Year 2 Noticeboard





Week beginning 15th and 22nd November

For the next fortnight we will be revising addition and subtraction using a range of strategies such as counting on and back in our heads, using concrete apparatus (such as Numicon and cubes), counting on and back on a number line or number square.

The children will also be building the model of London using 3D nets.  Photos to follow!

We are continuing to practice the lines and songs for our Christmas show and look forward to seeing the children in their costumes performing.  Please send the costumes in on Friday 26th November in a named bag.  Any problems with costumes please contact Mrs Dalling or Miss Jones.

For the next few weeks we will be talking about resilience and how we can tackle challenge both in the classroom and also daily life.

The children will be carrying out a variety of science experiments during Year 2 Science week which will include building bridges, making boats and exploring magnets.


Week Beginning 8th November

This week we continue to learn about The Great Fire of London, what caused it and what happened during the fire.  We will also learn more about Samuel Pepys.

In Maths this week we will continuing practicing counting out money to £1 using a range of coins.

In Welsh we will be writing Harvest poems – look out for these on Classdojo as they are completed by the children.

With only 4 weeks to go until we will be filming our Christmas show, we will be starting to learn lines this week for songs and also individual words.  The theme is Children of The World.  We will be sending home letters before the end of the week with details of words to learn and also costumes.  Thank you for your support in this.


Week beginning 1st November

This week we will be starting our new topic Fire! Fire!.  We will be beginning to learn about The Great Fire Of London as a  significant event in history.  There is a great song we learn called September 1666 which can be found on You Tube.

In Maths the children will be exploring 3D shapes in anticipation for us designing a model of London in 1666.

This week Year 2 will be doing their personalised assessments for reading and Maths.  We will give you more information about this during the parents meetings.

On Thursday, PC Craig will be visiting Year 2 and they will get the opportunity to have a close look at a patrol car.


Week beginning 18th October

We will be continuing with money this week using problem solving skills to work out amounts using the least number of coins.  Also in Maths we will revising 3D shapes (eg Sphere, cube, cuboid) and their properties.

The children will be writing recounts of lifeboat rescues this week using the text they have learnt off by heart.  In reading time we will be focusing on nouns and adjectives.

In PE this week, Mrs Evans will be concluding the Superheroes unit of work she has been teaching this term.


Week beginning 11th October

This week we will be continuing counting coins in Maths reinforcing how to break numbers down into tens and units.  Year 2 will also be finding lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.

We will be learning about Grace Darling who is a real-life VIP from the past linked to rescue at sea.

Some children have changed their reading days – if they have changed days, it will be written on the top of the letter we sent home last week about learning words and sounds at home.

Week Beginning 4th October

This week we will be focusing on Black History Month and learning about real life VIP’s from the past such as Rosa Parks and Mary Seacombe.

Continuing our work about NHS workers, we will also be comparing hospitals ‘Then and Now’ using Florence Nightingale as our inspiration.

In Maths this week, we will continue learning how to place numbers on a blank number line as well as beginning to count money using what we know about tens (10p) and units (1p).  Year 2 will also be exploring tessellation (how shapes fit together) using 2D shapes.

Thursday, we are celebrating World Mental Health Day.

Week beginning 27th September

This children really enjoyed their tennis session last week as part of our National Fitness Day 2021.  This week they will need PE kit Thursday only please.

On Monday (and throughout the week), we will be celebrating European Language Day.  We will be finding out about the languages spoken in our classes, as well as learning some new words in different languages.

In Maths this week Year 2 will be ordering numbers by identifying lowest, highest, in between from a random set of 3 cards.  We will also be introducing how to place numbers on a blank 100 line.

Our work on VIP’s continues as the children learn about the RNLI and how we would access this emergency service if we needed it.  They have enjoyed watching RNLI rescues on video.

In Welsh, Year 2 will be writing about themselves recapping on questions and answers they have covered previously.  They will also be learning some Welsh playground games.

Week Beginning 20th September

This week Year 2 will have 2 PE sessions – we have a tennis coach in Wednesday morning for a one off taster session, and they will have their usual PE session with Mrs Evans on Thursday.  Please send the children in in their PE kit on both days.

Thank you to those parents who joined us for the Parent’s Presentation last Tuesday.  There is a link to the presentation on Class Story (Class Dojo) if you were unable to attend.

This week Year 2 will be writing job adverts for vets, doctors and nurses as part of their topic.  We have been talking about what qualities the job requires and what tasks they have to be able to do.

In Maths this week we will be focusing on the 100 and 200 square.  The children need to be able locate numbers quickly on the square using their knowledge of place value.

In Welsh, Year 2 will be writing about themselves recapping on questions and answers they have covered previously.  They will also be learning some Welsh playground games.



Week Beginning 13th September

We are really pleased at the way that the children have settled into Year 2 and the new routines.  We had a busy week last week and they worked really hard at all their tasks.

This week we start the week with Roald Dahl Day and we will be looking specifically at BFG and The Magic Finger.

Tuesday 14th September there will be an online TEAMs meeting for Year 2 parents at 4.30pm.  We will send a live link on Monday via Dojo.

Year 2 will be having PE every Wednesday so please could you send the children into school wearing their PE kit and suitable footwear each week.

In Maths this week we will be revising Number Bonds and addition with the children.  We will also be introducing how to locate numbers on a blank number line.

All children have been heard read and given a reading book.  Please return the books on your child’s reading day .  We wold appreciate it if you could write a comment in the Reading Record each week so that we can see the progress they are making with you at home as well as in school.

This week we will start assessing the children on their phonic sounds and blending skills so that we can group them for Phonics lessons moving forward.  We will also be looking at which keywords they can recognise by sight (continuing on from the work Year 1 teachers did with them last year).

Week Beginning 6th September

We are looking forward to meeting the new Year 2 classes on Monday.  We have a busy  first week planned to get to know the children better, and to introduce them to the Year 2 environment and routines.

We will be writing the class charter on Monday and talking about rights and responsibilities.

We will hear the children read this week and give out reading books and new reading records.  The children will be allocated a reading day and this is the day they will need to return their book to be changed and heard read.

Our topic this term is V.I.P’s and we will be learning about real-life people who help us, both past and present ,as well as modern day Super Heroes.  Fictional Super Heroes are also usually popular with the children and we use these as a stimulus for creative writing.  We will be gathering ideas from Year 2 this week to guide our planning in future weeks.

In Maths this week, we will be recapping on addition and place value (breaking 2 digit numbers down into tens and units).  We will also be completing symmetrical pictures using mirrors.

This page will be updated weekly, so please check back regularly for Year 2 news.

We also use Class Dojo regularly for messages both to the whole class and also to individual parents.  Class Dojo messages are checked between the hours of 8am and 4.30pm on week days if you want to contact us through this method.