated 18.5.20 – by sdk
Dear All,
We hope that you are all keeping safe and well and trying to keep smiling! The week ahead is as follows:

Language You are going to become Zoo keepers and keep a diary of all your animals and what you need to do and at what time to care for them. Please send photos of your diary of as some of you have been doing put it onto the Portfolio on class dojo and we can comment and send back to you.

ICTYou are going to go on a mini-beast hunt around your garden and in the area and from the data you have collected we would like you to have a go at doing a pictogram. Please see details on the class story board as to how to go about inputting your data.

Maths From your walk you are going to have ago at drawing a Map of your route. You will be using positional language such as forward/ backwards. Quarter turn/half a circle etc.. You can be as creative as you like and you can make your map as you wish. Enjoy and have fun!

Welsh You are going to role play being an animal and ask what you would like to eat and drink in Welsh. We have done these patterns at home ans so it is a case of refreshing your memories. Think about the type of food your animal would eat and drink when answering the questions.

2 Big events this week:
1. It is Biodiversity week and our topic on Wild things has allowed us to think about our environment and how we can protect it.
2. On Friday it is a whole school activity to get us all moving! Lot’s of us have had a great deal of screen time but on Friday 22nd May we are going to put those away and join us all in Joy of Moving.

Please join us as a family in the fun and look at class story board for ideas!We would love photos of you as a family as long as you are happy for them to go on Twitter!

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees

Updated by sdk- 11.5.20
Dear All,
Another week of home learning and we hope that you are all well and safe?

Language This week we would like you to design a home for an animal and write a set of instruction.Please look at the example we have put on class story for you. You can either do an animal that you have researched for your fact file or you can choose a different animal!

Maths This week we want you to go on a Ladybird hunt! You are not going to touch them but count the number of spots that they have. Your challenge is to find a ladybird with the most spots? See if you can beat mine that I found on the allotment! Once you find your lady bird you are going to double the number of spots and draw them out for us. I would like everyone to do doubling again 1-10. If you know 2 times tables you can double using this skill to challenge yourself!

Welsh We want you to go over the animal names and play a guessing game at home with your family. See the details on the class story.

Creative To make home learning more fun we want you to use recycled things to make a home for an animal of your choice. Send photos if you can!

Mrs De-Kayne/ MrsO’Maley/ Miss Rees

Dear All,
The sun is back out and I know the children are ready to get some fresh air again! The home learning this week is as follows:

Language- Please complete the fact files this week if you haven’t already and have fun putting them together in a little book type format. be creative and enjoy showing off all your hard work.
If you have already finished then could you do a little dairy of your day! You can do it as you wish but we want you to share with us what your day looks like now that we are not in school. Draw a little clock with o’clock/ half past and show us what you are doing from the moment you wake up.

Maths -For the last few weeks you have been busy learning your 10/5 and 2 times tables. This week I have created a ‘Stationary Shop’ challenge for you. Please show your working out when posting your work on Dojo for us to see. Use the skills you have been taught already draw out/ add on/ times tables. Now, you need to apply your skills to the task this week!

ICT – Please Email us as we are missing you! See the story board for your challenge and we are looking forward to reading your messages directly to us. We are also going to share with you on a score out of ten how we are feeling with our home teaching!

Creative- As you have been researching animals at Folly Farm we were wondering if you would like to do some face painting of your favourite animal/ make an animal mask if you prefer. We want a photo please of you!

Welsh – We thought you might like to link your time telling with a Welsh game outside in the garden with your family. See the story Board for full details on how to play the game and enjoy the sunshine!

Keep safe and we are missing you all!
Keep in touch please,
Mrs De-Kayen/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees

Updated – 27.4.20 by sdk

Dear All,
We hope that you are all keeping safe and well? I think the sunshine is due to leave us today for a few days and so I think this weeks home learning is a bit more indoor based to support you all!

Language: Now that the children have researched their 5 animals this week you are going to make a fact file. You need to write in short burst some facts about your animals. There are a number of ways you can do that and the information is on class story for you. Keep the reading going along with spellings/ sound work please.

Maths: Having looked last week at weight/ height/ speed and size. This week can you make some top trump cards to play with your family using those categories. You can design your own cards with a little drawing and then these categories. Keep your cards safe for when we come back to school to play against your friends.

ICT: Your Hwb passwords have been given to you now individually by Mrs O’Maley. Please do NOT change the password. If you change it we will struggle to reset it for you. Have a look at the website and have a go at using some of the materials on their. Look at class story for further information.

Welsh: sentence patterns for the week are Beth wyt t’in hoffi? and Dw’in hoffi…What do you like / I like ?

I think that is plenty to keep you going this week. Please keep in touch with us and keep sending your lovely work for us to comment on!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs o’Maley/Miss Rees.

Updated – 20.4.20 by sdk

Dear Parents,
Now with the Easter break over we are going to start posting the next few weeks work for you on a weekly basis.
Our New topic for this term is Wild Things! We would have been going to Folly farm to visit the animals and learn about the different animals there and their habitats. Instead you can log onto their site and take a virtual tour of the farm.
Language :-We would like you to research 5 animals that live there and keep some notes on the animals as you will need this information next week. There are live webcams that you can access ( Please see dojo site for links)
Please keep reading everyday for 10 minutes if you can. They can read the facts they find out about the different animals and keep the handwriting going by taking notes.

Maths:This week we are doing measure and therefore as part of the 5 animals you are researching please note the following for Maths information Weight/Height/ Speed and size of the animals. Again, make a note of the data as you will need it for next weeks follow up Maths. I know a number of you are struggling to know what to do with the Maths and therefore we have put a link up for you on class dojos on how to access some little Abacus work books for you to work through with your child. Please drip feed the pages of the work book and then go over the questions if you can to check your child’s understanding on the topic.

Science: Wild Things is a science based topic and therefore the links we sent from the RSPB will now come in very handy. Please watch the little video clip on how to give Wild things a home and have fun making some of these homes. Be creative and post photos back to us via dojo to show us the homes!

Welsh: For this week we would like you to draw your favourite animals and name them in Welsh. Maybe make a little zig -zag book for you to share with your friends on your return to school. See the link on the dojo site please to support you.