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Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y2

 Welcome to the YEAR 2 Noticeboard.

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Dear All,

By now your child will have brought home their cloak designs with what they want to use and how they want to make it! We are inviting you all to come in on the last Monday of this term to come and make it in the afternoon with your child. At the end of the day we will then go straight into a meet about May Tests and what they will involve. This meeting should be no longer than half an hour. The children will be supervised by Year 1 staff during this time.

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language –  RWI reading groups are up and running and the children are making good progress. We will be sending out comprehensions this week for you to do with your child at home.

Maths- We are doing a mini test paper in small groups to model and check individual understanding about how to read a worded problem and solving it. We are also looking at ‘3D’ shapes and their properties this week. We are making cuboids out of Nets for Easter eggs to come home at the end of term!

Science – We are investigating Worms and what senses they have. Some children started this investigation last week as part of Science week but we shall continue with it this week.

P.E. –  The children have been learning Hockey skills and this will now continue for 2 more weeks and then the kits will be sent home for washing. Please ensure that your child has the appropriate kit in school please for every Thursday.

PSE – Philosophy frog continues to come home with the children and we will carry on sharing it in class. Thank you for taking the time to do this with your child. Much appreciated as we enjoy sharing your views with the class.

Thank you for all your continued support,

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



updated 11.3.18 by sdk

Dear All,

I hope that my parents enjoyed our class family assembly. The  children worked hard and looked amazing on stage. Thanks to all of you that attended. The week ahead is as follows:

Language – RWI groups have been assessed and the children are making very good progress with their reading. We have just finished retelling the story of Jemima Nicholas ( a Welsh Folk Tale) We are going to now Pie Corbett  ‘Super worm’ and then innovate the story over the next couple of weeks.

Maths – We will be applying our numeracy skills and the children will be designing their Super hero cloaks to bring their designs home for you to collect the relevant materials. Before the end of term we will be inviting you in to make the cloak with your child. Dates to be confirmed.

ICT- Children will be making i-movies linked to our theme of Superheroes.

ScienceThis week is Science week and therefore we will be carrying out an investigation linked with worms and their habitats.

We are looking forward to meeting with you all at the parents meetings on Monday and Tuesday. These appointments are only 10 min appointments but please come and look at your child’s work. 

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – 4.3.18 by sdk

Dear All,

Due to the weather last week we didn’t get a chance to carry out all the planned activities and therefore this week we  hope to continue with these. Please see last weeks planned timetable of events.

Also, a reminder that it is my Family Assembly this Friday at 10.30 in the hall ( SDK)  Your child will need to bring a coloured T- Shirt into school by Wednesday the latest. Any colour but plain please and normal school/ trousers or skirt will be fine for the assembly. The lines were sent out last week and therefore would appreciate it if they could be learnt by the early part of this week. Assembly is no longer than half an hour and tea/ coffee afterwards if you wish to stay for that.

A reminder that it is parents evening on the 12/ 13 the following week. Forms will be sent out tomorrow for the appointments and if they could be returned as soon as possible. We will do our best to give everyone a 10 min slot and you will be able to look at your child’s work on that day in the hall.

Once again – Thank you for all your support!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


updated – 28.2.18 by sdk

Welcome back everyone to Welsh Week!

We have created a ‘Passport to Learning‘ for this week where every child will be encouraged to visit a variety of activities and when they have been they collect a  Welsh Stamp to say they have done it! The activities for the week are as follows:

1.Language – Retell the Welsh Folk Tale about Jemima Nicholas.

2. Maths – Money problem solving.

3.Geography – plotting places on a map using an Atlas.

4. Art – using a variety of media to draw daffodils.

5.R.E – write  a prayer for welsh week.

6.D and T – Making Welsh cakes using their numeracy skills to measure.

These are just some of the activities  and on the 1st March we will be singing songs/ listening to Poetry recitals and more baking on the day!

Friday is World Book day and please note the £1.00 book tokens will be coming out to each child to go and spend and buy a book. Come and support our book fair after school please form Wednesday on wards this week. Come dressed up as your favourite book character and bring in your favourite book from home to share with the class.

My Family assembly -SDK  only is on the 9th March at 10.30 am in the hall. Children will need to bring in a coloured T-shirt – as bright as possible and an colour of their choice but we are looking for all the colours of the rainbow linked to our assembly. It needs to be plain and bright!

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S D-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated -11.2.18 by sdk

Dear All,

This week is going to be a week of completing all outstanding work just before the half term. The week is as follows:

Language – A couple of groups have still got to retell the story of ‘The Egg’ . We have been using ‘Talk for writing’ to carry out this task.  We act it out and retell the story as a whole class and then we go and retell it as it is. The children have enjoyed this experience and have been able to recall the vast majority of the story in this way.

Maths – We are continuing with Measure this week – length in cm’s/ m’s .Capacity – l’s/ml’s and time in seconds/ minutes and hours. The children will be using these skills this week to make Pancakes / design their Superhero cloaks and time what they can do within a minute. Plenty going on using and applying our Numeracy skills!

ICT – Children are making i-movie trailers in small groups linked to our topic of Superheroes.

Art- We have been doing bird sketching for display last week  and now we are going to progress to using other media such as oil pastels /  chalk etc…. all linked to our theme of bird watching the last couple of weeks.

My class assembly ( SDK)  is after half term as we the hall is busy  for a couple of weeks with World book day etc… I shall confirm the date and let you know.

We will be sending out a couple of things for you to do in the half term :-

  1. The designs of their Superhero cloaks – if you could help your child just to collect the materials needed. PLEASE do not make it at home as we are doing that in school at a later date and you will be able to come in and work with your child then.
  2.  We would like every child to put together a presentation on their Superhero – it can be a real life Superhero or some one they admire in some way. It is an opportunity for us to assess their Oracy skills  in front of their peers only. We shall be sending out a letter this week fully explaining what we are looking for in greater detail. It is homework that everyone will be expected to do please. This does not need to be done for the first week back so please do not panic! We are happy for them to come in when they are done as we can’t possibly listen to everyone in one go. We hope to do one each day for 5 minutes at the end of the day.

Thank you to all of you for all your support!

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer.


Updated – 6.2.18 by sdk

Dear All,

A BIG Thank you to all of you for sending your children in today dressed as Superheroes! They children looked amazing. We had John Davies a local Author who came in to read from his books that he has written and also brought Captain Beany with him. One of his Superhero characters from his story. Children did some amazing pop art today and mask making is planned for later on in the week.

Once again – Thank you!

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 4.2.18 by sdk

Dear All,

Thank you to everyone who took part in the Big Garden Bird watch last week and thanks for sending in the live data for the children to use. They had a wonderful time collating, tabling and interpreting the data. Without your help this would not have been possible – so a huge Thanks to all of you!

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are retelling the Story of ‘The Egg’ using talk for writing. The children have drawn a story plan and will now be using it to retell the story in detail. We will continue with reading as normal.

Maths – We will be learning measuring skills this week linked to mask making as part of Superheroes. The children will also be designing their Superhero cloaks this week and therefore will need to measure their height  and length of the cloak they would like to make.

It is our Superheroes day on Tuesday. The children are very excited! We have a local Author coming to read his book with a Superhero character in it…………watch this space! Children are free to come in dressed up as Superheroes on that day!

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 28.1.18 by sdk

Dear All,

The children last week had a wonderful time learning how to make Superhero i-movie trailers. They enjoyed using the i-pads to create some lovely group work and both the children and the staff had lots of fun!  We hope that you had an opportunity to carry out ‘The Big Garden Bird‘ watch. The purpose of this activity is to show the children how to carry out a real life survey and how  then use the data in a meaningful way. We are hoping to create tables and graphs from the live data over the next few weeks. Also, by carrying out the survey we are supporting the work the R.S.P.B carry out with the Foundation phase in our school.

The week ahead is as follows:

Language – The children have been carrying out Talk for writing last week linked to the story ‘The Egg’. This week they will be retelling it in as much detail as possible. Reading books need to come in every day please so that the children can change their books on a regular basis. Spellings are moving to a Thursday as we need extra staff to help to manage the groups sizes and for all the children to get the best support possible for their spelling activities.

Maths –  Data handling using live data from the Big Garden Bird Watch . Thank you in advance to all those who made the effort to take part in the survey and for bringing in the data. Speed tests every Friday. Please support your child by going over their times tables with them. We need all the children now to be on their 5 and 2’s. By the end of the year we need to have done 3 /4/ and 6!

ICT– We will  be carrying on making i- movie trailers in small groups this week to consolidate our class training from last week.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated 21.1.18 by sdk

Dear All,

The children have enjoyed last week with a variety of Science activities on the Thursday followed up by Talk for Writing with our new class book ‘The Egg’!

The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – The children will be now learning the skill of editing their written work about a Superhero Character description they carried out last week. This is a high level skill and we will be encouraging the children to learn to use a basic dictionary to make spelling corrections. If you wish to work with your child at home you could support us by teaching them how to use a dictionary to check spellings!

We are reviewing spelling groups this week as we are creating a fourth group to spilt some of the larger groups. It is easier to manage spellings in a more meaningful way by doing this.

Maths – We are continuing with subtractions- taking away  a number form a two digit number. We will be showing the children how to use number lines to count forward to carry out a subtraction. Please keep going over basic subtractions at home using coins to support their learning.

Welsh – We are going to be trying something new in Welsh. A child will be bringing home a Dragon in a bag and their will be a small task to carry out so that the following Wednesday we could encourage some Oracy activities as a class. We hope you enjoy this and any feedback you feel appropriate will be appreciated.

Philosophy Frog is back – we gave it a break as the children had lines to learn for the concerts and we felt it might be too much but this is an important activity to encourage personal and social skills with in the class. The activity has now been extended so that every Friday the whole class will do some short burst writing as to what their opinion is in relation to the Question that has been sent home. The frog will come home on a Monday and will need to be back by Friday that week.

Please can you remember to send in Reading books and red record books in each week so that we can feed back to you as to how your child’s reading is progressing. Spelling journals are essential also.

Thank you for all your support,

Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs K Palmer



Updated by sdk – 14.1.18

Dear All,

The week ahead looks as follows:

Language : Last week the children carried out a cold task using a visual cue of a Superhero character and describing them. We shall now be modelling and teaching the type of vocabulary a character description should include. Active learn starts back on Monday afternoon and the children will be able to choose a variety of activities indoors and outdoors.

Reading : Please make sure your child has their reading books in school everyday day as they need to change their books regularly and we have now started comprehension activities with the children during this time in preparation for the May tests. We shall be sending some out for you to do also as this will support us in school to consolidate what we are teaching them. Thank you for your support in relation to this!

Spellings: We have started back with regular spellings – please make sure your child has their journal each week so that the following weeks words can be put in for them.

Maths : We are starting subtractions this week with the children. We shall be using a variety of strategies such as drawing out number lines and counting up to find the answer along with mental strategies of rounding up and down. We will be carrying out weekly problem solving activities this term to give them an opportunity to apply their skills. Speed tests will be starting back this week  and please go over your child’s times tables with them 10/5/2 and then 3/4/6.

Science : We will be carrying out a variety of experiments this week linked to our senses and looking at a variety of animals and how they move and behave. We are hoping that when the children decide which Superhero they wish to be they will take these into account to make a decision and be able to explain why!

Thank you for your support,

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


updated by sdk – 11.1.18

Dear All,

The children are beginning to settle back into the Year 2 routines. As your child may have mentioned we have been carrying out Maths assessments this week. It is a revision of work from last term to inform our planning for the term ahead. We have been modelling the answers after the assessments to show the children how to answer the questions and what strategies to use to answer the questions. We have sent out an assessment sheet for you to have a at look with your child and support their learning. The best way would be to work through it with your child and then you can see what they are struggling with. We have also sent out a 100 square for you to use and to go over 10 more / 10 less / 20 more/ 20 less etc….from any given number on the square.

We very much appreciate your support in relation to this . Thank you!

The children are very excited about our Superhero topic and we hope that they will be coming home telling you all about it.

Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs K Palmer


Updated by sdk – 6.1.18

Dear All,

Happy New Year to you all!

We hope that you all had a peaceful festive period and no doubt the children are ready to come back to school to see their friends.

The week ahead is as follows :-

Language – We are starting back with ‘RWI’ and getting the children settled back to reading on a regular basis. The children need to bring in their reading books every day please as they need to change their books ready for the week ahead. We shall be starting our work on Superheroes by describing a Character from the Superhero comics. We will be introducing Onomatopoeia words as part of comic style of writing.  We are introducing the book called ‘The Egg’ for use to carry out Talk for writing this term.

Maths – We are carrying out a Maths assessment this week both on numerical and problem solving and reasoning to assess the children and so we can plan the way forward for maths this term. As part of Maths we will be asking the children to carry out the ‘Big  Garden Bird Watch ‘and the live data will be used to make tables and graphs. The sheets will be sent out for the children nearer the time!

We shall try and settle the children back into a routine as quickly as possible this week as we have a busy term ahead of us.

Looking forward to seeing you all ,

Mrs S De-Kayne / Mrs K Palmer




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