E-Safety Websites


Following our Parent presentation as part of Safer Internet Day, please find links below to the documents shown to you. Although we don’t encourage the use of social media accounts, if children are going to be allowed to use them, these checklists will help to check their privacy settings.

Facebook Privacy settings checklist

Snapchat Privacy settings checklist

TikTok Privacy settings checklist

Instagram Privacy settings checklist

Roblox Privacy settings checklist


Our e-Safety advice is provided by the LEA

E safety

and contains lots of practical advice and tips for keeping your children safe online.

For details of the E-safety lessons the children are carrying out in school click here.

common sense

There are useful videos to help you understand amongst other things, Social media sites.

There are also tips of how to be a good Digital citizen.

The South West Grid For Learning site, is a great tool for giving Parents advice on, for example the types of Online games your children should be accessing and Instagram. Click here for details


There is also good practical advice on HWB, please click here for details. Again this site, provides information on your child’s use of technology at home and how to keep them safe whilst online.


Here are some other great E-safety sites :-