All Inclusive School


Sketty Primary school values the abilities and achievements of all its pupils. All children are valued, respected and nurtured. We endeavour to provide the best educational opportunities for each child and strive to maximise their potential in a ‘can do’ learning culture.

ALN stands for Additional Learning Needs. At Sketty we recognise that all pupils come to school at different stages of development and with different needs. Whilst many factors contribute to the range of difficulties experienced by some children, we believe that much can be done to overcome them by parents, teachers and pupils working together.

The ALN aims of the school 

  • To ensure that all pupils have access to a broad and balanced curriculum
  • To provide a differentiated curriculum appropriate to the individual’s needs and ability
  • To ensure that early identification of a pupil’s needs is made
  • To ensure that ALN pupils take as full a part as possible in all school activities
  • To ensure that parents of ALN pupils are fully involved from the beginning and are kept regularly informed of their child’s progress
  • To ensure that ALN pupils are involved, where practical, in decisions affecting their future ALN provision

A child is considered to have an additional need if he/she has:

  • Moderate/general learning difficulties
  • Specific learning difficulties
  • Behavioural and emotional difficulties
  • Medical difficulties

Pupils who meet our criteria for having ALN will require a graduated response through the following levels of support;

  • School Action – an individual education plan (IEP) will be set up with the parent and teacher
  • School Action+ – specialist services are involved with the child’s specific and individual education plan
  • Statemented – The Local Authority assess and agree that the pupil will receive individual support (hours dependent on needs) and a pupil centered review takes place once a year to review progress

ALN children will need additional or different support from that given to other children of the same age

At our school we constantly strive to provide ALN support that meets the needs of our learners. Here is a brief summary of the interventions we provide; 

  • DCD group– for children who have problems with co-ordination and/or handwriting
  • Language Link programme– children identified with delayed understanding of language take part in individual/small group highly focused sessions
  • Wellcomm– all our nursery children are screened using the Wellcomm assessment tool which identifies children with delayed understanding and/or expression of language, these children are then supported through play based language activities
  • Social Group– teaching social interaction skills and helping to improve mental health and well-being, through games and activities
  • SpeechLink– enables teachers to check for delays in the development of speech sounds
  • Positive play – highly trained staff, run individual and small group play therapy sessions to help children with mental health and well-being
  • Rapid reading – children who have difficulties in reading, take part in a reading intervention to help them catch up.
  • Overcoming dyslexia – children who show dyslexic traits or characteristics or have a dyslexia diagnosis, have focused sessions to help with spellings and word building
  • Numicon – children identified as having difficulty in maths, follow a catch up maths Numicon programme.