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Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y2

 Welcome to the YEAR 2 Noticeboard.

Updated – sdk 24.9.17

Dear Parents,

The children have settled very well into Year 2 routines. Thank you for all your support in relation to this. Some of the children in my class on Friday were putting their faces onto sad at the end of the day and when asked why ……they replied because we are not in school for 2 days! How lovely to see that as their class teacher!

The week ahead is a short week as we have Inset on Friday and are involved in training in relation to’ Growth Mind Set’. I have been involved in the training before and I am very excited about putting some of this innovative training into practise.

Language- We are looking at generating a vocabulary bank linked to FIRE.  Children will be recording individually.

Science- We are carry out some pre investigate before our full science lesson on why boats float? Children will be using their Numeracy skills by looking at different materials that float/ sink. We have been grouping and sorting and recording in the form of a Venn Diagram.

Maths- We are revising number bonds to 10 but looking at addition facts and subtraction to create an answer to 10. The children will also be suing their literacy skills in Maths to create stories about the number 10.

R.E – As part of cultural diversity we are looking at Symbols and their meanings this week. The children will be creating their own symbol that depict them.

Philosophy Frog- If you have had the frog this week please send it back by Tuesday as we are doing another session this Tuesday and look out for the BIG QUESTION IN THE FROGS MOUTH! 

Kerb craft will commence this Friday. Please send all consent forms back as soon as possible.

Thank you for all your continued support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – by sdk 19.9.17

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you that attended our parents meetings last night. Sorry I could not be with you! Just a reminder that we are looking for parents/ grandparents please to support us for our ‘Kerbcraft’ project on Road safety. We need adults to take the children out to teach them how to cross the road safely. If you can support us please let us know. we need support either on Thursday morning/ Friday morning from 9.00-10.30 am. We can draw up a rota so that it is not too heavy a burden on the same helpers each week.

Thank you for all your support.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.



Updated – by  sdk 17.9.17

Dear Parents,

A reminder that we have parents meeting to welcome you all tomorrow at 5.00 pm in the Year 2 classrooms. Looking forward to meeting you all and outlining the year ahead for you all.

The week ahead looks as follows:

Language- continue with Fire Poems this week as a Focus. Active Learn will be taking part during this time so please keep sending in the wellies for the children to use in the mud kitchen etc….

Reading Books need to be sent in every day as we change our books regularly and also we listen to the children read as often as we can. We can’t give set days for the reading as we are trying to look at the children’s needs and therefore please support us by placing their books into their bags every day!

Maths – This week we will be looking at placing numbers between 10 -90 onto number lines. The children will also be filling in the missing numbers on 100 squares with missing numbers as a challenge. The children will also be grouping and sorting Man-made  and natural  materials outdoors. Please send cats in for all the children as we do work outdoors even if it is wet.

Personal and Social Skills – We will be introducing our ‘Philosophy Frog’ to the class on Tuesday. The children will be picked randomly out of a pot of names and they have a week to answer the question in the Frogs mouth with the parents. This is to develop the children’s social and thinking skills and to discuss how they feel when they come back to class. Each Tuesday a new question will be put into the frogs mouth so please have a look and complete the written task with your child. Please let the children write in their section and you complete the parent section. All will become clear when the frog comes home to you!

P.E/ Games  – P.E will be on a Tuesday white T shirt/ and black shorts. Games on Friday afternoon. Joggers will be needed along with trainers please for the children as it will be in the yard.

Thank you for being prompt in the morning and getting the children to line up on time. it makes a big difference to how our day starts and routines are important at this early stage in Year 2.

KERB CRAFT will be starting soon in Year 2. The children will be taught how to cross the roads safely. We need parent volunteers to carry out this programme with the County. If you are free to support us on a Rota basis on a Thursday morning/ Friday morning please can you let us know at the  Parent meetings.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated – 10.9.17 by sdk

Dear Parents,

The children had a wonderful first week and they are beginning to settle into a routine in the mornings. Thank-you for all your support this week. The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – Fire Poetry. The children will be encouraged to be creative and think of words that describe various aspects of fire linked to their senses. We are also going to start Active Learn this week and there are a variety of outdoor activities outside. The children will start cleaning and preparing to use the Mud Kitchen this year. Please send in Wellies for every child with their names on the inside.

Reading – We will listen to individual readers as often as we can but at least once a week and books can be changed regularly. Please send reading books and records in for everyday of the week. 

Maths- We are starting with estimations to 100. Children will learn how to count by grouping into 5/10’s . If you wish to carry out a similar activity at  home you can use a variety of things such as pasta / pebbles/ buttons/ seeds etc…. put them into different size containers and have fun estimating and counting out accurately by grouping.

P.E/ Games – This is every Tuesday – please send in your children P.E/ Games Kits into school as soon as possible. Clearly labelled and marked with their names. It will be taking part in both the hall and outdoors.

Homework – For the first week please listen to your child read with you for at least 10 mins each day. Thank you!

Welcome to Year 2 and please note that there will be a parents meeting on the 18th September at 5.00pm. We would like to meet and greet as many parents as possible. 

 Mrs S de-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer

Updated – 7.9.17 – by sdk

Dear Parents,

We have started listening to readers and all the children have been given new reading books and reading records for this year. Please can you all ensure that you send these in daily as we listen to readers every day and we can give you some feedback as to how your child is doing on a regular basis. I have ordered some reading wallets for each of the children to ensure that the red book and reading books are kept safe and can be placed with ease into the school bags. We shall distribute these once they arrive.

We hope that the children have had a good few day and if you have any concerns please have a chat in the mornings. We would like the children from Monday please to arrive by 8.40 and ready to line up as a class by 8.45. These routines are important for us and we hope you will support us by getting the children to school on time for this to take place.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – 6.9.17 by sdk

Dear All,

The children had a lovely first day and were very keen and settled down quickly to thinking about our topic ahead. We have a History based Topic which is very exciting – based on The Great Fire Of London. We have lots of new ideas for various activities and we shall keep you informed and involved.

Please can we ask that all your children’s jumpers be labelled with their names as we are having a big push on the children taking responsibilty of their belongings and taking care of them. Everything needs labelling please especially when we start P.E.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated – 3/9/17 by sdk

Dear All,

Welcome to Year 2. We hope you have had a relaxing holiday and no doubt the children will have mixed emotions about starting back to school. We hope that they will settle down well into a routine and we shall do our utmost to support any one having difficulties for the first few days. As you know we open our doors at 8.45 am to meet and greet the children at the door and should you wish to have a chat you will have an opportunity to do this also. The children line up outside the classrooms near our Year 2 gardens and you are welcome to stay and wave them off as they enter into class.

We will be having a parents meeting once the children are settled and we can can outline the year ahead for you all.

I will be posting messages on this noticeboard every Sunday.

Best Wishes,

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer

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