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Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y2

 Welcome to the YEAR 2 Noticeboard.

Updated by sdk – 14.1.18

Dear All,

The week ahead looks as follows:

Language : Last week the children carried out a cold task using a visual cue of a Superhero character and describing them. We shall now be modelling and teaching the type of vocabulary a character description should include. Active learn starts back on Monday afternoon and the children will be able to choose a variety of activities indoors and outdoors.

Reading : Please make sure your child has their reading books in school everyday day as they need to change their books regularly and we have now started comprehension activities with the children during this time in preparation for the May tests. We shall be sending some out for you to do also as this will support us in school to consolidate what we are teaching them. Thank you for your support in relation to this!

Spellings: We have started back with regular spellings – please make sure your child has their journal each week so that the following weeks words can be put in for them.

Maths : We are starting subtractions this week with the children. We shall be using a variety of strategies such as drawing out number lines and counting up to find the answer along with mental strategies of rounding up and down. We will be carrying out weekly problem solving activities this term to give them an opportunity to apply their skills. Speed tests will be starting back this week  and please go over your child’s times tables with them 10/5/2 and then 3/4/6.

Science : We will be carrying out a variety of experiments this week linked to our senses and looking at a variety of animals and how they move and behave. We are hoping that when the children decide which Superhero they wish to be they will take these into account to make a decision and be able to explain why!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated by sdk – 11.1.18

Dear All,

The children are beginning to settle back into the Year 2 routines. As your child may have mentioned we have been carrying out Maths assessments this week. It is a revision of work from last term to inform our planning for the term ahead. We have been modelling the answers after the assessments to show the children how to answer the questions and what strategies to use to answer the questions. We have sent out an assessment sheet for you to have a at look with your child and support their learning. The best way would be to work through it with your child and then you can see what they are struggling with. We have also sent out a 100 square for you to use and to go over 10 more / 10 less / 20 more/ 20 less etc….from any given number on the square.

We very much appreciate your support in relation to this . Thank you!

The children are very excited about our Superhero topic and we hope that they will be coming home telling you all about it.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated by sdk – 6.1.18

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you all!

We hope that you all had a peaceful festive period and no doubt the children are ready to come back to school to see their friends.

The week ahead is as follows :-

Language – We are starting back with ‘RWI’ and getting the children settled back to reading on a regular basis. The children need to bring in their reading books every day please as they need to change their books ready for the week ahead. We shall be starting our work on Superheroes by describing a Character from the Superhero comics. We will be introducing Onomatopoeia words as part of comic style of writing.  We are introducing the book called ‘The Egg’ for use to carry out Talk for writing this term.

Maths – We are carrying out a Maths assessment this week both on numerical and problem solving and reasoning to assess the children and so we can plan the way forward for maths this term. As part of Maths we will be asking the children to carry out the ‘Big  Garden Bird Watch ‘and the live data will be used to make tables and graphs. The sheets will be sent out for the children nearer the time!

We shall try and settle the children back into a routine as quickly as possible this week as we have a busy term ahead of us.

Looking forward to seeing you all ,

Mrs S De-Kayne / Mrs K Palmer




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