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Mrs De-Kayne is a Year 1 teacher and the Infant Phase co-ordinator

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Dear All,
Our timetable this week is as below as we had to make some changes last week as Miss Jones was away.
We have sorted our RWI groups and the children have now started their reading sessions in their new groups this week. Please keep sending in the reading books every day as we will be trying to change books every day.

Thank you for all your continued support,
Mrs S DE-KAYNE/ Miss M Jones.

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Dear All,
Thank you to you all for coming to the parents evening and allowing us to share the work with you since the last meetings. We have had some very positive feedback about the work and how lovely the books looked… Thank you!
The week ahead is as follows :-

Science – It is Science week this week and therefore we are going to be doing some experiments linked to ‘Humpty Dumpty’. We will be wrapping hard boiled eggs in different materials and then dropping him from different height. Children will ne encouraged to discuss and make predictions as to which materials will protect the egg the best and why?

Maths – We will be continuing with the teaching of Subtraction using the Jumping Forward Method and finding the difference to solve the sum. We shall be allowing the children to use number lines to carry out this activity. We have taught this method last week and are now consolidating the learning by allowing the children to carry out independent tasks.

Language – We will be going into our new RWI groups this week along with spelling groups as discussed at the parents meetings. The children will be carrying out a number of spelling games to make it fun but we will now be embedding the Year 1 Key words and for some groups the Year 2 Key words. Please keep going over the words we shared with you at the parents meetings with your children and continue encouraging the children to read every night please even if it is just for 10 minutes.

P.E – Jonathon is back on Wednesdays to work with the Year 1 children and we will be carrying out team building games along with developing good listening skills to follow the instructions. The children enjoy working with Jonathon as he makes the activities both fun but challenging them to work together.

I would just like to say that the children were very well behaved on our trip last Thursday dressed in their favourite book characters. The staff commented on how wonderful they all looked on World Book day and how good their listening skills were in the Science Labs. We were very proud of them all as was Mrs Phillips!

Thank you for all your support and if you have any issues in relation to Year 1, I would like to remind you that I am here as Foundation Phase Coordinator and happy to have a chat with you at anytime or speak to the class teacher.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones

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Dear All,
The week ahead is as follows:
Language – We are currently writing leaflets to encourage visitors to Swansea. We are hoping to share our work with the other children in the school during Welsh week. The children have had some lovely ideas and have presented the leaflets in a very creative way. We shall be sending some of these to China for the children visiting the school in July.

Maths We are currently teaching Time. We are doing O’clock/ Half past and to extend the children we are also teaching quarter past and quarter to. Please encourage your child at home to use the clock at key times such as bed time and waking up time etc….

Art We are currently doing some work in the style of a local artist called Ann Blades linked to our topic on the Locality. The children have enjoyed working in small groups to share ideas and to come up with their designs.

P.E. Please remember to send in P.E kits for the children to do P.E in the hall.

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs S DE-KAYNE/ Miss M Jones

Updated by sdk – 3.2.19

Dear All,
Thank you to everyone that carried out the Big Garden Bird watch and sent in the data.
The week ahead is as follows:
Language – We are going to be drafting leaflets to persuade people to visit Swansea Bay. These are then going to be sent to our Chinese pupils that are going to be visiting in July this year to show them what they can look forward to as part of our International links.

Maths – We are carrying out data handling from our bird survey and drawing block graphs to represent the data. The children have already been interpreting graph. They will also be doing that in their ICT sessions on Wednesdays with Miss Jones.

strong>P.E– The children will continue with Gymnastics with Miss Rees in the hall. They will need to have their P.E kit in school please every Wednesday. The Kit needs to be a white T shirt and black shorts. No trainers needed as they will be in the hall.

ICT – We have recently issued every child with a Hwb password and login for their personal use on HWB. Please can you teach your child how to log on at home as they will need to start logging on independently in school to save their work and they can then access it at home. Please do not reset these passwords as they need to be the same as the ones in school.

Thank you for all your continued support.
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones

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Dear Parents,
I hope that you have all had a good weekend!
The week ahead is as follows:

Language – We are carrying on talking and describing different types of house and their characteristics in our locality. We will be introducing map making soon and we shall also be taking a walk in our area with the view to mapping out our route to school. If you are walking to school with your child please point out the shops and any other key features that might assist your child to draw out their route later on.

Maths – We are going to be looking at properties of 3D shapes this week and we shall be including vocabulary such as Edges/ Corners/ Faces/ Curved Faces etc….The children will be going on a hunt to see how many different shapes they can spot around the school and you could play the same game at home with your child for a bit of fun.

Science -We are going to be carrying out experiments on looking at materials and their properties. Linked to our school roof we are looking to see which materials would be waterproof and the children will be investigating these in small groups. They are very excited about this and so please encourage them to talk about their experiments with you at home.

P.E. There are a couple of children who have still not brought in their kits for PE. A gentle reminder it is just a plain T Shirt and black shorts for PE. No trainers are needed as the children will be in the hall doing Gymnastics up to the end of term.

We are currently listening to readers every day so please can you send in reading books ad records everyday with your child. If you can record in their books it does help us to see how they are getting on with you at home. Thank -you for all your support.
Please keep the different size boxes coming in for junk modelling including tubes etc…we cant use the plastic bottles for making houses so please do not send any plastics in.

Mrs S De – Kayne / Miss. M Jones

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Dear All,
The children have settled down well despite the roof being done and Thank you all for your understanding in relation to this!

Language – We are currently creating dictionaries to describe the different types of houses in our locality. eg Semi detached / detached/ bungalow etc… Please send in photos of your houses as we will soon be describing them with a view to selling them!!

Maths – I have done some revision questions on place value after the holidays and we have started subtractions. We will be putting out more challenges in the Maths area linked to taking away.

P.E. – Miss Rees will be teaching PE to both classes on a Wednesday.We need all PE kits in school please as soon as possible.

Our timetable has changed a little due to avoid congestion in the yard but we are all feeling more settled and enjoying being back in work.

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones

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Dear All,
Our last week before our festive holidays. It is going to be a busy week with parties for the children and lots of fun activities. We still have a few things we want to complete and that is our recount of the RSPB visit to the school last week and measuring skills.
Party boxes in school on Tuesday and party games in the afternoon.
We will be going to the Panto on Thursday from Reception- Year 2 children.
Friday is toy day but no valuable toys or electronic games please. Could all the children bring games in a carrier bag with their names clearly marked on the bag to return everything safely back to you before the holidays.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S DE-KAYNE/ Miss M Jones

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Dear All,

We wanted to Thank you all for coming to our Christmas concert last week and for all the support with the costumes etc….the children looked amazing and spoke clearly on the stage. We have only got a couple of weeks left and so we are currently finishing off all outstanding work and doing a variety of Christmas activities.  The week ahead is as follows:

Language – We are going to be doing some special writing in small groups, The writing will be a character description linked to a modelled piece of work the children have already done. They can make links with their previous learning and have a go at an independent piece of work.

Maths – We have recently done two assessments to check on the children’s understanding of what we have been teaching and therefore we will re visit some Maths vocabulary again such as more than and less than and we shall be carrying out some measuring activities using standard and non standard ways of measuring.

Welsh – We are now coming to the end of our 4 weekly carousel of activities on the Wednesday and then we shall begin to plan for the new year.

IT – The children have been learning how to send emails and we shall continue to consolidate this work. We are hoping to have a Diwali/Christmas party next Monday pm to round up our work on the Topic of Festival of lights. The children have sent Mrs Phillips and our students an email to invite them to our mini celebration.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones

Updated – 2.12.18 by sdk

Dear All,

Just a reminder that it is our Dress Rehearsal this Wednesday at 2.15 pm in the hall. We shall be sending the costumes home with the children that evening for them to come back on Thursday between 5.00 – 5.15pm dressed and ready for the main concert to begin at 5.30pm. Please send all costumes in by tomorrow.

Language – We have been busy re drafting our work to place on our display boards. The children have been using pens to re draft with and have been very proud to share their work with Mrs Phillips. We shall continue to get all the work completed this week. Reading will continue as usual so please keep sending the books in with the reading records.

Maths – We will be doing an Autumn assessment with the children to assess for any gaps in their learning and making sure we go over any work the children are not sure about between now and the end of term. Please keep playing with money at home with the children especially with Christmas coming up.

IT – The children will be sending out some e-mails this week to our students that finished on Friday to invite them back for a Diwali party at the end of term as part of our topic. If you have an opportunity please show the children on your computers how e- mails work and the way to draft one.

We will now be starting our Christmas crafts ready for the children to bring things home to decorate the house with ready for Christmas holidays.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones


Dear All,

Hope you all had a good weekend and ready for the busy week ahead….

Language – We are continuing to make our films linked to the Story of Rama and Sita. The children have enjoyed working in the outdoors to retell the story. The students are putting the movie together later on the week. Children have been re drafting work for display and we have been very excited to see our display boards filling up with all their lovely work.

Maths – We are carrying on with money this week. The children are making amounts to a pound and two pounds using toys that have been priced up.

ICT – The children are going to be using Pic collage to write about their Rangoli patterns and describe the pulses they have used. We are sending the Rangoli patterns home with the children as they as so proud to share them with you.

Please can we have all the costumes in by Friday the latest.

Mrs s De-kayne/ Miss M Jones


18.11.18- by sdk

Dear All,

Just a quick reminder that we are rapidly moving towards the Christmas concerts so please make sure you have taught your children the lines. You will see we have sent you the whole script so that you can tell your child who comes before them to help them on the night. It is always difficult to go on stage and do  the rehearsals unless the children know the lines. Thank you in advance!

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language –  Children are continuing to read the  ancient story  from India of’ Ravana the Demon King’ linked to how Diwali originated. It as a story about how good wins over evil and how it was celebrated after a great battle by lighting diva lamps. Children will continue to describe the characters from the book this week. At the same time they are busy painting 10 heads and being creative as they are going to start acting out the story to make a little movie.

Maths – We are introducing money this week. Children need to be able to investigate how to make values to 10p and 20p using different coins. Later on in the week they will be busy writing  Christmas  wish lists …….they will only have a pound/ two pounds to spend and need to start giving change. We are setting up a post office to encourage Numeracy skills. They will be making  Christmas postage stamps using teen numbers! They will also be doing physical activity every day and timing activities they can do within a minute and learning to record numbers. Please play shops at home as this is a good way using real money in a purse.

We are going to take opportunity to talk about ‘World Toilet day’tomorrow and we shall carry on with reading activities as we have been doing each week. The children are making great progress with their reading. Please support us by recording each time they read with you as we need to do this before they can change their books. The children usually can’t remember if they have read at home!

Thank you for all your support and hope that the costume list is clear and easy to source for the Christmas concert.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones.


11.11.18 – by sdk

Dear All,

Hope that you have all had a good weekend despite the awful weather! Just to let you know that we have 2 student teachers with us for the next 4 weeks. We have planned the work with them and they will be delivering the lessons during these 4 weeks across Year 1. We will also be with them to provide support and guidance during these sessions. The week ahead is as follows: –

Language – We are currently teaching’The festival of Light’ linked to the Ancient story from India. Last week people all around the world celebrated Diwali and the children will be writing character descriptions linked to the story. As part of Active Learn we will be doing Mendhi patterns and painting cut out hands. The children are also setting up Siop Losin ( Sweet shop) linked to our trip from St Fagans  and we shall be working with money . The children will be buying sweets fro values 11- 20p and giving change. If you would like to play shops at home with them that would support their learning linked to money.

Maths –  We shall be continuing with ordinal numbers in the Maths challenge areas and we shall be continuing with place value. I am going to be setting up a mud kitchen this week with the children’s help so …..please if you have any old spoons of different sizes please send them in. A mud kitchen is an excellent way of teaching Numeracy across the curriculum. We shall be looking to make Diwali Sweets in the mud kitchen for a Diwali party!

The children will be carrying out a variety of activities on Friday linked to Children in need – please support us by wearing something spotty and sending in a pound for the charity.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones.


4.11.18 – by sdk

Dear All,

We hope that you have had a relaxing half term and no doubt the children are looking forward to coming back and telling their friends all about their time off!

The term before Christmas is usually our busiest due to the concerts etc…. but we will be doing the following activities in the week ahead:-

Language – We voted at the end of last term as to what each child wanted to write about from their visit giving the children a real pupil voice in their learning from the trip. We shall be putting the children into four groups and be writing about the Key areas we visited at St Fagans. We shall also be making some time lines looking at the past and present in relation to shopping and as part of our role play areas we will be allowing the children to role play ‘Washing Days’in times gone by. So, if you have any bloomers you would like the children to wash send them in!

Maths – We will be doing place value concentrating on teen numbers which the children find the most difficult to understand and linking them to coin values – 10p / 1p. We are hoping to have the mud kitchen open as well as it is a great way of learning numeracy through the curriculum.

 P.E – Please don’t forget kits as children will be in the hall with Jonathon.

We will be allowing the children to soon choose their parts in the Christmas concert so please once the lines come out – help your child to learn them straight away so that we can make the most of the hall time. Year 1 concert is the first one this year – refer to the school calendar for dates!

Thank you for all your support and we hope we have a good second term moving ahead.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones.


21.10.18 – by sdk

Dear All,

The last week of term is a busy one but we can all have a nice break then!

Language –  This week we are doing some personal and social activities linked to What makes a good person? It is a philosophical question and the idea is to get children to talk to each other about their views and opinions. We shall be sharing some Fables with them and getting the discussion going so that they have something to anchor their views onto. We shall record our views on post  it notes and share them with each other. Also, as a follow up from our school trip on Wednesday we shall be doing a recount of St. Fagans in relation to what we saw what we noticed etc..

Maths – This week we are re visiting estimation with the added experience of grouping the objects either into 5’s or 10’s. We shall also be working with bigger numbers 20 – 60 and getting children to use their 100 squares to record their numbers correctly. Children will also be outside practising their numbers with paint brushes/ chalks etc… on the ground using larger numbers 20-60 etc..

Reminder please that it is a packed lunch for Wednesday along with a waterproof coat and sensible shoes as it might be a wet day for our trip. We are outside for most of the day. 

Mrs S DE-Kayne/ Miss M Jones



14.10.18 -b y sdk

Dear All,

Hope you have had a good weekend despite the awful weather we have had!

The week ahead is as follows:

Language – Prior to out trip to St Fagans we are going to get the children to share their knowledge about living in the past compared to the present.  We shall use this as a starting point from where to further extend their knowledge about living in the past linked to house and homes and how school life has changed since those days.

Maths –  This week will be a stand alone problem solving week to get the children to work together and also to share strategies for solving problems. I am very keen to show the children that they can draw out answers and how to add and subtract using a drawing out skill that will be very useful moving through the school.  We will also be cutting out symmetrical leaves to make a shape tree using Autumn colours.

Science – Our class exploration areas are going to be opened up this week to allow the children to look at a variety of natural objects. I have been busy collected pine cones/ shells / leaves / twigs etc… children will be encouraged to talk about shape/ size and how the object feels using vocabulary such as rough/ smooth etc…. if you are out and about please collect and send in things with your child. Looking for unusual pebbles and stones!

If you haven’t put your name down for parents appointments please do. It is important we chat about your child to support their learning in the year ahead. 

Mrs S De-Kayne / Miss M Jones


7.10.18- by sdk

Dear All,

We have a busy week ahead…..

Language – The children will be using their debating skills as to why we should work with our friends but they will also need to look at the pros and cons of this to put both the sides of the argument forward in a speech bubble. This is all linked to work we did last week on Friendships and our Rights to have a Friend.  Children will be using their IT skills from last week to write independently about the 3 little pigs using vocabulary to describe them.

Maths –  We are looking at 2.D shapes. Children will be sequencing shapes such as squares/ circles/ triangles . We will be looking at symmetrical shapes and sorting and grouping them. Vocabulary to consolidate with the children will be straight lines shapes / curved shapes. We will be looking at shaped houses and having lots of fun linked to out Topic on families. During Maths we are also creating Fantasy Friendship Recipes and writing them on little cards to incorporate our language skills during Maths time. They also have a Beebot challenge linked to Algorithms.

P.E.  Every Thursday the children either go in the hall or out doors with Jonathon to develop team sports and working on their skills to share / work together.

Outdoor learning –  Every Friday the children will be going out to either the woodland area or gardening in our Year 1 area. Please send wellies so that all children can enjoy these outdoor experiences along with coats. One group will be indoors cooking/ baking and making things to eat.

Thank you for all your support with the reading books. We feel each week the children are making great progress with their reading.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones



30.9.18 – by sdk

Dear All,

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are learning to retell the story of’ The 3 little pigs’ and the children have been carrying out some adjective work on describing the wolf. We will now be focusing on them using theses to make a sentence using the I-pads and a visual cue of the wolf. We have set up a reading system now which we are constantly reviewing to ensure that the children not only read regularly but also change books. During these sessions we will be carrying activities to develop our fine motor skills as well.

Maths –  This week we will be looking at doubling numbers to 10/20 using a variety of concrete apparatus. We have been chanting double numbers during our warm ups in class and therefore if you wish to re enforce these at home please do so. Every Wednesday we have a problem solving activity for the children to develop problem solving skills.

Active Learn – Science- During these sessions the children will be carrying out a leaf investigation by collecting and looking at leaves to see what seasonal changes they are under going. These will be sequenced according to how they have degraded especially with the colours as a guidance.

Please send your child’s wellies into school and coats as they will be needed for the outdoor learning.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones


24.9.18 – by sdk

Dear All,

Thank -you to all the parents that came to our parents meetings tonight and we hope you found it useful. The week ahead is as follows:-

Language –  Our focus this week is on writing about our rights. We shall be sharing some of the important Articles with the children and then with support encouraging to write about them. We are a Rights and Respecting School and therefore this session is important to us. Reading activities this week will include reading with the teachers/ Pencil activity is recording 3 letter words/ reading corner is open to share a book with your friends and we are also doing fine motor activities to develop our pencil grips.

Maths –  We are looking at different ways at making 5/6/7 and 8 using 2 different coloured pegs to show all the different combinations. We are also carrying out a Numicon hunt and using vocabulary  such as forwards/ backwards/ right and left using electronic cars as part of positional language.

P.E. – Thursdays will be our PE day. Please send in PE kits – white T Shirt and black shorts.

Please can everyone bring in their Wellies for outdoor learning and coats every day. The book fair is on after school each day. Please feel free to go along outside the hall and have a look at all the lovely books available to buy!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones


16.9.18 – sdk

Dear Parents,

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are going to start writing about our families with teacher support and the children will be beginning their Active Learn sessions this week as well which will include the outdoor activities. Reading books need to come in everyday please .

Maths – We are going to be teaching about number lines this week and creating our own in class as well as looking at estimation. We are going to start working with numbers up to 20/ 30 and we shall be using concrete apparatus such as Unifix and Numicon to support our learning.

Welsh – We have started making dictionaries about our families and drawing and labelling them and this week we shall continue with this activity and finish them off.

P.E.   Jonathon the sports coach will be working with the Year 1 ‘s this year to build team concepts within the classes and working together.

ICT – We will be working with the children in small groups to teach them how to log on and make e- dictionaries in Welsh to consolidate their Welsh vocabulary.

Please note every Friday afternoon we will be all outside with the children. Miss Jones will be doing Forest schools activities/ I shall be gardening with the children and Mrs Wood will be in the Willow circle re-telling stories and carrying out some drama work. Please send in your child’s wellies as the weather has changed.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs De-Kayne/Miss M Jones



13.9.18 – sdk

Dear Parents,

Please note in your diaries that meet the teacher meeting and finding out how Year 1 is going to work moving forward will be held on the Monday 24th September in the Year 1 class rooms at 5pm – 6pm.  We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones


10.9.18 – sdk

Welcome to all of you to Year 1. The week ahead is as follows :

Language – We are currently sharing ideas about our Topic on ‘Family Albums’ this term. We are drawing our families and next week we will be writing about them during Active Learn . READING – Please send children’s books in every day as I am keen to make sure the children are heard reading as often as possible and books changed frequently. 

Maths – We have been carrying out a problem solving to make our group 100 squares and to begin to understand where numbers sit in relation to each other. We have also been carrying out Data collection on the children’s birthdays and making Pictograms.

PSD –  This week we are getting the children into routines and making them understand their responsibilities in class by creating a Classroom Charter – rules by which we can all work together as a class for the year ahead.

P.E- This will be every Thursday and we will be starting with gymnastics. Please send in P.E kits for your child fully labelled with their names.

The children are settling in very well into Year 1 and Thank you for your support in these early stages of getting the children into a routine.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Miss M Jones