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Thank you to everyone who attended our Meet the Teacher meetings. If you missed the meeting, please find the powerpoint below.

Year 1 presentation 2016


See our Summer Term planning for Animal Discovery below:

Year 1 Medium Term Topic Plan Summer

Updated Saturday 8th June

The week ahead:

Maths – continuing work on place value. Constructing and deconstructing 2 digit numbers (introducing 3 digit numbers for some groups). Recapping doubling and halving.

Active Learn – we will be doing our Special Writing this week about the story of Noah’s Ark. We have already heard the story, sequenced it and sung songs about it.

We will be chalking some large butterflies after we learned about their lifecycle. We’ll be outdoors investigating floating and sinking.

Reminder- you are invited to see how our Active Learn sessions are run on Thursday. Please return the slip asap if you would like to attend.


No new spelling words this week. We will test a random sample of the ones already learned.

Soeed tests have finished for the year and will continue in Year 2.

Reports are out this week!

Updated Friday 30th June

Another week has flown by!

The week ahead:

Maths – we will be looking at number squares at the beginning of the week and the children will be completing the missing numbers. We have worked with number squares a lot so the children are very familiar with them. Most will be working to 100 and some beyond.  For the second part of the week we will be focusing on place value. Some groups will be using place value cards to make larger numbers. Some groups will be learning to use the < and > signs.

Active Learn – we will be carrying on writing the story ‘Monkey see monkey do’ Some children have already written their stories and have produced excellent work.

The children will be learning to use databases on Jit on the computer. They will also be busy outdoors making new carts for the hat seller from our story.

The children will be meeting their new teacher next Friday. A letter will follow this week.

NOTE: library will be finishing next week. Please send in any books you have at home.


Updated Monday 26th June

Apologies – we have not been able to catch up with speed tests today from last week. We feel that if we do it tomorrow, the children will not have time to learn the new times table for Friday so we will leave this one and carry on as normal on Friday. Sorry for any inconvenience and disappointment.

Updated Friday 23rd June

We have begun to learn the story ‘Monkey See Monkey Do’ in a Talk for Writing style. The children have come up with great actions to go with the words.

The week ahead:

Maths – we will be continuing with word problems about safari animals so that the children get to grips with addition and subtraction. We will be moving on to weighing where the children will be estimating the weight of classroom objects in cubes and then checking their estimates. Some groups will be working with gram weights.

Active Learning 

Language focus – make a story map of Monkey See Monkey Do and then use it to write the story.

Children will also be carrying out tally charts about favourite animals and using Jit on the computers to make a block graph. They will also be investigating sounds in the outdoors and sorting objects that make no sound, quiet sounds and loud sounds.


We are still doing P.E. until the end of the term so please make sure your child has their kit in school.



Updated Sunday 18th June

Looks like it’s set to be a hot week ahead. Please remember to apply sun cream before your child comes to school and bring a hat and water bottle.

The week ahead:

Maths – mental strategies for subtracting. Children will be subtracting 1,2,3,4,5 from a number and some groups will be subtracting 10. Some children will be introduced to the concept of division and will be doing practical work linked to this. Clock work recapping o’clock and half past and introducing quarter past and quarter to for some groups.

Active Learning 

Science focus – we will be off outdoors to look at how animals camouflage and will be doing an experiment with butterflies.

Literacy focus – introducing explanation writing. We will be looking at the life cycle of a butterfly and using this to write an explanation text.

Updated Sunday 11th June

We have an exciting week ahead with Sports Day on Tuesday afternoon starting at 1.15pm. We have sent home P.E. kits. Children can come into school in their kit on Tuesday – white t-shirt, shorts/joggers and trainers. Remember to send in a water bottle and hat.

This is the week ahead:

Maths – gathering data in tally charts. Using this information to make and interpret a block graph. We will be linking this to our Welsh book Y Babi Sinsir.

Active Learning – our focus will be Welsh (continuing from last week). The children will be taking on a role from the story Y Babi Sinsir (The gingerbread baby) and interviewing each other in character using familiar sentence patterns.  Children will also be going on a treasure hunt with Mrs Charles to follow Babi Sinsir’s clues.





Year 1SW (Miss Withey) – Wednesday

Year 1SW/VE (Mrs Williams and Mrs Evans) – Thursday

Please have indoor and outdoor kit in school on this day as the activities will be weather dependent.

  • P.E. kit – Indoor – black shorts, white tshirt, bare feet
  • PE kit – Outdoor – jogging bottoms, white tshirt, jumper or zip up, trainers



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