Year 2 Noticeboard


Week beginning 18th March

We will be continuing with The Egg literacy work this week, as well as hearing some more of the presentations the children have prepared.

In Maths, we will be moving onto problem solving questions, applying their multiplication and division skills.  We will also be learning how to complete equations so that the answer is the same on both sides of a calculation.  Please continue to practise ‘time’ at home.  We will be using our measuring skills to take measurements with tape measures for the super hero capes we will be making (more details to follow shortly!)

We will be continuing to look for signs of Spring (there are lots about!) and hope for better weather this week to do so!

In Science, we will be exploring the use of magnets to find out which materials are magnetic and which are not.


Week beginning 11th March

This week the children will be writing the story ‘The Egg’ which they have learnt off by heart Pie Corbett style.

We hope to get out and about this week to look for signs of Spring in the school grounds.

In Maths, we will be learning to tell the time on both the analogue and digital clock.  Please could you practise with your child at home –  they need to know O’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past on both types of clock (NOT 24 hour clock though).

We will be making books this week – first sewing together the books we made in Welsh Week, and then making the comic strip books we drafted last week in Book Week.

Thank you for the presentations which have been sent into school so far – we will be starting to listen to the children do their presentations this week.  Please ask us if you have any questions about this.

Week Beginning 4th March

Welcome back to another busy half term!  This week is Book Week and the children have the opportunity to dress up as a book character on Thursday of this week.

During the week we will be focusing on making our own books – a comic strip of their version of ‘Superkid’!  We will also be drawing story maps of our class story ‘The Egg’ in anticipation for the children writing the story next week.

In Maths this week we will be working on place value and comparing numbers to 100 on a number line.  They will be estimating where numbers should go on a blank number line.

The children will also be starting a new art project – a large scale joint piece of artwork – which will be displayed in the corridor when completed.  We will be looking at Pop Art and collage for the project.



Week Beginning 18th February – WELSH WEEK 2019

This week we will be learning and celebrating all things Welsh!

The children will be making Welsh books about traditions and emblems of Wales, creating artwork inspired by local artist Annabelle Dan, baking biscuits, learning a Welsh song and poem for the Eisteddfod on Thursday.  We will also be hearing traditional Welsh stories and music and having a go at a traditional Welsh Twmpath!

A reminder that there is an INSET day this Friday 22nd February.


Week beginning 11th February

This week we will be editing our character descriptions and learning how to improve work by adding adjectives, connectives and punctuation.

Following on from Birdwatch, the children will be creating pie charts with the results in Maths.  We will also be continuing to learn how to subtract by ‘counting on’ on a number line.

We will be learning about the different food groups this week as well and sorting food into groups.

On Friday we will begin ‘Welsh Week’,which will then continue to Thursday the following wee.  The children will have brought home  a letter on Friday regarding this.



Week beginning 4th February

What a great Super Hero Day we had on Friday!  The children enjoyed having 2 visits from Superheroes – thanks to the Nurses (Oliver’s Mum and Felix’s Mum) who gave up their time to talk to the children.  Our other visitor Professor Goodheart and his evil counterpart Dr Evilblood certainly captured their imaginations!

This week we continue to write character descriptions of Super Heroes.  We also have another visitor, this time Dr Ridgewell (Sophia and Evan’s dad).

In Maths, we will be collating the Birdwatch results using tallies.  Please return the homework sheet by Thursday at the latest.  We will also be learning how to use number lines for subtraction (working out change from 20p) by ‘counting on’.

This week we will be learning about  Internet Safety as part of the  Safer Internet Day 2019.  We will be talking to the children about using the Internet safely and getting consent for using it (before and during activities such as games).

Reminder – there is a fundraising day on Friday for Llys Nini and the children are asked to dress up as an animal for the day.

Week Beginning 28th January

Please look out for the Birdwatch sheet coming home on Monday – we would like the data returned by the following Monday please,  as are going to use it for some Maths lessons.

This week we are looking forward to our ‘Super Hero Day’ on Friday.  Please could all the children dress up as a fictional or ‘real-life’ Super hero.  We will be having a visit from a Super Hero villain (played by an actor) – we haven’t told the children any details of this yet so that it is a surprise!  We are using the some of the money raised from our Christmas Market to pay for the visit.

In Maths, we will be continuing with addition and subtraction using Place Value and starting to make links between the two.  In Times Tables, some children will be starting to do division as part of their weekly activity – more details to follow if this applies to your child.  The children need to start to make links between multiplication and division.

This week, we will also be writing some emails to say ‘thank you’ to PCSO Nadia and PCSO Alex who visited last Friday.

We are looking forward to a visit from more Super Heroes next week – Sophia and Evan’s dad (who is a Dr) and Oliver’s mum (who is a nurse).


Week beg 21st January

This week we are having 2 visits from Real Life Super Heroes!  On Monday, we have Mehdi’s mum talking to us about her role as a dentist and mouth hygiene.  On Friday, we have Bodhi’s mum coming in to talk to us about her role as a PCSO.  We are really looking forward to the visits and grateful that they can spare us the time.

In Maths this week we will be doing some problem solving activities linked to measuring as well as revising addition and subtraction of 10 from a number.

We will be writing more character descriptions this week as we have been learning about new Super Heroes.

The children enjoyed their visit from the RSPB and we are looking forward to taking part in the Birdwatch project next week – details will be sent home later in the week for the children to complete at home.

This week, we will also be learning about Pop Art and starting to create artwork based on Andy Warhol’s wok using onomatopoeia words.


Week beg 14th January

This week we are having a visit from RSPB on Thursday and the children will be working outside.  Please make sure that your child has a suitable coat, and if they don’t have wellies in school, suitable footwear.  This is always an enjoyable session for the children and an important part of our outdoor learning.

This week in Maths, the children will be continuing with their measuring work using rulers.  They will also be doubling and halving larger numbers using the partitioning skills (splitting numbers into tens and units) that they acquired last week.  The children will also be designing pizzas for the hungry Superheroes then cutting them into halves and quarters for them to share!

Please could all PE kits be in school by this Thursday – Mrs Evans will be teaching the children a dance unit of work this term.

We are writing character descriptions of Super Heroes this week.  Thank you to the parents who have offered to come in as part of our topic – we are very grateful for your support.  If you have a job as a ‘Super Hero’ in real life, we would be very happy for you to come in and talk about your job.

There will be a letter coming home this week with information about our Super Hero day which we have arranged for Friday 1st February.  We would like all the children to dress up as a Super Hero for the day (fictional or real) so we are giving plenty of notice!



Week beginning 7th January

Welcome back to another busy term!  This term’s topic is Super Heroes.

This week we will be starting to talk about all the Super Heroes we know (both real life and fictional!) as well as the features of a Super Hero.

In Maths, we will be adding two 2-digit numbers using tens and units apparatus (Diennes apparatus) as well starting our measuring unit of work.  The children will be recapping on how to use a ruler to measure in cm, and also finding out which objects are measured in metres and which are measured in cm.  They will also be using vocabulary such as ‘how tall’, ‘how wide’, ‘how long’, ‘how deep’.

Please could all PE kits be in school by this Thursday – Mrs Evans will be teaching the children a dance unit of work this term.