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Croeso i Bwrdd Neges Y3

Welcome to the Y3 Noticeboard!

On our noticeboard we will keep you up to date with our learning, events and news. We also use Dojos as a means of communication and you are very welcome to contact us through the App if you wish.

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Updated 25.11.18 (SW) 

The week ahead:

Literacy – continuing with our information writing. Complete our writing plans and begin drafting our information text about rugby.

Maths – subtraction using frog hopping method (counting on from the smallest number). Starting from the smallest number and jumping on to the nearest ten, then jumping on. This video explains it clearly (although not in a very exciting way sorry!)

We will also be recapping money this week in preparation for addition and subtraction with money next week. We will be recapping place value with money first.

Topic – continuing our recount letters about a day in the mine.

Science – investigating sound by blowing on bottles filled with different amounts of water. Which will create the highest pitch sound?

Welsh – beginning to use the third person to describe a person.

Missions – the children have taken on Missions this half term. They work independently in different areas of the classroom to complete challenges such as writing a kenning about someone or something in the mine, creating artwork in the style of Josef Herman using different media and investigating the strength of magnets using their own methods and style of recording.

We are starting to practise our Christmas songs this week so you may well hear a few of the tunes at home very soon! No costumes required this year but we ask that children wear Christmas jumpers for a festive feel!

Updated 18.11.18 (SW)

The week ahead:

Monday is World Toilet Day! We will be discussing clean water and health around the world. We will doing a quiz to make children more aware of global issues to help them become informed citizens of the world.

Literacy – we have a visit from Ospreys player Will Jones on Wednesday. The children will be writing questions in advance to ask in a press conference style. His answers will be used to write an information text about rugby players.

Maths – fractions. Fractions of amounts and comparing fractions. TT Rockstars for times tables practise.

Topic – recount letter about a day in the mine.

Science – investigating how instruments make sounds.

Art – using different media to create artwork in the style of Josef Herman.

PE – netball. Chinese dancing with the help of our Chinese club teacher.

Welsh – continuing dyma fi profiles. Beginning to use third person in oracy activities.

Updated 9.11.18 (SW)

The week ahead:

Maths – fractions. Beginning with fractions of shapes then moving on to fractions of numbers.

Literacy – children will be continuing learning about information texts. We will be looking at captions for pictures and labelling diagrams.

Film Week – It’s International Film Week next week so we will be learning about the different roles on a film/TV set e.g. producer, director, actors. We will be making our own mini films about health and exercise.

Topic – planning a recount letter about a day working in the mine.

Art – studying the artist Josef Hermann, looking at art work featuring miners using charcoal.


Updated 4.11.18 (SW)

Hopefully you have all had a lovely half term and the children are ready for another busy half term ahead!

The week ahead:

Literacy – introduction to information writing. Cold task activity (writing their own  unaided information text as a baseline). Identifying text features of information writing. Looking at examples of information texts in everyday life e.g. non-fiction books, Top Trumps cards, fact files, leaflets.

Maths – doubling and halving using partitioning e.g. double 23 – double 20 = 40 double 3 = 6. 40 + 6 = 46

Topic – comparing a day in their lives with a day in the life of a child working in a mine. Using digital time to create a timeline of their day.

PE – netball

Science – introduction to sound.

Music – ukulele practise with Mr Godwin.






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