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SCroeso i Bwrdd Neges Y1

Welcome to the YEAR 1 Noticeboard.


Uodated 17.6.18 (SW)

We had a great week last week with Sports Day and the children were a credit to you all. They behaved brilliantly and showed great sportsmanship. Thank you all for coming to support and we qppreciate all of your kind comments. We have also been busy with our topic. We now have caterpillars in the class which the children have loved observing. We have been writing descriptive texts to help Folly Farm after some of their animals escaped! So keep your eyes peeled!

The week ahead:

Active Learning – we will be finishing our descriptions then moving on to creating a story plan about the missing animal.

Maths – using number facts such as bonds to 10 to add 3 numbers. Understanding multiplication as related addition and using the term ‘lots of’

Welsh – learning the names of different body parts and labelling using Pic Collage on the iPads.

Pe – the ultra run is scheduled for Monday (weather permitting) and we will be playing team games.

See you tomorrow

Updated 20.5.18 (SW)

The week ahead:

Language – the children loved all the different Noah’s Ark activities last week. Next they will be writing the story independently in their Special Writing books.

Maths – the children will be completing an Abacus assessment based on the work we’ve done this term. We will then be using the results to address any misconceptions. We will be continuing to work on the children’s reasoning skills using problem solving style activities.

Welsh – we will be continuing our ‘Dw i’n gwisgo…’ writing activity. The children have loved learning Welsh games and it has been lovely to see them playing ‘cath, cath, ci’ in the playground.

ICT – the children will be applying the skills they have learned in the ICT suite to create their own branching database independently. You can see their work on their HWB account.

See you tomorrow


Updated 13.5.18 (SW)

The week ahead:

Language – Our research went well last week and the chilren enjoyed using Encyclopedia Britannica which can be accessed through their HWB accounts through the HWB tools. W we will be continuing  writing our Fact Files this week.

Active Learning – We will be listening to and discussing the story of Noah’s Ark this weekend. The children will be completing a range of activities to immerse them in the story. We will be acting out the story, taking on different roles. We will also be learning songs and choosing instruments to accompany. We will be sequencing the story and hot seating the different characters. A busy week!

Maths – we will be continuing our work on number patterns as children found this quite challenging.

Welsh – the children will be drawing themselves and writing sentences about their clothes using the sentence pattern ‘Dw i’n gwisgo…’

ICT – Miss Jones’ class have already started their work on databases and Miss Withey’s class will begin this week. We will be using branching databases to sort animals.

See you all tomorrow.

Updated 7.5.18 (SW)

The week ahead:

Language – we will be starting our fact files based on the animals we saw in Folly Farm. The children will be using Encyclopedia Britannica on HWB to research about the animals and will then share their findings with the class. They will then use this information to produce a fact file. The children will be using topic vocabulary e.g. carnivore, herbivore, habitat, camouflage.

Maths – we will be looking at patterns and sequences. The children will be starting off learning about patterns in shapes and the moving on to patterns in numbers. Children will be identifying, explaining and continuing the sequences.

Welsh – we will be learning the sentence pattern ‘Dw i’n gwisgo…’. We will be talking about clothes and colours and will be labelling a zoo keepers outfit.

Hopefully this weather will continue this week!

See you all tomorrow.

Updated 30.4.18 (SW)

What a week! The children have really become engrossed in our new topic ‘Animal Discovery’ this week and thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Folly Farm. They learned a lot about the different animals there and will be using this knowledge throughout the term. They have already begun making a class fact book about the animals we saw.

The week ahead:

Language – we will be writing our Folly Farm recounts using time connectives e.g. first, next then. We have already written a recount in Welsh!

Maths – we will be continuing our work on measuring, this time learning about length. We will be using comparative vocabulary e.g. shorter, longer and measuring in non-standard units e.g. cubes and paper clips. We will also be introducing rulers and measuring in centimetres.

P.E. – Dance – moving in different ways in time to the beat using ‘Animal Boogie’ as our stimulus.

Outdoors – developing gross motor skills and co-ordination  on our carousel – skipping, controlling and kicking a ball, bat and ball skills.

Welsh – we will be comparing and recording the weather over the course of the week. Learning more animal songs and playing an animal vocabulary tarsia.

See you all tomorrow.

Updated 22.4.18 (SW)

We have our big trip to Folly Farm this Wednesday. Please make sure all forms and trip money are returned tomorrow. Children will need a packed lunch, suitable clothing and sensible footwear. Please send a backpack rather than a lunch box as these are easier for the children to carry.

The week ahead:

language – we will be finishing our animal alliteration books in the beginning of the week. Then we will be drawing a plan in preparation for  recounting our trip to Folly Farm.

Maths – we will be beginning some work on measuring this week. We will be weighing objects around the classroom in cubes or grams. We will also be playing some doubling games to consolidate our learning from last week.

Pe – we will be continuing our outdoor carousel of activities and our indoor dance sessions linking to our animal theme.

Welsh – we will be learning more animal names in Welsh and starting to learn the story of Y Babi Sinsir.

See you all tomorrow

Updated 16.4.18 (SW)

Welcome back! We have an exciting term ahead with our new topic ‘Animal Discovery’. We will be sending out consent forms soon ready for our big trip to Folly Farm! More details to follow.

The week ahead:

Active learning – we will be activating our prior knowledge to find out what the children already know about animas. We will be learning lots of new vocabulary related to our topic e.g predator, prey, camouflage.

Maths – we will be starting the week with doubling then moving onto halving. The children should be able to mentally recall doubles up to double 10 and the related halves.

Read Write Inc – we will be starting our new groups this week.

ICT – the children will be experimenting with the Turtle on jit to begin learning coding skills.

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