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Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y3

Welcome to the Y3 Noticeboard!

On our noticeboard we will keep you up to date with our learning, events and news. We also use Dojos as a means of communication and you are very welcome to contact us through the App if you wish.

Year 3 class meeting presentation 2017- 18

Please click here for an overview of our year if you were unable to attend the introductory meeting.


Our school Ultra Run has been rearranged for Monday June 18th.

We are continuing with our presentations, please ensure your child’s presentation is in school. So far the children have all presented brilliantly.

Literacy –  continuing work on discussion text

Maths – money

Geography – human and natural features of a location

PE – netball


We hope you all had a lovely half term and made the most of the gorgeous sunshine. As this weather is due to continue can we please remind you to send your child to school with a hat, water bottle and suncream(already applied).

This week:

Literacy: discussion writing

Maths: multiplication and division

Topic: beginning our new topic The Seashore

Music: to create a piece of music to represent a thunderstorm

ICT: writing emails

We will also be beginning our presentations this week so your child will need to have any prompts or props in school ready.


Updated Monday May 21st

We had a brilliant week last week. The highlight was definitely our visit to Ilston Woods. The children had lots of fun learning about leaves, trees and minibeasts and were very well behaved.

This week is another busy one.

SPORTS DAY – Our Sports’ Day will be held on Tuesday. We are aiming to begin at about 9:30 and will be finished by about 11:30. Please can you ensure your child has appropriate footwear and clothing, a hat, suncream and plenty of water. Please see your class dojo or teacher for a list of coloured teams for the children.

Literacy – we will be continuing our work on Instructional text.

Maths – area and data handling

Welsh – focusing on the patterns Mae hi’n/ Mae e’n (She is/ He is)

ICT – researching minibeasts and creating a booklet about them

Next week is half term, relax, enjoy and we will see you back in school on June 4th



Updated 22/4/18

Welcome back everyone, we hope you all had a lovely Easter.

This term our topic is The Wild Woods and The Beach. We will be visiting the woods in the weeks to come, date TBC.

The week ahead.

Literacy – our focus this half term is Instructional writing. We have looked at the features necessary this text type and will be identifying them in a text this week, before learning a text type, Pie Corbett style. We will also be looking at past reading tests.

Maths – we will be looking at different examples of questions from past tests.

Welsh – we will be writing in the 3rd person, using the sentence pattern Mae hi’n….

Science – we will be looking at food chains.

ICT – the children will be completing their research  and factfile on a woodland creature.

Spelling tests are back on Wednesdays.


Updated Friday March 23rd

Another busy week. We have been writing a poster to persuade people to donate to a charity. In maths we having been looking at bar graphs. And we have researched and begun to construct our own volcanoes!!!

Next week:

We will be painting our volcanoes, then, hopefully, watching and evaluating their eruption. Please join us if you can on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm to watch the eruptions!!!

In Welsh we will be using language patterns that we have been learning to write and perform a script about a natural disaster.

In maths, we will be looking at past reasoning and procedural maths test, in readiness for the National tests in May.

Remember it is Good Friday on Friday, so school finishes for Easter on Thursday.


Updated Sunday March 4th

Please can you ensure your child has suitable kit (labelled) in school for athletics this half term.

Due to the weather we didn’t quite complete all the tasks we had planned last week. We are hoping to hold our Eisteddfod and World Book Day this week, details to follow.

The week ahead

Language – looking at the features of persuasive text (any examples of adverts/posters would be appreciated)

Maths – continuing to work on applying our skills to problem solving activities

Science – planning our investigation in to the best material to build a raft. Making predictions

PE – we will be beginning Athletics sessions at the Indoor track on Tuesday afternoons

ICT – cyberbullying



Updated Thursday Feb 22nd

The first week back is a busy one. It is Welsh week, so the children can wear Welsh costumes or Welsh rugby or football tops Monday to Thursday. Friday is World Book Day – so swap your Welsh costumes for your favourite book character.

On Wednesday the children will have the opportunity to take part in a drama workshop based on our Natural Disasters topic.

Literacy – After half term we will be looking at Persuasive writing in Literacy. The children will be working towards writing a text to persuade people to support a charity linked to our theme of Natural Disasters. If you are out and about this week and find any leaflets or posters linked to local tourist attractions, could you collect a few to send into school please? We can then look at these to highlight the type of language used to help with our persuasive writing.

Maths – we will be using a range of skills learned so far to solve a Beat the Flood problem.

Welsh – it is Welsh week this week. The children have brought home sheets with a range of competitions they can enter – singing, instrumental and design a Welsh Lovespoon. It would be wonderful to see as many entries as possible. We will also be carrying out activities linked to Welsh culture and heritage such as retelling the story of Cantre Gwaelod, folk dancing and art.

Science – we will be beginning our investigation into the best material to make a raft to survive a flood, looking at a range of materials that will float or sink.

ICT – using filters on photos.

Friday is World Book Day, so we are encouraging the children to dress up as their favourite character from a book.

Updated Sunday Feb 4th

The week ahead,

In maths – we will be continuing to look at reading temperatures on scales

adding and subtracting, involving hundreds

learning about multiples of 3 and 4 – please could you help your child by                                      practising these tables at home.

In language – we will be researching volcanoes, earthquakes and tsunamis, making notes and then using our research to write an explanation text, building on our work on this text type from last week.

In PE we will be incorporating maths skills – distinguishing between straight and turning movements, making half turns, full turns and right angles.

In ICT we will be learning how to create a powerpoint. We will also be looking at Internet Safety this week.

In Science we will be making our own fossils. If the children have shells or leaves we can press into salt dough we would appreciate them bringing them to school.


Updated 12th Jan 2018

Welcome back after the Christmas break and a very Happy New all.

The children have all settled back into school very well and we have had a good week starting our topic of Natural Disasters.

The Week Ahead Starting 15th Jan 2018
Next week we will be using measurement in maths, focusing on length and capacity. We would be very grateful if the pupils could bring some  plastic bottles, jugs, containers etc that they could use to estimate and measure ml and l.
We will be reading  a Welsh book, ” Pip Yn Mynd I’r Lleuad,” and rehearsing partner conversations before recording them on the ipads. 
We will be looking at fossils in science and in English we will be looking at how to engage readers with an interesting story start.
We will continue our topic of Natural Disasters  through research on Hwb and a comprehension activity.
The children will compare the  life of a child in Bangladesh and their own lives.
PE this term will  be on Tuesdays 





Updated 12.12.17

Reminder for concerts this week

Dress rehearsal Thursday 14th December at 1:30. Children can bring Christmas jumpers to school to change into after lunch.

Evening performance – the children will stay in school, we will provide them with a small snack and drink. The concert will begin at 5pm.

We are also trying hard to complete our topic The Victorians. The children are busy completing an information text, including their own research on this topic.

In maths we will be looking at and making models of 3D shapes.

In Welsh the children will be consolidating their knowledge of simple sentences and using these in a letter to Sion Corn.

Friday will be the first of our Craft Days, thankyou to those parents who have said they are able to help out.

Friday is also Christmas Jumper Day. Please help us to raise lots of money by wearing a Christmas jumper and donating £2 to Save the Children.

Friday 1st December

This week has been full of new learning again. I think the highlight was the visit from James Hook , the Welsh and Ospreys player. He was really lovely with the children and answered all their questions. 

The children have  been consolidating skills in column addition and subtraction and have also been introduced to the Grid Method of multiplication. We have started to look at the Muslim faith and the pupils have raised varied and interesting questions. We have been busy practicing our poem for the sharing and have started to look at Coding during our IT sessions.

The Week Ahead

Week Beginning  Monday 4th December

We will continue our work on Islam with a more detailed look at Ramadan and in Science we will make a written record of the music we created lat week. In Maths we will look at 2D shape.

Miss Jones’ class will  be going to Sony Pencoed on Tuesday morning and both classes will use Hwb to send emails to the visitor coordinator to say thank you later in  the week.

Some parents have asked for extra tickets for the Christmas Sharing. Please, if you have any tickets you do not need, could you return them to school so we can reallocate them to someone else.

Many thanks for you continued support.

Friday 24th November

It has been another busy week! We have continued to look at Information text, looking at success criteria and editing an existing text. We visited Sony Bridgend and learned a lot about the work they do there. We have been looking at giving change in money – from £2, £5 or £10. Please could you continue to work on this at home. We have also been using different sentence starters in Welsh to help improve our written work.

Next week:

We will be focusing on using the column method in addition and beginning to work on multiplication.

In Literacy we will be using our knowledge of Information text to write about Sketty School.

We will be studying sound in science using musical instruments.

We will be writing a letter in Welsh, using our sentence starters.

An Osprey’s rugby player will be visiting us on Thursday.

We will be learning about the  Pillars of Islam.

We will be sending emails in ICT.


Week beginning 13.11.17

It was lovely to see so many parents at Parent’s Evening this week, thankyou everyone who was able to attend. If any issues arrive throughout the year please contact us, either in the yard at the beginning or end of the day or via dojo.

Last week the children completed our work on Instruction Text by publishing their letters, written as a trapper in Victorian times, on Hwb.

Our new focus for literacy is Instruction writing, The children have completed a Cold Task. This week we will be looking at the specific features of this type of text and then self assessing our Cold Task.

In Maths we have been looking at subtraction and using the column method. We will be following this with addition and money.


29th October

Review Of The Past Week

The children have once again worked hard this week, in the lead up to half term. Miss Jones’ class have been working with the artist Sarah Holden. They have produced some lovely pieces and these will be on display, with the work from Miss Copus’ class, at County Hall from mid November onwards.

The children have been using the recount skills that they have learnt, to write a letter from a trapper, telling about their jobs. They have been learning to edit their work and will publish these after half term. 

Both classes have their assembly to share with you coming up. Miss Copus/ Mrs Williams on Fri Nov 17th and Miss Jones on Friday 24th Nov. This will be an opportunity for the children to share with you what they have been learning this term. Class assembly starts at 10.30 am.

Just a quick reminder that Parents’ Evenings are on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th Nov. Appointment letters have been sent home and we will endeavor to give you a slot as close as possible to the time you required.

Have a lovely half term. Enjoy Halloween and Bonfire night.

The Week Ahead – Mon 6th Nov

This week we have a visitor in to speak to the children about the important of looking after the environment. Mr Phil Williams is a environmental expert who has travelled widely. He will be with each class for half a day and will share his stories with us. He has been to school before and he is fascinating.

In maths we will be looking at Place Value, through money and will undertake problem solving activities. 

We will be redrafting the letters and in Science we will start to look at Forces. In Welsh we will be using the third person to describe a Victorian person. 

15th October 2017

Review of Past Week

The children ( Y3EC/SW) have been busy this week redrafting and editing their poems on Brynmill Park and the finished results are excellent. They have published them on Hwb so you will be able to share your child’s poem by logging on. Miss Jones’ class will be doing this after their visit to the park. 

The pupils thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the Liberty Stadium with Warburtons and  have learnt to use a new App on the ipads called SeeSaw.  We have also been looking at graph work and have related this to our topic with data from the Victorian era. In ICT we have been learning about the importance of passwords and the children had great fun testing the security of their chosen passwords. 

Next Week. Oct 16th 

Miss Jones’ class have their visit to Brynmill Park and then two days the following week with an artist .

We will be returning to the topic of time in maths and would very much appreciate it if you could reinforce this with your children at home. We are focusing on analogue clocks at the moment, o’clock, half past, quarter to and quarter past and then the 5 minute intervals.

We will be carrying on with research on the Victorian, especially the life of a trapper and this will enable the children to start their draft of a letter. We will also be using this topic as a focus for Welsh writing this week.  


This week the children have participated in a wide range of activities. Y3EC/SW have enjoyed working with an artist, following on from our visit to Brynmill Park, while Y3LJ have been researching the Senghennydd Mining Disaster and working conditions for young children in Victorian mines. We have been reinforcing time using analogue clocks and looking at times in different locations around the world. Time is always a tricky concept, so it would help if you could reinforce this at home please. We have also to investigate magnets in science.

Next Week:

Y3EC/SW will be using a range of sources to research the Senghennydd Mining Disaster and the working conditions of children in the mines

Y3LJ will be finding out about the Rebecca Riots.

TUESDAY, OCTOBER 10th – both classes will be visiting the Liberty Stadium. We will be having a tour of the stadium, where the children will use an app called ‘SeeSaw’ to complete a range of tasks and participating in a workshop with Warburtons, where the children will be making their own bread. The children have had consent forms, which need to be returned to school as soon as possible please, along with a contribution of £1.20 to cover the cost of the bus.

Maths – we will be looking at data handling and how to record data on bar graphs.

Science – continuing our work on magnets.

History/Literacy – research of the Victorian era.

looking at use of commas and plurals.

PE – Mondays – please have suitable kit in school for your child.

Spelling – Friday – please ensure your child’s spelling journal is in school

On Friday 13th October we will be celebrating Shw Mae day in school, an opportunity for the children to wear all things Welsh and red to school.




It has been another busy week in Year 3! The children have been working hard learning and applying multiplication facts, writing letters and investigating the Victorian era. Techniquest visited school and Y3EC/SW have been playing rugby. The highlight of our week was our visit to Big Pit. The children became history detectives, using a range of sources to find out about a young Victorian girl called Henrietta. They also went 90 metres underground to see for themselves what it might have been like for a child working in the  mines. They asked some brilliant questions and learned a great deal about the mine.

Next week:

Maths – we will be looking at doubling and halving numbers and using diagrams to help solve problems.

Language – we will be completing an Anticipation Grid. The children will need to skim and scan text to find information about the Victorians. Spelling Test Friday. Daily reading.

History – we are going to have a History Research day where the children will using sites on Hwb to discover more about the Victorians.

PE – rugby for EC/SW, gym for LJ

On Wednesday Y3EC/SW will be participating in an art project in Brynmill. Details of this and consent forms will follow on Monday. An artist will come to school for two further days to help the children complete their work. Y3LJ will follow at a later date.



The children have had a busy first full week back in school. We have been looking at recount writing in language and the features of this type of writing. The children saw a brilliant production of the Bells of Santiago performed by a local drama group. We have begun our history topic, written All About Me in ICT and placed numbers on number lines in maths!

On Thursday is our visit to Big Pit. Thankyou to those who have sent consent forms in, please can we remind anyone who hasn’t done so, to send them in as soon as possible as we can’t take any children without one. We will be leaving school at 8:45, as we need to arrive at Big Pit by 10:00. The children will need a packed lunch and suitable clothing, NO MONEY is needed.

In maths, we will be looking at multiplication facts and using our 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables.

In literacy, we will continue to look at recount writing.

In history, we will be creating a timeline of important dates from the Victorian Era, thinking of questions to ask at Big Pit and writing a recount of our visit.

In science, we will be looking at magnetism.

Year 3EC/SW have rugby for the next 3 weeks, so kit is needed on a MONDAY please. Miss Jones’s class PE is Tuesday.

We will be holding our Meet the Teacher evening on Tuesday at 5pm. Please come along to find out about the year ahead.

If you wish to contact your child’s teacher we are available on dojo or by email. Miss Jones has not had her new school email yet, so please use dojo if you need to get in touch, or she will be in the yard before and after school every day.


Dear Parents,

Welcome back to Year 3.  We have had a lovely few days getting to know the children. We hope they have settled in well.

We will be having a parents meeting on Tuesday, 19th September to introduce ourselves and to give you an overview of the year ahead.

We have given the children reading books and new book bags, we will be reading every day, so it is important that your child has their book in school with them.

Our topic this term is Children of the Revolution. This is a history based topic where the children will be learning about the life of children in Victorian times. As part of this topic we will be visiting Big Pit, near Blaenavon.

We are also having a big push on the children taking responsibility for their belongings, not leaving jumpers and bags in the yard. Please could you ensure your childs’ name is on all of their belongings.

We will be beginning PE next week, our day is a Tuesday. Please could you child have suitable kit in school – white t-shirt, black shorts/tracksuit bottoms, trainers and jumper. We have boxes outside the classroom where this can be left each week.

The children have been introduced to our new reward system – the dojo – and you have also been invited to join. We will keep you up to date about activities in class through the dojo and our class noticeboard. If you need to contact us, we will be in the yard each morning and at the end of the day or you can send a message via the dojo or email.

Next week, we will be looking at Place Value in Maths, beginning our History study by finding out what we already know and what we want to learn and beginning to look at newspapers in Literacy.





 If you wish to contact Mrs Sarah Williams, please contact her on


If you wish to contact Miss Laura Jones, please contact her on 

Or if you want to contact Mrs Copus, please contact her on;-



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