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Mrs De-Kayne is a Year 1 teacher and the Infant Phase co-ordinator

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updated – 19.1.20

Dear All,
The week ahead is as follows:

Language – We will be carrying on with writing about the different types of house during Active Learn. At the same time we have a variety of writing activities going on in class. The children are busy writing Thank you post cards for their Christmas presents and in the Maths area they are busy solving subtraction worded problems which the children created themselves in Maths last week!

Maths – I am going to carry out a mastery session on subtraction and then we will move onto reading numbers in words and carrying out some fun activities with cutting and sticking. Please keep encouraging your children to do some Maths at home every week as this helps to consolidate their learning in school and keeps it fresh.

I.T. Mrs Phillips has been busy replying back to the children’s e-mails. They will learn how to print an email this week.

The children enjoyed working on the Beams/ spring board and carried out a variety of rolls last week. We shall be concentrating on landing safely this week onto a mat and putting the equipment away safely.

Please note that if your child goes to Wacky Wednesday they need a piece of fruit for this session as it is a long time since lunch time!

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

Updated – 12.1.19 by sdk

Dear All,
The week ahead is as follows :

Language We are starting our topic on Houses and Homes for this first half term followed by Supermarkets. The children will be writing about the different types of houses they live in for this week during Active learn as a teacher focus.

Maths Following our assessments in the first week we will be doing sums with missing numbers as a warm up eg 7 + ?= 10. Also, introducing subtraction sentences using bonds to 10.

We have also carried out a RWI assessment and the children will be allocated to their new groups and sounds to learn for this term. Please keep listening to your child read at home and please record in the books to support us with the reading.

P.E. Our session this term has moved to Tuesday – Please send all the Kits in as soon as possible. We are going to be working on using the various apparatus this term for 6 weeks. This Wednesday we also have a free taster session of tennis for the children which I have arranged to encourage children to have a go at tennis with Mark the coach from the tennis centre.

I.T Children will be going to the computer room on Fridays to learn how to send e-mails and printing e-mails. We are also going to be using a programme called ‘TOPMARKS’ They can do a variety of activities on the I-pads such as Maths/ Science and language. Please have a look and support your child to use these Apps at home.

This Friday coming is World Religion day and we shall be working with Year 1/2 children carrying out activities linked to Diwali/ Chinese New year.

Thank you for support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Malley/Miss Rees.

Updated – 7.1.20 by sdk
Dear All,
Happy new year to you all!
The first week back will be all about getting the children settled back into the routines.
We are planning on doing a number of assessments – readings/ maths etc…This will support our planning moving forward.
We will continue with handwriting – starting with the letter ‘b’.
I will be posting a detailed weekly plan for next week.

Mrs S De-Kayne.