Year 2 Noticeboard


July 2019

Thankyou for your support at the Sports Day last Tuesday, and Year 2 Class Assembly on Friday.

The children are busy preparing for their Honeywood Market on Monday 15th July at 2pm.  There will be for sale –

honey coloured slime, mini pots of honey, a plant tombola (thanks to Whacky Wednesday gardening club), flower lollies, honeycomb sweets, packets of calendula seeds (picked and dried by the children and citronella candle holders.

We hope you will be able to join us!  The children’s books will be in their trays after the market for you to share with your child.




This week we are continuing using partitioning skills to double and halve numbers to 100.

We are continuing with our Enterprise project and making honey and bee based products for the market.

We were very proud of the children who spoke on behalf of Year 2, and the Whacky Wednesday Club, with the Swansea In Bloom judge last week.  She was very impressed with their knowledge of bees and enthusiasm for our Year 2 garden.

We will be restarting times tables tests this week again, and we will be introducing the children to Times Tables Rock Stars – a free app which they will all have access to at home to practise their times tables – more details to follow.  This is part of their transition to Year 3 – all classes in Key Stage 2 use this app.

Sports Day has been rescheduled for next Tuesday 2nd July at 1.30pm – hopefully we will be third time lucky and it will go ahead!


Week Beginning 17th June

This week we are hoping to have Sports Day on Monday afternoon (1.30pm)  .

In maths we will be working on partitioning 2 digit (and 3 digit numbers) into tens and units to add and subtract.

This week, we will also be starting to practise our class assembly – this will be on Friday 5th July at 10.30am in the hall.

In science, the children will be exploring the different conditions needed for the growth of a plant. The other focus this week is drawing a story map for their own version of ‘Superworm’.

Thank you to those parents who gave up their time on Saturday to help tidy, weed, paint and move tonnes of soil and bark at the Community Morning.


Week Beginning 10th June

This week we will be continuing with our enterprise work – planting and developing our outside area.  Our outside area is also the focus of the Year 2 Swansea in Bloom entry.

In Maths, we will be problem solving and estimating where numbers come on a number line to 100 (1000).


Sports Day has been rescheduled for Monday 17th June at 1.30pm.


Week beginning 3rd June

This week is World Oceans Day (8th June) and we will be looking at the importance of fresh water.  The children will also be working on their enterprise project – ‘The Bumbles of Honeywood’ – look out for photos and changes to the outside area around the shed!

In Maths this week, we will going back to addition of 2 digit numbers using tens and units.  They will also be sorting Woodland animals into a graph.

In science, the children will be exploring the different conditions needed for the growth of a plant.  The other focus this week is drawing a story map for their own version of ‘Superworm’.

Sports Day will be on Tuesday at 1.30pm (weather pending).

Week Beginning 20th May

This week in Maths we will be sorting animals into Carroll Diagrams. They will also be recording data into a table from their science lesson.  The children will be practising counting money and also giving change as we have a new Garden Centre role play.

In Science, the children will be investigating whether worms have senses  (continued)!

We will be practising for Sports Day Thursday and Friday so please can all children have their trainers in school.

We will be writing a diary as the potato plants grow over the next few weeks.

Year 2 are planting some bee friendly plants this week also as part of their enterprise project.




Week Beginning 13th May

We were very proud of the children last week as they completed their paper National Tests – they enjoyed their biscuits and Golden Time as a reward for their hard work on Friday!

In Science, the children will be investigating whether worms have senses!

We will be planting seed potatoes this week as for the Year 2 Great Potato Grown Off 2019!  The children will be keeping a diary of the growth of the potato plants.

We have new role play areas set up this week – indoors we have a garden centre, and outdoors we have a campsite, complete with ‘fake’ grass and a tent.  Thanks to the HSA who have funded these areas from the cake stall money Y2KP ‘won’ for being the class to raise the most money last year.

Kerb Craft starts this week – thanks for the offers of help to run this.  Y2 KP will go out on Thursday morning and Y2DD will go out Friday morning.

There will be outdoor games as usual on Friday, so trainers are needed please for all children

Week beginning 6th May

This week, we will be starting the Woodland part of our topic by sorting and naming animals which live in British woodland.

We will be putting together, with the children’s help, new role play areas both inside and out.  A garden centre inside and a campsite outside.

We will also be starting to clear and plant the outside area now that the scaffolding has gone.  If there is anyone who could help us with this by coming in for an hour or so to weed and prepare the pots and beds for planting, we would be very grateful.

This week, the children will be having Johnathon, the sports coach, Wednesday and Friday so please make sure that they have trainers on both these days.

Year 2 will be working with an artist this half term to create relief prints.  The planning for this will start this week – out theme is ‘We have a right to play’.

Week Beginning 29th April

This term’s topic is Dens and Dandelions.  We hope to get out and about as much as we can this term, learning about plant growth and living things.

This term we will also be taking part in an enterprise project – further details to follow soon.

Our Kerb Craft project will start this week with a training session for pupils and also the parents/ grandparents who have volunteered to help.  We are not able to take the children out until all consent forms have been returned and we have enough adults to help (all adults helping need a current DBS check which the school will arrange).

This week we will be getting into our outdoor area and planning some ideas to further develop the area.

We will also be working through some practise questions for the upcoming Reasoning Maths paper and Reading Comprehension paper this week.

PE (outdoor games session) will be on a Friday with the sports coach, Johnathon. The children need their usual PE kit (to be left in school) and also trainers on the day.  The children will not be allowed to take part n the session if they do not have the correct footwear/ kit.  Please ensure all PE kits are in school by this Friday.



Week beginning 8th April

This week  we will be making our Super Hero capes – thank you to all the offers of help!  We will be doing a parade of capes on Friday around the school to end our topic.

On Monday, there is a meeting for parents regarding the upcoming National Tests at 3.20pm in the Year 2 classrooms.

In Maths this week we will be rounding numbers to the nearest 10 and the nearest 10.  We will also be completing number patterns by counting and back.

You will have received a letter on Friday about the Kerbcraft project we will be taking part in after Easter. Please let us know if you are able to support us in this as soon as possible, so that we can put a rota together and organise DBS checks.

This Friday, the children will be having an outdoor games session again – please could they wear, or bring to school, trainers on that day. The children will not be able to take part in the lesson if they do not have the correct kit.


Week Beginning 1st April

This week in Year 2 we will be starting to think about Easter.  We will be retelling the Easter Story as well starting to make some Easter cards.

We will be recapping on this term’s Maths so far this week and revising time, money, addition and subtraction and also using graphs to find out information.

We are enjoying listening to the children’s presentations and will have completed them all by the Easter break.

Next Monday we have our Super Hero cape making day. Please return the slip on the letter we sent home to let us know of you are able to help on the day.  All children will need to bring their bag of materials in by Monday 8th April at the latest.  All the capes will be made Monday afternoon.

There will also be a short meeting after school 8th April  in the Year 2 classrooms regarding the National Tests which will take place in May.



Week beginning 25th March

This week in Maths we will be continuing working on equations and also writing numbers with 3 digits (hundreds, tens and units).  Please continue to practise time at home.

Now that the children have designed and taken measurements for their Super Hero capes, we will be sending the designs home with details of the cape making day during the last week of this term.

We are beginning to do some simple dictionary work in school – looking up simple words using their alphabetical knowledge.  This is a good skills to practise at home.

This Friday, the children will be having an outdoor games session – please could they wear, or bring to school, trainers on that day.  This will be case for the next 3 Fridays until the Easter break.



Week beginning 18th March

We will be continuing with The Egg literacy work this week, as well as hearing some more of the presentations the children have prepared.

In Maths, we will be moving onto problem solving questions, applying their multiplication and division skills.  We will also be learning how to complete equations so that the answer is the same on both sides of a calculation.  Please continue to practise ‘time’ at home.  We will be using our measuring skills to take measurements with tape measures for the super hero capes we will be making (more details to follow shortly!)

We will be continuing to look for signs of Spring (there are lots about!) and hope for better weather this week to do so!

In Science, we will be exploring the use of magnets to find out which materials are magnetic and which are not.


Week beginning 11th March

This week the children will be writing the story ‘The Egg’ which they have learnt off by heart Pie Corbett style.

We hope to get out and about this week to look for signs of Spring in the school grounds.

In Maths, we will be learning to tell the time on both the analogue and digital clock.  Please could you practise with your child at home –  they need to know O’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past on both types of clock (NOT 24 hour clock though).

We will be making books this week – first sewing together the books we made in Welsh Week, and then making the comic strip books we drafted last week in Book Week.

Thank you for the presentations which have been sent into school so far – we will be starting to listen to the children do their presentations this week.  Please ask us if you have any questions about this.

Week Beginning 4th March

Welcome back to another busy half term!  This week is Book Week and the children have the opportunity to dress up as a book character on Thursday of this week.

During the week we will be focusing on making our own books – a comic strip of their version of ‘Superkid’!  We will also be drawing story maps of our class story ‘The Egg’ in anticipation for the children writing the story next week.

In Maths this week we will be working on place value and comparing numbers to 100 on a number line.  They will be estimating where numbers should go on a blank number line.

The children will also be starting a new art project – a large scale joint piece of artwork – which will be displayed in the corridor when completed.  We will be looking at Pop Art and collage for the project.