Eco Governor Support


As a parent Governor I was delighted to be asked to support the school’s Eco Green Ambassadors Journey towards their Platinum Eco award. The job of the Eco Ambassadors has gone beyond just recycling in the school. It is now very much linked to the rights respecting school and embedding the concept of sustainability as the responsibility of everyone. For example, we discussed the option that playground litter pickers should be the responsibility of all pupils and the possibility of there being a rota between all the classes.

My role was to meet with the ambassadors during lunchtime and support their decision making with regards to researching cost and style of recycling bins needed for the playground. The Ambassadors feel that it was important to encourage and embed this concept of recycling and sustainability in the playground, particularly at lunch time, with plastic waste being the most important to sort out.

It has been encouraging to witness the Ambassadors confidence and determination to achieve their goals.