At Sketty Primary School we challenge all members of our school family to achieve their potential. We recognise that we have ‘more able and talented’ children in our school.

More able children would demonstrate a higher ability than average expected for the cohort or class and would often require enriched and extended opportunities across the curriculum in order to develop their abilities.

Talent can manifest itself in many ways and we recognise and celebrate a wide range of talents. Your child may have a talent that our normal operation will not bring to light e.g. horse riding. Please let us know so we can celebrate with him/her.

The school MAT co-ordinator is Richard Edwards with support from Vicky Evans. They ensure that all staff are familiar with the identification criteria and are responsible for monitoring the MAT school action plan and policy.

Useful websites with information for parents and support materials for pupils.

IXL maths and English with lots of games for each and every year group

A list of IXL apps to support learners on the go!

Rising Stars Parents Page (Remember the National Curriculum in England is different to Wales but still has good relevant resource suggestions)