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We are a  Eco Platinum School and aim to renew our Status in February 2018.

With this in mind Eco council are currently very busy auditing the schools Eco  procedures, to check that they are still in place and being managed efficiently. We are currently focusing on recycling,  healthy eating and water consumption.

Eco councillors and Year 6 Fruit Tuck Ambassadors manage the Fruit Tuck stall on a daily basis. The cost is 20 pence a day for a piece of fruit. The stall is in the Junior yard every playtime and during wet play in the foyer by the hall.

After a recent Fruit Tuck survey the School/Eco/Active Council are relaunching the stall to incorporate some new and exciting fruits. There will be a fruit taster morning Monday 2nd October which children can attend with their class and if they wish, sample a variety of fruits. Following the taster sessions, further surveys will be carried out by Eco councillors so that children’s choices can then be included in the daily fruit tuck stall. We are also hoping the taster sessions will help to promote the Fruit Tuck stall and encourage healthy eating throughout the school.

Fruit Tuck promotion weeks are also something we intend to make available in the future. Starting with the suggestion of buy 4 days of fruit get one day free!  We will keep you informed on any special offers, in the meantime please help us to “Be Green!”




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