Year 2 Noticeboard



Spring Term 2020!

Week Beginning 20th January

This week we will be continuing writing character descriptions of fictional superheroes. We are also going to be learning about onomatopoeia and how it could be used in their work.

In Maths, we are going to be revisiting doubles and then looking at how this can help to solve near doubles sums.  Eg if you know 10+10 then you know that 10+11=21 because 10+10 is 20 +1 = 21.

We are hoping to use the data the children collected from their Birdwatch to produce first tally charts, and then different tables and graphs in ICT.

From this week, times tables tests will be on a Friday due to some timetable changes we have had to make.

This Friday, the children will also be coming home with new Spelling Journals with a short list of spellings to learn at home.  They need to return this Journal every Friday for their spelling test, and the next set of words to be given out.  Please see the letter for parents on the inside cover of the Spelling Journal.


Week Beginning 13th January

This week, we will be writing character descriptions of fictional Superheroes.  We will also be looking at how many real-life superheroes we know.

If any parents/ grandparents are (or were)  real-life Superheroes, we would love to hear from you. If you could spare us an hour, we would be very grateful if you could share your experiences with Year 2.

This Wednesday, we have our Superhero day and the children can dress up as any Superhero they want (fictional or real-life).  We also have a session with a tennis coach in the afternoon, so please could all children wear trainers (or bring them) to school. They will not be able to take part without suitable footwear.

In Maths this week we are learning how to partition numbers into tens and units in order to add larger numbers together.  The children are also measuring lengths with rulers and metre rules.

Friday is World Religion Day and we will be working with Year 1 to learn about the celebrations Divali and also Chinese New Year.

Happy New Year!

This term we will be learning through our topic Superheroes.  We will be learning about fictional characters but also real-life Superheroes (such as the emergency services).  The children will experience Pop Art and learn what onomatopoeia is, as well as create their own comic strips.

PE will continue to be on Thursday with Mrs Evans – this term’s focus is dance.