Year 2 Noticeboard


Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y2

 Welcome to the Y2 Noticeboard.

Updated – by sdk  19.7.17

Dear All,

A big Thank you to all of you for supporting our open day on Monday and we hope that you enjoyed the songs as much as we enjoyed performing them for you! We feel that  it was an  excellent end to our year together in Year 2. We hope the plants will be give a good home and nurtured for years to come.

I would like to Thank the grandmas for all their hard work this year and for organising the Tombola and guess the seeds activities. From the money raised we would like to further develop the outdoor area as this is an ongoing project for us.

Thank you for all the kind gifts from my class – You have all been very generous!

All that remains to say is that we hope you have a happy and safe summer holidays with your families. Mrs Palmer is away soon with her lovely family and my husband and I  are looking forward to seeing our son who is studying in Switzerland. Happy Holidays! 

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


updated 16.7.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just a quick reminder that tomorrow it is the kerb Craft assembly for my class at 2.15 in the hall. The assembly can be attended by all year 2 parents as we are hoping to do some songs in the hall and then go up to the classrooms at 3.00 ish to buy some of the things the children have made and to take part in the Tombola. The money raised will go back to year 2 for the outdoor area to keep developing it for the following year. You can for £2.00 buy the seed packets your child has designed/ hedgehogs they have made out of clay/ Bunting to take home for your garden and a small plant for bringing on in your garden along with some marigolds. The tombola will be 50p for a go for a chance to take home a plant as a memory of year 2 and guess the seeds will be 20p a go! It is just a fun way to round up our year together. Please come in via the outer door leading into the hall rather than through the main reception area.

Thank you to the parents that have already sent in the report slips – if you haven’t done so yet please do and put a comment as to how you have found this year. 

See you all tomorrow.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs k Palmer


updated – 11.7.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Firstly, a big Thank you to all of you that came on Monday to make a bug hotel with the children. They are absolutely amazing!  We would like the structures to now stay as part of our Year 2 area. We appreciate a great deal of effort has gone into the work but it is a lovely memory of our day together.  The purpose of making them is for us to now apply for our second R.S.P.B.  award.

Secondly, the children today  enjoyed the trip to the Botanical Gardens. We did seed classification activities along with pot making out of newspapers and planting. Every group went to the Tropical House to see the butterflies and also the children explored the maze and had a good run around. The trip was ended with a visit to the shop! What a lovely end to our year together.

Tomorrow, the reports will be sent out. On the bottom are slips for you to return and as teachers we do enjoy reading your comments about your child’s year. For us this means more than any end of term gifts – so please can you all write a brief comment and return to us as soon as possible. Thank you in advance.

Mrs S. De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – sdk 9.7.17

Dear Parents,

We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible tomorrow at 9-10.30 to make the bug hotels with your children. It is the last making activity we have for this year.

The week ahead –

Monday – 9-10.30 making bug hotels and then evaluating.

Tuesday – School trip to Botanical Gardens of Wales near Carmarthen. Please ensure your child has suitable clothes for gardening and proper footwear. No flip flops as we will be doing a great deal of walking. Packed lunch in a rucksack with water and sun hat. Sunblock to be put on from home please. Do not send in sunblock as we can not apply it to your child. £5.00 max money in a purse or an envelope for your child if you would like them to buy something as a keep sake from our trip. 

Wednesday – Reports coming home at the end of the day.

Thursday – making bunting for our garden and clearing and sorting gardens and outdoor areas. Enjoying class time together before end of term.

Friday-  No more Kerb craft as the last session completed.

Please note on the 17th July Monday at 2.15 will be my class assembly to present the certificates to all the children who have taken part in Kerb craft. You are all invited for a half hour assembly followed by an opportunity to buy some crafts the children have made – Clay Hedgehogs made by each child/ seed packets designed by the children for growing in your garden at home/ little plants they have grown and an opportunity to take part in a Plant Tombola. Please come prepared to donate £ 2.00 for the crafts and 50p for an opportunity to take a plant home with you to remind your child of their time in year 2. We are looking forward to seeing both class 2.15 onwards. If you cant make the assembly do not worry just come around 3.00 ish to buy a few bits with your child and enjoy the last week with us in Year 2.

Best wishes,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 2.7.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

A quick reminder that all trip money is due in now as soon as possible as we need to book and pay for the transport. Please send in the money by the latest Wednesday- £7.00. clearly marked in an envelope for your child. 

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – Continue with the ‘Thought Of The Day‘ and Science write up during Active Learn sessions as a focus. The children will continue to use the outdoor learning – mud kitchen/ outdoor art/ gardening. The hedgehogs need to be completed this week in order to paint them for last week of term as we would like you to take them home and give them a good home!

Maths – This week we are looking at Months of the year and  working on a growing calendar for the year. We would like the children to understand Seasons and what to grow when and why.

Welsh – We are learning to Pie Corbett a story book in Welsh and after the children have read it and enjoyed the story to retell it in Welsh. This will take a good couple of weeks to do and we shall end the last week of term making a Fruit salad and doing the actions with the story.

It is the last week for my class to do Kerb Craft and after this session we will be having an assembly for the children to receive their certificates. Kerb craft has taught the children how to cross the road safely and be aware of dangers out on the roads as they become more independent in the Juniors and making their way to school.

We have got a busy couple of weeks ahead of us and to let you know your children will be  meeting their new teachers this Friday afternoon.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated by sdk – 27.6.17

Finally, I can confirm the date for our Bug Hotel making session. We will be making the Bug Hotels on the 10.7.17 – Monday morning  from 9.00 – 10.30. We would like as many parents to come as possible but fully understand if you are working. If you are unable to come then your child will be allocated to one of the TA’s or a parent. The children can choose who they would like to work with on the day and nobody will be left out.  Once made we hope you can go to the outdoor area and place your Bug Hotel and take photos with your child and enjoy the session. All the ‘Bits and Bobs’ can be brought in on that day please and no sooner as we have no space for storage. 

Thank you for all your support……with out you it would not be possible!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – 25.6.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language-We will be carrying out our Science write up this week from our Worm experiment that we carried out in Active Learn last week.

Maths- Worded problem solving linked to money this week. We will be adding up and subtracting to give using coins to support the work. Please continue to work on this at home if you can.

Science – We will be looking at what plants need to be able to grow . Group discussions and paired work looking at a variety of plants.

I.T. -The children have been making’ Fact File’s during our maths sessions in the I. T. room. Please could they go onto Hwb and continue adding to their fact file at home now so that they can be completed before the end of term. 

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated 18.6.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Firstly, can I thank all of you that came to sports day to cheer on the children. We had a wonderful time and we hope that you enjoyed it also.

Language – We are going to continue with our Poetry work this week – ‘Thought of the Day’. The children have been very creative in their writing and having an opportunity to pen down their thoughts is a lovely way to round up their year in Year 2.

Maths – We are going to continue this creativity by allowing the children to write their own word problems linked to money onto cards and challenging each other to solve the problem. The children have enjoyed working with money and buying items 2/5/10 pounds from the seed catalogues. If you could continue to role play with them at home using money to support their learning – that would be great!

Science – Our Active Learn focus this week is Science linked to the study of worms. The children have been carrying out a worm investigation in groups of 10 and then sharing their ideas and thoughts in paired work. Science now will be the main focus for us until the end of this term. The children are enjoying following methods and making predictions.

Games – We are going to continue with some more team sports now until the end of the year. The children have enjoyed preparing for sports day and so we shall continue to give them some more challenges up on the field to continue developing their Team spirit.

We are planning a school trip to the Botanical Gardens on the 11th July and the cost of the trip is £7.00 per child. This includes the cost of the bus and entry to the gardens. We will be leaving school at 9.00 am and returning back from there at 2.15 ready to be collected at the end of the day. Approx arrival time will be 3.20/  3.30 pm. The children will need to wear sensible clothing for the day to carry out sowing and gardening activities in the gardens along with sensible footwear for the day to do walking in the woodland and gardens. Packed lunch required please in a rucksack so that the children can carry their food and drink along with money for the shop in a purse or an envelope in their bag. Please do not send more than £5.00 but there is a shop there and they do sell some items that the children can purchase as a memory of their day out. We shall be writing out to you again to remind you all the details closer to the time. Parent helpers not required as we have staff there to support us with the activities along with our own support staff. 

You will have noticed your child has brought their bug hotel design home now….please start collecting the ‘bits and bobs’ but do not send in yet. We do not have the storage space for 61 children’s bags. These can be brought in on the day we will be arranging for you to come in and make which is likely to be the first week of July.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 11.6.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that weather permitting it is sports day this Tuesday coming on the sports field – starting at 1.15 pm. Children will need white t-shirt/ shorts and trainers please. Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Language – This week are carrying on with our Poetry work. We have created little seed packets into which we are writing a thought of the day linked to a variety of stimulus such as days of the week/ months of the year/ seasons/ weather etc…. linked to our topic this term. Plant a thought ! 

Maths – This week we are going to spending money on buying items from seed catalogues and giving change. The Garden centre shop is now open and children will be taking it in turns to visit the shop to role play buying and selling using notation in money to record amounts.

Science – This week we will be investigating what senses worms have and how can we find out. Children will be working in a focus group to carry out this investigation. We will be looking at making simple predictions and carrying out an experiment to find out the answers.

Games – We are going out tomorrow onto the field but sadly unless your child has proper kit  it is difficult to allow them to run around on the field. Please make sure you send in Games kits. We had 17 children last week with no kits in school. 

Kerb craft will continue on Friday and if you would like to work with the class let me know please so that every parent gets an opportunity. Thank you once again for all parents/ grandparents that have been supporting us. Without your help this would not be possible for obvious safety reasons.

If your child has not yet done a presentation please could you let us know to ensure that every child has an opportunity to share all their hard work. This week is the last week now for this activity.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated 7.6.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just a quick reminder Sports day is on the 13th at 1.15 pm. IF you wish to bring food and chair/rugs s to watch the sports day of course you can but the children will have already eaten and will be sitting with their classes for this session. We hope the weather stays good for the day and we are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible on the day.

The Bug Hotel making with your child will not be for another 3 /4 weeks as we are currently doing lesson observations and report writing. We shall confirm the date as soon as we are able to for you to be able to book leave if you wish to come and work with your child in class.

 I hope this helps to plan your diary.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Plamer


Updated – Sdk 4.6.17

Dear Parents,

We hope that you have had a relaxing half term break and as you know this is now your child’s final term in Year 2. Time has flown by this year and Mrs Palmer and I will now be writing reports and looking at sorting out transition into Year 3.

For the last term ahead we have a number of fun activities planned and just to let you know we will be sending out your child’s design of their bug hotel for you to start collecting things they will need in order to make it. We were wondering if you as parents would like to come in as you did with the cloaks to work with your child/ other children to make the mini Bug Hotels  and then you can go outside and find a place for it and take photographs with your child? Date to be confirmed!

Language –  The written work this term is writing up Science experiments and making simple predictions. We will be using simple write up methods extending to method and evaluations as the term progresses.

Maths – We will be using and applying our Numeracy skills to design and make seed packets – linking in Seasons that certain plants grown in. Purpose of this is to get the children to use simple gardening calendars and calculating the number of days seeds take to grow once planted up.  Our Garden Centre shop that the children wanted will be up and running this term so that during Maths children can go and use their addition and subtraction skills to buy from the shop and give the correct change.

I.T  – We are beginning our research on our favourite woodland creature/ animal that are native to Wales in readiness to make a class Fact File. Children need to make notes on their favourite animal/ creature and then transfer these int making a group book with pictures etc……


Games  – We will be going out for games and therefore every child needs appropriate kit and trainers. We do games on a Tuesday / Thursday for the next few weeks in readiness for Sports Day. Sorry but with out proper footwear they will not be able to do games for safety reasons and we hope that you will all understand the reasons for this. 

Thank you for all your support and we hope that our last term will be both  a productive and an enjoyable one for all of us. Once again ……….I would like to Thank all of you for supporting Kerb Craft which continues for my class this Friday until the end of term. Also to all the kind parents / grandparents for the gardening/ sorting and painting for our outdoors. With out you it would not be possible.

Best Wishes,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated – SDK 21.5.17

Dear Parents,

One more week left after a busy start to the summer term. The children are feeling tired and excited at the same time!  I wanted to Thank all the very kind Year 2 parents that came to support our community day. We had a good tidy and sort outside the Year 2 area and also had a good try at painting the benches. Sadly…..the rain won but we did get our vegetable bed created! Well done and Thank you to all of you.

Language – We are currently trying to get through all the presentations but as you will appreciate the children can only sit through a couple of these at a time. Please be patient and every child will be heard after all the hard work and effort they have all put into them.

Maths  – We are going to be looking at days of the week, looking at Seasons linked to growing and also Calendar work this week in Maths. These are all numeracy skills that the children will be using and applying in their Science during the Summer term.

Games – We are developing team sports and team building with in the classes by carrying out a variety of fun games using bean bags, balls and hoops. We will be hoping to go out onto the field or the yard during the course of the week.

Thank you for all your continued support – much appreciated by us both.

Mrs S De-Kayne / Mrs K Palmer



Updated- 14.5.17

Dear Parents,

Thank you to the parents that supported our first Kerb craft  session for my class on Friday. Please note that if you offer to support the session it has to be for the whole morning until 10.30. Every adult is allocated a group and therefore needs to be there for both groups to go out for the session. Please also note that you may not be allocated your child to supervise as you are there to support the class. 

Language – We are starting RWI back this week and we will be carrying out individual assessments after the half term break. The purpose of this is to put them into their groups for moving up to Year 3. We will also be sharing ideas on building ‘bug hotels’ and recording them with a view to making them the following week using cardboard boxes. Please start saving small boxes ready for this activity but DO NOT send them in just yet.

Maths-  We are finally using the egg boxes you all kindly sent in a while back to carry out some multiplication and division activities.  We will also continue doing our ‘Chilli Challenges’ linked to worded problem solving during the course of the week.

Science  – The Science for this term is linked to planting and teaching the children how things grow and what seeds require to grow properly. We have already started planting up some things for the children to improve the outdoor area with our dedicated grandmas that have been working with us for the last couple of years……….. we appreciate all that you do for us!

Games –  We are starting to do team sports this term outside. Please make sure that your child has proper trainers for their safety. Please can all children have their kits in school as last week there were a number of children with no proper games kits. 

Thank you to all of you for your continued support.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – 7.5.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Firstly, can I just say how proud we were of all the children on Friday with their reading Test. They all gave it their best and I know the next couple of days will go very smoothly.

The week ahead is as follows:

Monday – Procedural Maths Test in the morning and in the afternoon we are going to start designing and looking at the outdoor areas to start planting and clearing our garden space. Thank you to all of you that have started donating the plants for our garden. The children are very excited about this terms topic and there is no better way then getting out and planting up with our dedicated Grandma’s!

Tuesday – Reasoning Maths Test which the children have been enjoying doing using visual cues to answer questions. This is a skill we have been developing through out the year and now the children can actually use them in a practical way. In the afternoon we are going out for P.E. on the field. Please ensure all the children have trainers in school to enjoy this activity safely.

Wednesday – We will be doing Welsh linked to what they can see in the woodland and we will be starting to make some Top Trump cards for them to make and play in small groups. This will require them to use their literacy and Numeracy skills together.

Thursday –  Continue designing and making Top Trump cards –  In the afternoon we will be out doors planting and working in our year 2 area.

Friday- Kerb craft begins for my class . If you have volunteered to help please touch base with me as I need  2 parent helpers per week for a 10 week programme. Thank you for all your support. Without you this would not be possible! 

Finally, enjoy the rest of your weekend – the sun is finally here!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.



updated 2.5.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

I would just like to Thank you all for your support over the Maths and Language homework that was sent out last week. If you haven’t gone through it with your child please do as it is a great opportunity for you to see what support your child will need going into the next year group.

The timetable for the tests is as follows;

Friday – Reading

Monday – Maths

Tuesday – Maths reasoning

The children have been working hard and today they actually enjoyed our reasoning quiz!

We have started looking at the outdoors again ready for our last term. I am looking for helpers for the following :

  1. General painting of benches – I have the paint already.
  2. I want to make a water wall and have lots of ideas……..if you think you can support us – have a chat.
  3. Garden plants needed to cheer up the outdoors – just one per child would be appreciated.
  4. General tidy and sort outdoors and indoors in the middle room.

We are excited about this terms topic and hope to arrange a school visit to a garden centre and also organise an open day soon.

Thank you once again,

Mrs S de-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated- sdk 24.4.17

Dear All,

Hope you have had a relaxing holiday and as we now come to our final term in Year 2 …….it will be busy!

The aim of these next couple of weeks is to prepare our children for the May tests so that every child gets an opportunity to be relaxed and take it in their stride. We will be carrying out mini activities around areas we feel they may need extra support on. The structure is going to be fluid for the week and our main aim is to settle everyone back in to a good routine.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – by sdk 7.4.17

Dear All,

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and hope that you have relaxing holiday!

Please note the following :

Spellings next term will be  changing to a Thursday morning. Please could the children bring their Journals to school on that day.

We hope that the revision booklets will help you to support your child and prepare them for the May tests.  Please go through them with them during the holidays. We have been doing similar activities in class already.

We will be doing Games next term as a year group – both classes out together. The children will need trainers for doing out door activities such as running/ hockey and team sports ready for Sports day.

My class will be starting Kerb- craft on Friday mornings the second week back. Thank you to all of you that have offered to help out. Much appreciated.

As discussed at parents meetings your child will be expected to prepare a 5 minute presentation on a real life Superhero. The children can deliver their presentation to the class in any format that they would like to. Let the children use their creativity and make their project personal to them. Please send in after the holidays as it take a long time to listen to them all as a whole class.

Best Wishes,
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 2.4.17-b y sdk

Dear Parents,

We are on the last week of this term and it look as follows:-

Language – We are sequencing the Easter story in small groups during the course of the week. The children have enjoyed innovating the story of ‘Superworm’ and a few groups still have this to complete.

Maths- We have started Fractions which is a challenging concept for some children. We shall continue with this. Homework has been set on Active Learn for the children. Please ensure that you go on and complete the activities to consolidate their learning in this area of Maths.

ICT –The children have started typing up party invitations to the Governors to invite them to our party this Friday to end the topic of Superheroes. Please encourage  your child to go onto HWB and complete these during the course of the week.

We are hoping to carry out some Easter crafts during this week and our gardening has started at the back of the classrooms again. PLEASE could you donate just one bedding plant if you are buying some for your own gardens to brighten up our area at the back. These can be sent in after the Easter holidays if you wish.

We will be sending out some more Maths papers and Comprehensions in readiness for the May testing this week. These can be done over the Easter holidays as revision with the children.  Please work with the children and check their understanding as they go through them with you.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Dear Parents,

We have today sent out some Test papers the children have been doing in school. There is one Maths paper and some comprehensions. We have been thorough these with the children and so they are for you now to go through again – especially where they have struggled and need extra support. I have organised for a Maths paper to come out to you for over the Easter holidays.

Thank you for all your support

Mrs S De-Dekayne/ Mrs K Palmer



updated 26.3.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Hope you have all had a good weekend and that you have been enjoying the sunshine. Finally….spring is here!

Language – This week we are completing our Superhero Comics. The children have enjoyed writing in the style of a comic adding drawings to enhance the written work.

Maths –  We will be starting to do fractions this week – looking at 1/2     1/3 and 1/4 ‘s . We hope that you could bring this aspect into everyday life when sharing out sweets / cakes etc…. at home. Please continue going over money at home by playing shops and giving change from a £1.00. Encourage the children to add items in whole numbers eg 10p / 20p/ 30p/ 40p etc….

Geography – The children will be travelling around the school looking at developing their Mapping skills using vocabulary such as forward, backwards, right, left and right angles.

I would like to Thank all of you that attended my family assembly. I hope you enjoyed it as much as the children did and Thank you for all you kind comments/ messages via email in relation to the assembly.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 16.3.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you for turning up to our parents appointments. We hope that you found them of benefit. This week has been busy with these and we are now in a position to move forward with a number of matters.

Please note the following :-

  1. The children will now be put into their spelling groups as we have now been through the spelling test results. Spellings will start back from next Tuesday and then will continue every week.
  2. Comprehensions will be sent out on a fortnightly basis after having spoken to a number of parents about these at the meetings. They are for your reference and for you to do with the children at home. They do not need to be returned to school.
  3. We will start allocating Maths / Bug club again on a fortnightly basis so please log onto Active Learn to do these.
  4. The Friday speed test will start back from next week. We will inform the children as to which test they will be doing. The children need to know their 10/5/ and 2’s . If they can they should be onto 3/4/6 by the Summer term.
  5. The road safety programme called Kerb-craft is now coming to an end for Mrs Palmer’s class. This is a programme to teach road safety to the children. My class will commence this after Easter. It will take place on Friday mornings and therefore I shall be looking for parents who can support us for this 10 week programme from 9.00 am to 10.30 am. No one parent will be expected to do all the weeks but we could draw up a rota for the parent helpers to give everyone who wants to be involved an opportunity.
  6. Spring seems to have finally arrived and therefore we will be looking for parents to support us with the following –   painting the benches/ putting gravel down for a ‘water wall’/ gardening/ general tidy and sort out outside. If you feel you can help in some way please let us know.
  7. My class assembly will be on the 24th March -‘ Red Nose Day’ on the Friday at 10.30 am in the hall. Looking forward to seeing you all.

Thank you for all your support

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



updated – 6.3.17 by sdk

Just a reminder that it is Mrs Palmer’s Assembly this Friday and my class assembly on the 24th March. Look forward to seeing you all there. Assembly starts at 10.30am in the school hall

Thank you.


updated – 5.3.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

We hope the following week will be calm but productive after a busy start to the term. It is as follows:

Language – Retelling the story of Jemima Nicholas. This work was started last week and therefore we will complete the retelling in full. As a result of the author John Davies visiting us last week we are going to get the children to be inspired and become mini- authors themselves by making little books of their own writing Dragon stories. John was an inspiration and a local talent and a joy to have in school for Welsh week. Spelling assessment this Monday pm – this will be a computer based assessment.

Maths– We are introducing money this week. Please could you reinforce coins and their values from 1p – £2.00 with your children. best way is to play shops at home using real money. Buying two items and giving change from £ 1.00.

Our Superhero shop is now open and ready to be used during Maths sessions to encourage the numeracy skills to come through!

IT- We are carrying on with data handling from our bird surveys and Thank you to all of you that took part in the Bird garden survey during the half term. All that data will be used now by the children and real data is far more interesting to use then made up data.

Welsh – We will continue to read books in Welsh as a whole class and during reading time. Also, we will be carrying out a survey in Welsh this week.

May I once again take this opportunity to say how lovely it was to see so many parents in on Friday working with the children to make the Superhero cloaks. We all had a great time and fun was had by all.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 3.3.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just a quick message to say a big Thank you to all the parents that came into school to help us with the cloak making. The children had a great time using their skills to design and make their cloaks. Thank you everyone!

Hope you all have a relaxing weekend.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 27.2.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Hope you all had a relaxing half term as we all did. The following week at the moment is as follows :

Monday – settle the children back into class and new RWI groups for some of the children after assessments last term. Comprehension activity along with a Maths reasoning task to kick start the new term.

Tuesday – Welsh cake making in small groups – weighing/ measuring and making followed by eating of course!

Wednesday- St David’s Day – please dress up in either traditional costumes or Rugby shirts for the day. We have planned a number of fun activities from Arts/ Crafts to  some mapping skills linked to Wales. Children will be making split pin Dragons to share with you at the end of the day along with retelling traditional stories from the past.

Thursday- World Book Day – please come dressed up as a favourite book character. Also can the children bring in their favourite book they like to read at home to share with a friend. We have a real life author coming in to share his experiences on writing stories with the children and we are very excited about this. We shall give you his details afterwards should you wish to purchase any of his books to share as a family. ( No Obligation)

Friday- Cloak making with parents. From 9 – 10.30 you are invited in to work with your child ( possibly other children) to make their cloaks and enjoy being in class with us. The children have already brought their designs home with them during the holidays and we have requested that  you reuse / recycle material from home to make a cloak for the Superheroes in our class. Thank you in advance for your support to carry this activity out. It’s the first year we have done this so hope we all enjoy the morning.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs k Palmer



Updated – 12.1.17

Dear Parents,

Last week before a well deserved break for the children………The week ahead is as follows:

Language – retell ‘Superworm’ story  and read out aloud with the class. Children will be creating E- safety posters this week linked to our work on E- safety last week.

Maths- We are carrying out some data handling work from our Bird Survey last week in school with Sarah from the RSPB. We have asked the children if they would like to carry out a garden bird survey during half term and as they have been excited about it we will be sending home a little survey sheet for each child. If you wish to carry out a bird survey in your garden for half an hour please do so and send in the data after half term. The children can also go onto HWB – jit and put in their data with your support. 

We will continue to make Bird necklaces using Cheeros / fat balls and other feeders to attract the birds into our outdoor area in school. Once we have attracted more birds we will carry out a second survey and then compare the data collected.

D & T

The children have recently designed a Superhero cloak in school and we will be sending these designs home with the children over half term. Please do not make it but could you help them to collect the material they need to make it and we would like to invite you in to work alongside your child on the First Friday morning back after half term. If you are unable to make it please do not worry as we have support staff and ourselves that can work with a small group on that day and we can also share the children out with the parents that are able to come in. 

It is Welsh week that week and therefore it would be nice to see as many parents as possible to come and share in a Welsh cake whilst you are working with the children.

Wishing you all a relaxing half term.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 5.2.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

I hope that you have all had a good weekend?

The week ahead is as follows:

Language- We are hoping to do some Poetry work this week. Allowing the children to be creative with their writing – We are going to do some Superhero recipes using a play on words!

Maths – We will continue this week to add three digit cards together and encourage the children to make links with their learning by adding to the nearest 10 and then further additions. The children are becoming more confident now looking for links to the nearest whole numbers and near doubles to make adding much easier for them. During Active learn they have been outdoors moving around and turning clockwise/ anti- clockwise and making Right angle turns.

Science – This week we will complete our write up and discuss vocabulary such as Predictions/ method/ Equipment and Conclusions.

We have in the last week introduced’Pupil Of the Week’ and the idea of this session is to encourage the children to pay each other compliments and celebrate  other children’s achievements in a variety of ways in the classroom.

We would like to Thank you as always with your continued support and we are now on the count down to half term.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.



Updated – 1.2.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

The children have been telling me today how much they are enjoying Active Learn………..that’s great news. Some parents have mentioned that one of the homework is difficult to complete for technical reasons and therefore I will have a look into that for you and get back to you as soon a I can……..Sorry about that!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K  Palmer



updated – 29.1.17

Dear Parents,

The week ahead is a busy one and this is what we will be doing in Year 2.

Language –  Pie Corbett the story of Superworm. The children have been re telling the story via creating story scenes in sand and creating a garden for Superworm. We will be continuing with this  creative and fun way of re telling the story.


Maths – Homework has been allocated to revise measurement in cm’s and ms. Please help your child to access their homework with you. This homework is selected carefully to further consolidate your child’s learning in school.  Some of the children are feeling anxious as we are asking about homework and they don’t feel that they have time to do it at home. Please help us to support your child’s learning by setting aside some time for them to do these fun activities on Active learn.

Science – We will be writing up our science investigation on – ‘How Boats Float’

They will be writing it up as a comic strip linked to our topic of Superheroes.

ICT – All the children have now been in the computer room to log onto HWB and have been working on Jit. They have been carrying out a written piece on – If I Was A Superhero Who Would I Be And Why!  we have started it in school. Please can you now complete this at home via HWB log ins that were given to you at parents meetings. You don’t have to print them as we will do that in school once it has been completed at home. This type of link allows you to see what your child is doing in school and to share this activity with them at home. Thank you for your support in relation to this.

P.E – We will be doing P.E for both classes on a weekly basis as from this week. Mrs Palmer will be doing Dance with a Superhero theme for the two classes and I know the children are enjoying this as much as she is.

Personal and Social Skills – This week I will be discussing the Rights Of the Children and we will be looking at ‘Play’ around the world in different countries. We will be discussing Cultural Diversity and what it means to be a child in a different country and in a different school. We are hoping that one of our parents is going to be coming in soon and sharing some lovely clips of children in a school in Africa.

Thank you to all of you that continue to support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer

updated – 22.1.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are going to continue Pie Corbett ‘Superworm’ and after we have done the talk for writing the children will write their own version of Superworm.

Maths – We are working on reading scales for this week – please can you go over the following vocabulary with the children –

Cm’s / m’s for length

Ml/ l’s for capacity

g’s/ Kg’s for weight

Science- last group to carry out their science experiment on How boats float!

IT – Children will be working on Jit to write about ……….If I was a Superhero who would I be an why? Once they have started this in school this week they will need to finish it at home as part of homework.

Thank-you for all support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated- by sdk 16.1.17

Dear Parents,

Just a quick message to say Thank you to all  the children for coming dressed up. We have had lots of fun making masks, puppets and carrying out Active Learn this afternoon.

Just to inform you all that Foundation Phase as of today will be taking their play times at different times in the afternoon. Reason for this decision is that often we are in the middle of a task and suddenly need to stop the flow of the lesson and tidy up to go out. Children often want to continue for a further 5/10 minutes and can’t. We will be taking  the children out for a 10 min play at variable times from 2.15 pm onward each day. This should give each year group greater flexibility on a daily basis to manage their timetables in the afternoon for the benefit of the children.

Please send in all Wellies as soon as possible in readiness for Thursday’s session outdoors.

Spelling test tomorrow due to our dress up day today and Thank you for all your continued support.

We have allocated 2 reading books for your children in Bug club – please log on through Active Learn log in and help your children to carry out the comprehensions.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs k Palmer

updated – by sdk 15.1.17

Dear Parents,

The week ahead is as follows :-

Language- We are using Talk for Writing strategies to learn ‘Superworm’ by acting it out and then followed by writing it in the weeks to come.

Maths- We are going to be learning to measure using cm’s and m’s as a unit of measure. The purpose behind this is that we are going to making Superhero cloaks in a couple of weeks and therefore the children will need to be able to measure and cut material accordingly.

Science- Children will be carrying out an experiment to see why boats float! We will be allowing the children to activate prior knowledge form last weeks investigation and then make predictions. We shall be using our numeracy skills linked to 3D shapes whilst making our boats and to discuss which shape is the best and why?

IT – children have been going in small groups to the the IT room to use positional language to move the Turtle – forward/ backwards/ Right angle/ left and right. The will then be assessed to see if they can print their piece of work as part of their IT skills.

MONDAY  – dress up day as a Superhero. We have a real life Superhero coming to school talking about Fire safety and the dangers of matches. 

THURSDAY – This day is going to be re named TERRIFIC THURSDAYS …… we are all going to be working in the outdoors for about an hour and a half each Thursday up to half term. Every child will need their wellies in school please and a warm coat as we plan on going out all weathers! 

A reminder please that it is spelling tests every Monday morning and Speed times tables test on Friday.……..some children are feeling anxious because they don’t feel they have time to learn their spellings at home or practise for their tests. Please support us by setting aside some time over the weekends for both of these to be done with your children.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated 8.1.17

Dear Parents,

The children were excellent last week and have settled down very well to the school routines. Reminder please that it is spellings day tomorrow and therefore the children will need their Green spelling journals. 

Language -This week we are starting to look at comics and the style of writing that they adopt. We are also investigating sinking and floating and making predictions before we start our Science experiment later on in the week. We are also introducing BIG BOOK sessions as part of daily reading and therefore please send in the red reading records so that we can share with you how your child is doing.

In Maths we are going to start subtracting 10/20/30 from any given number and see if the children can use their 100 square knowledge to find the answers. Please could you continue reinforcing the 100 square at home as this is really important for all Year 2 children to grasp.

IT – this week the children will be going in groups to log on in the IT room independently onto HWB. Please can you check that your child is able to log on by themselves as they will be expected to do that now as all passwords were given out at Parents meetings. Thank you for all your support in relation to this. Much appreciated.

Finally – it is going to be a Superhero dress up day on the 16.1.17. Children can dress up either as a real life Superhero eg police/doctor/firefighter or as a story character eg Batman/Hulk etc…………. We will be doing a craft day along with a visit from a real life Superhero on that day! 


Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Plamer


updated 3/1/2017 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Happy new year to you all and hope you had a relaxing family time over the festive period.  First few days back we shall settle the children back into basic routines so please can you help by sending in red reading record books along with their spelling journals as the weeks go on. The children read daily and need to change books daily. Spellings are every Monday morning and unless the green spelling journal is brought in it is difficult to ensure that the children are getting their spelling words on time.

Our topic this term is Superheroes and we know from last year the children loved this term. It will be a busy but fun term! We will be looking for real life Superheroes to come into school and children will have an opportunity to ask appropriate questions.

A snap shot into the weeks ahead :-

Language- Making comic books and writing in the style of comics.

Carrying out a ‘Garden  bird survey ‘ both in school and at home and using the live data to make graphs and tally charts in school as part of IT skills on Jit.

Science – investigating  floating and sinking and carry out an experiment and recording their findings in the format of a comic strip.

Maths –  Please continue learning your 10/5/2 ‘s and also we are going to be looking at the relationship between multiplication and division this term.

Thank you for all your continued support! 

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



updated – 15.12.16 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Thank you for coming to our open day and burning session of Pudding Lane. Fun was had by all! We hope you enjoyed sharing your child’s work and that you were pleased with how much they have done in one term alone. We are all ready for our break now and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year. Thank you for the very generous gifts for us and our teaching assistants. You are very kind.

Mrs s De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated – 11.12.16 by sdk

Dear Parents,

It has been a busy few week and we are now onto our last week before the well deserved Christmas break for the children. This week is a fluid week and we are busy redrafting work to share with you for our displays in the Year 2 areas of learning. Christmas craft is finally taking place along with building and reconstructing Pudding Lane!

We would like to invite you on Thursday at 2.30 to come into school as we are hoping to carry out the Great Fire Of London burning of all our 3D shaped houses that the children have been constructing followed by songs linked to the topic. You will be then invited back to class to share your children’s work with them in the classrooms and celebrate all their hard work with them. Sorry for the short notice in relation to this event but we were not sure we would be able to fit it all in with everything else we have been doing! 

We hope as many of you as possible can attend but if for some reason you are unable to please don’t worry as we will be having another open day to share the children’s work in January.

Thank you for all your continued support this term and we would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Best Wishes,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 6.12.16 by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just a quick message to say that we hope that you enjoyed the Christmas concert tonight and we would like to Thank-you for all your support to make the concert such a success tonight. The atmosphere in the hall was amazing and the children made us very proud to be teaching them this year.

Please note that on Monday we are going on our school trip to the Theatre . We will all need a packed lunch that day as we will be leaving around  11.45 and returning back to school for 3.00 ish . Please can you make sure that the trip money is sent in as soon as possible £ 7.20 per child clearly marked with your child’s name.  

Thank you 

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated – 4.12.16 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Just to confirm events this week –

Our dress rehearsal for the concert will start at 2.30pm in the school hall on Monday. Gates will open at 2.15pm. The dress rehearsal and the main concert are the same so that we can share all of the children’s hard work with as many people as possible. The main concert will be at 5.00pm in the school hall on Tuesday. The spare tickets have now been distributed out to families that needed them and I hope that you will be able to come and enjoy the concert with your children.

Language- Some of the children are going to complete their Senses Poems linked to Autumn whilst other children will be redrafting work for display to celebrate the end of this terms work.

Maths- We are going to look at money and how to make certain values using the least number of coins . Also, we will be concentrating on giving change back from  a £1.00/ £2.00 and £5.00. Decimal notation is important in year 2 and therefore if you are playing shops please ensure the children understand  the following :-

Pound signs go in front of the number eg £ 2.00

Adding two objects and giving change from a pound is a 3 step process eg :

30p+40p=70p                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         £1.00 – 70p = 30p                                 (use adding on to calculate the answer  70 – 80-90-100 = 30 0r draw out a number line and jump forward)

Ans = 30



Updated – 24.11.16

Dear Parents,

Please note that after this weeks speed tests there will be no more now as we feel the children need to learn their lines for next week. We have been on the stage this week and it has been difficult to get the best out of theses sessions as nearly half of the children on the stage don’t actually know their lines. PLEASE can we call on your support to teach your children theses lines by Monday. We only have one more week now to get through the whole performance in one go.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated – 20.11.16 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you for coming out for parents evening despite the awful weather!

This week we are going to try and get children onto the stage for the concert. Please can the children start learning their lines so that we can make the most of these slots. Language – This week we are poetry writing using our senses to write an Autumn poem using our leaves that we collected as a stimulus. We are doing a shape poem and therefore writing around a leaf to make it more exciting!

Maths- We have been doing a week of problem solving and teaching how to do a mastery session but I am now going to move onto money as we usually do a catalogue activity linked to Christmas were they only have a set amount of money to buy things for themselves. Please play shops at home if you can to link in with our learning using real money and not credit cards.

Reading- We will continue to listen to readers so please send in reading books and red reading records. Could we remind you to write in them so that we get a feel of how they are reading at home with you and whether they are keen to read or whether we are dealing with reluctant readers! The communication is important to keep us all in the loop. Thank you for your support in relation to this.

Spellings – No new words now but please keep going over the words learnt since the beginning to consolidate their understanding in relation to these words. Green Spelling books need to come in EVERY MONDAY. 

Thank you for all your support and hope you are not getting too stressed getting the costumes together for the concert.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


14.11.16- updated by sdk

Dear Parents,

I am sending a quick message this evening as we are experiencing a few difficulties in the mornings outside the classrooms during line up time. We currently have a few children feeling a little unsettled for a variety of personal reasons and after talking to a few parents they have asked if once  the children are lined up with the class teacher would it please be possible for parents then to leave or to move away from the children and stand near towards the sports shed. I know that you will take this request in the spirit it is meant and in the best interest of all the children.

Language – this week we have been busy innovating our story of the 3 Little Pigs and the children have been adding their twists to the story. Children will be working with little support for this task as we are using it as an assessment opportunity before parents meetings.

Maths- We are carrying out a mid term assessment covering all the Maths we have taught so far. We are happy to send a copy home if we feel your child has struggled so that you can go over the work with them at home.

The Christmas concert parts have now been finalised and so please ask your child what they will be. Costume lists are coming out tomorrow – our concert is called Children of the World and music Cd’s can be bought on line if you wish to sing the songs at home.

Parents meetings start on Tuesday in class. Please knock on the door outside so we know you are there for your appointments as rest of the school upstairs will be closed.  Thursday’s meetings will be in the hall

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



10.11.16 – UPDATED BY SDK

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you that attended our workshop this week and I hope it was of benefit to you all.

Could I please ask that if you have any spare egg boxes could you please save them for me for our maths lessons and if possible we are doing work on leaves next week could you collect a bag of leaves and send them in with your child as we are doing both creative and literacy work using these leaves. As many leaves as possible please and hope that you enjoy this weekend collecting them.

We are going to be writing poems next week linked to Autumn and therefore if you want to talk about using our senses outdoors whilst collecting the leaves that would be great!

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Thank you to all the parents who attended the Read Write Inc meeting today.  Please find the link below to the Ruth Miskin website where you will find all the resources mentioned in the meeting.

We are unable to attach a link to the actual Powerpoint used, sorry, due to copyright reasons.

Updated – 7.11.16 by SdK

Dear Parents,

Just a reminder that on Tuesday this week there is a Parent workshop for Parents where we can share with you how we teach RWI which is our main teaching strategy for teaching reading. We would like as many parents to come in for this session as possible. It is going to start at 2.30 – 3.20pm. 

This week is as follows:

Language– we are going to Edit our character descriptions especially looking at spellings and punctuation. Active learn will be carrying on hand in hand with the language session.

Maths  – This week we are doing Mastery classes for shape to see what the children have learnt about shape. Also worded problem solving along with chilli challenges. The children are finding worded problem solving very challenging and therefore I will be spending some time this week in this area.

We are now  beginning to sort out our Christmas concert  and soon the parts and costume details will be coming out to you. Please don’t buy anything as the costumes are going to be kept simple and we can support you by giving you ideas for the costumes.

Please note there are some children that are feeling the pressure about spellings as parents are forgetting to encourage the children to learn them. Spellings are EVERY MONDAY MORNING………..please help your child o reduce their anxiety in school. They are too young to remember to do this independently at this stage.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 30.10.16 -sdk

Dear All,

Hope you have had a relaxing break and ready for the term ahead. The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are going to edit our last piece of work to see if we can improve the character descriptions using punctuation and more adjectives.

Active Learn will run along with the focused activity above both indoor and outdoor so please ensure warm coats are being sent in with the children  each day.

Maths-  We are working on using and applying the 100 square. Looking at using the symbols for greater than> and less than < . Children should be able to understand one more and one less / 10 more and 10 less.

Spellings will be on the Monday as usual and times tables speed tests on the Friday.

Please make sure that if you have had a busy half term that you log onto Active learn for both the Maths homework and  Bug Club for the reading homework which was set.

Thank you for all your continued support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Last updated – 20.10.16 by SDK

Dear Parents,

Just a quick note to say Thank you for all your support this half term and just to let you know we have got our routines established and the children have worked hard. We hope you all have a good weeks break and come back refreshed to a busy second half of this term.

Please note- there are 2 lots of Maths homework to do along with 2 books to read during this holiday. If you can help the children to carry out this homework it would be much appreciated.

We would like to thank all the parents that have offered help in various ways and hope that we can continue to work together in the weeks ahead.

Best wishes,

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Last Updated- 16.10.16

Dear Parents,

Hope you have all had a good weekend. Just a reminder that there is no school on Friday as it is staff training on that day.

The week ahead is as follows:

Language- We will be doing description writing on the character Mr Fox – using adjectives and appropriate punctuation.

Maths – We are finishing of properties of 2D shapes and our speed test will be on Thursday this week instead of Friday. Please help your children to learn their times tables as by now they should all be on their 5 x tables. If your child isn’t it is probably due to the fact that they are not under 2 minutes to recall them. Speed recall is an important aspect of Maths mental agility.

ICT – Children are typing up their Harvest prayers – learning to change font size and colour.

Please can all children remember to bring in their Spelling journals on a Monday as we do spellings every week and the journals are needed to put in the following weeks words. 

Books have now been allocated on Bug Club (one non fiction and one fiction for every child).  Please can you ensure you go on with your child to encourage them to answer the questions at the end of the books to develop their comprehension skills. I will be allocating the next Maths homework mid week ready for the holidays.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Mrs De -Kayne/ Mrs Palmer

LAST UPDATED :-11.10.16

Dear Parents,

Just to let you know that we have finally sorted out our Maths and Language groups for this year. I have therefore now set the first couple of Maths homework. One is linked to estimating and the other is linked to symmetry which we are currently teaching. Hope you can support the children to log on and complete the work weekly. If we keep adding homework and its not completed it becomes a daunting task for you to catch up. I will be setting homework regularly as a way of consolidating the children’s learning in school.

Mrs Palmer will be setting reading homework via Bug Club on Friday this week.

Thank you for your support in your children’s learning.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Dear Parents,

Hope you have had a good weekend?

The week ahead is as follows:

Language-  We are doing character description of ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ using adjectives and appropriate punctuation with a variety of sentence openers to create interest when reading their work back.

Maths – We are starting to describe’ 2D’ shapes using their properties to describe them including Symmetry.

Active learn -will be running with both indoor and outdoor work.

ICT – The children are typing up their Harvest Prayers using different Font size and colour to make them interesting to read and for the display boards.

We will be carrying out a reading survey which we do annually to have a baseline from where to review the children’s reading age and ability. The children will be given appropriate time and encouragement to carry out this survey. It is very low key and we will be treating as a reading quiz.

We are currently looking for Visitors to the school linked to our topic on Remember / Remember. It is about Fire safety and therefore looking for anyone who is either linked to the fire service in any way or is a cub/ beaver leaders who can talk about camp fire safety??? If you feel you could do something like this please contact myself or Mrs Palmer over the next couple of weeks.

Thank you for all your support. Please can you make sure your child is ready to line up outside the classrooms at 8.45 ready to come to class by 8.50. Doors will be closed then for safety reasons and if you are late please take your child to the main desk to be sent to class. It is difficult to come to open the doors when you are in the middle of registration  and on your own as it is a busy part of our morning when they first come into class.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Dear Parents,

Sorry for late posting this week but the website has just gone live……….

Language – We are carrying on with character descriptions this week during Active learn. We shall be focusing on a Roald Dhal Character -‘ Mr Fox’ and using visual cues to get the children’s imagination going.

Maths– We have been carrying on with doubling as the children have found it challenging to double larger numbers. We have been teaching the children to double in the following way and therefore if you wish to support them please follow the same method:-

eg                   36   ( children need to understand how many 10’s and how many units)

Step 1         3 lots of 10 = 30       add   6  = 36

Step 2          Double 30 is 60          Double 6=12

Step 3           60 + 12 = 72

ICT – children will be going to the computer room in small groups to type up their Harvest Prayers that we have written to celebrate Harvest Festival . Skills they will be applying are Font size and colour to be applied and dropping in a picture of fruit and vegetables to create a boarder.

Please can you note that the children need to bring in reading books and red reading records into school every day. If your child reads to you please record how you feel they are getting on so that there is a two way communication taking place between us. 

Spellings every Monday/ Speed tests every Friday.

Thank you for your support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.

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