Year 2 Noticeboard

Week beg 17th December

We are looking forward to sharing our end of term event with you at 2.15pm on Monday in the main yard.  We will open the gates near the kitchen (breakfast club entrance) at 2.10pm.  Afterwards, we invite you to come up to the classrooms for our Christmas Market.

This week, there are party boxes available for lunch on Tuesday (this is paid for through Squid) and we will have some party games in the afternoon.

On Thursday. the children are going to the Pantomime in the morning and are back for normal lunch arrangements.

On Friday, there be ‘toy’ day – please make sure that your child does not bring anything valuable to school, including any electronics please (this is the case for all Foundation Phase classes).

Another busy week ahead!


Week beg 10th December

We are looking forward to sharing the Christmas Performance with you this week!  We will send the children home in their costumes after the dress rehearsal on Monday so they can come dressed ready for the Tuesday evening performance.  We will be meeting the children on Tuesday in the Year 1 classrooms at 5.30pm prior to their performance – please do not come any earlier than 5.30pm as there will not be adult supervision available until then.  The children need to be dressed in their costumes please.  After the evening performance, the children will be dismissed out of the Year 1 classroom doors which lead onto the main playground- this avoids congestion inside the building.  Y2DD will use Miss Jones’ room and Y2KP will use Mrs DeKayne’s classroom.

The rest of the week will be spent preparing for the Christmas Market next Monday, including learning how to count money to £1!

Week beg 3rd December

December already!

This week we will be continuing finishing off our Great Fire Of London topic – writing diaries and completing our model of Pudding Lane.

In Maths we will be learning how to partition 2 and 3 digit numbers into (hundreds) tens and units using Diennes (Base 10) equipment.

Please could all costumes be in school on Friday of this week.  If there are any spare tickets, please could you return them asap for us to redistribute to families who would like more.

Our Christmas craft making starts next week ready for our Christmas Market on 17th December!

Week beg 26th November

This week we will be continuing to practise the Christmas Sharing in the hall – please keep practising the words with your child.

The children will be writing Samuel Pepys diary this week – we will be looking at features of a diary as well as relooking at the facts of The Great Fire Of London before they write the diary.

In Maths we will be learning how to draw a number line to 100 and use it to carry out addition and subtraction to 100.  The children will also be making square based pyramids for their houses on Pudding Lane.

Please note that there will be no more Philosophy Frog this term.



Week beg 19th November

We had a great trip to the Fire Station last week and the children learnt a lot from it.  We will be setting up a new role play based in a Fire Station this week as well as making a fact file about what they have learnt.

In Maths this week, we will be continuing with place value (tens and units) using money.  We will also be using place value to carry out additions and subtractions.  For example 50+8=   , 65-5=    ,  73-3=     , 30+2=

We are in the process of making 3D shapes out of nets which will eventually become a model of London/ Pudding Lane.  We hope to re enact The Great Fire Of London with parents during the last week of term (date to be confirmed this week).

The children have all had their speaking parts for the Christmas performance – we need them to learn these as soon as possible as we can’t really practise properly until they do.  They have been fabulous learning the songs so we are sure they will do us proud!


Week beg 12th November

The children are looking forward to their trip to Sketty Fire Station – thank you to the parents who have offered their help.  The children will be thinking of questions they would like to ask before we go and summarising what they have learnt when they get back.  We will also be planning our new role play area.

In Maths this week we continue to learn about place value using money and making different amounts with 10p’s and 1p’s.  We will also be learning about 3D shapes and nets.  We will making a model of Pudding Lane over the next few weeks using the 3D nets that they make.

We have started learning the songs for our Christmas sharing and the children will be given parts to learn soon.  Please could you help us by practising their lines as soon as they get them so that we can start to practise putting the sharing together.  Dates for the performances are on the main calendar page.

Children In Need is this Friday and we are wearing something spotty for a £1 donation.

Please could all PE kits come back into school – there were quite a few children without kits last Thursday.


Week beginning 5th November

We hope that everyone enjoyed the half term break.

This week we will be experimenting with floating and sinking in preparation for our next science task. The children will be recording their results in a table.

In Maths, we will be learning about place value (tens and units) and using the 100 number squares which we gave out in Parents’ Meetings.  We will also be learning about the greater than and less than signs.

This week we will also be introducing the children to the Dough Disco – videos can be found on You Tube .

Dough Disco is a great way of warming up hands prior to writing and also developing the muscles needed for fine motor skills.



Week Beginning 22nd October

We will be continuing the science fortnight and the children will be investigating how to make London Bridge stronger just using newspaper and tape. They will also be experimenting with balls on different surfaces to see which bounce best. Thank you for the newspapers you sent in!

In Maths this week we will be focusing on shape.  The children will be learning about tessellation, 2D shapes, lines of symmetry and also right angles- a busy week!

Parents meetings are on Monday and Tuesday-please have a look at the children’s work which will be in their trays in the corridor prior to the meeting.  Meetings are being held in the Year 2 classrooms.


Week Beginning 15th October

In Maths this week we will using the Number Square to find patterns in number.  The children will be using number bonds they know to add higher numbers.  For example, if they know 5+3=8 then they should know 15+3=18, 25+3=28 and so on.  They will also be starting to learn about tessellation (fitting shapes together).

We will be having a science fortnight and the children will be investigating how to make London Bridge stronger just using newspaper and tape.  They will also be experimenting with balls on different surfaces to see which bounce best.  Thank you for the newspapers you sent in!

Don’t forget that school is closed Friday for an INSET day.


Week Beginning 8th October

In Maths this week we will be learning doubles to 15 (eg 12+12). The children in Year 2 need to know doubles to 20+20 off by heart by the end of the year.  They will be producing their own block graphs using the ipads as well this week.

In preparation for the science work we will be doing next week, we will be thinking about ‘what makes a good scientist’.  We need some newspapers for our science investigation, so if you have any please could we have them?

In Welsh, we will be writing some harvest poems/prayers as well as learning some playground games in Welsh.

Please could any donations for the food bank come in by 18th October – there is a list of required donations on the main page.

Please could you start to send wellies in for your child – we do use them for outdoor activities regularly.  No child would be excluded from an outdoor activity if they don’t have wellies, they may however get muddy shoes!

Week Beginning 1st October

We will be focusing on Harvest this week and the children will be writing some Harvest prayers as well as learning about the meaning of the celebration.

In Maths we will be continuing with Number Bonds and using Number Bonds to 10 to make addition and subtraction bonds to 100.  We have been using the word ‘multiple’ of 10.  The children are doing very well with the times tables on a Thursday and some children are moving on this week to the 5 times tables – please ask your child as they will know what they are on.

We are not able to use the hall this week for PE so could all children please wear (or bring) their trainers to school on Thursday for an outdoor PE session.

Continuing with our topic work, we will be sequencing the events of The Great Fire Of London.  If you haven’t already heard the song we are learning – here is the link to copy and paste




Week Beginning 24th September

A reminder that there will be a ‘meet the teacher’ meeting on Monday 24th September in the Year 2 class rooms at 5pm. We are looking forward to meeting as many of you as possible. During the meeting we will talk about the year ahead and answer questions you may have. There will be an opportunity to talk about your child on a 1:1 basis in a few weeks when we will be holding this term’s parent/ teacher meetings. These will be held on Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd October.

Wacky Wednesday club starts this week – we still have a few places left  for this term.  In club we will be teaching the children some new board games and they will also have the opportunity to learn chess or draughts.  We also have themed sessions such as ‘Bingo Night’!

We continue with our topic of Fire Fire this week and will be looking in more detail at The Great Fire Of London.  The children will be writing poems about the facts they learn .

In Maths we will be revising Number Bonds to 10, and then moving on to learning how to apply this to Number Bonds to 100.  The children will be practising their 10 times tables on Thursday (please practise this with them at home – they need to know the times table in any order).  They will also be designing their own snakes and ladders boards using their knowledge of the 100 square.

After all the wind we had last week, the children will be exploring the school grounds to do  a survey of what types of leaves they can find on the floor and how many of each, using a tally to record their findings.

In Welsh we have been learning a story and song about Dyfrig Ddraig (Dyfrig Dragon) to revise and practise language patterns they have learnt previously.



Week Beginning 17th September

This week the children will be starting their PE programme for this term with Mrs Evans on Thursday.  Please ensure that your child has a PE kit in school – this term they need shorts and T Shirt only in school for PE – we do not use trainers/ plimsolls or similar for PE.  PE sessions will be every Thursday.

Our topic this term is ‘Fire Fire!’ with a particular focus on The Great Fire Of London.

This week the children are writing senses poems about fire, colour mixing hot and cold colours and brainstorming words and phrases about a picture of the Great Fire.

In Maths we will be working on place value which includes the children practising reading numbers to 100, locating them on the number square and on a 100 beaded line and also finding numbers which come ‘in between’ 2 given numbers.

Letters for Wacky Wednesday Club will be coming home this week in preparation for the club starting Wednesday 26th September. There are 10 places per class per term (not half term like last year) and these will be allocated on a first come first served basis.  Please send all forms and payment to the class teachers, not the school office.  Please note that all children in Year 2 will get an opportunity to attend the club throughout the year for one term to make it fair to all.