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We have achieved a Swansea Sustainable Schools Bronze Award in three areas – Energy and Water; Waste and Litter and Global Citizenship.

A huge well done to all pupils and staff for being Eco Friendly! And many thanks to our Eco Committee members who work extremely hard to raise awareness and help us to continue to be a Platinum Eco school.


Bailing Plant Recycling Centre Visit.

Eco council and our Link Governor Mr Heath Brett recently visited the Bailing Plant Recycling Centre in LLansamlet as they wanted to learn more about the recycling process and what happens to our rubbish once it leaves the kerbside.

The council were shown around the plant by the Waste Minimisation Development Manager, Thomas Williams, who was very informative.

It was a very busy afternoon at the site with lots of waste vehicles coming and going so there was a great deal of recycling  for the children to see first hand. We saw how the waste is sorted into different sections and how it is managed on site before leaving the plant. The children were surprised to hear that most of the waste is sold onto companies based in the UK and abroad, who then recycle it and turn it into other products such as newspapers, furniture and even Electricity!

We were also very proud to hear that Wales is the third best recycling country in the world! Amazing! Keep up the good work Welsh Eco Warriors!

In the new year we will be inviting Thomas to come into school and work alongside Eco Council to educate pupils and staff about recycling and their processes at the Bailing plant.

Welsh Water Workshops and School Water Audit.

Welsh Water came to our school to audit our water consumption to see if there are any improvements we can make to our usage.  They also held a Water Saving assembly for Key Stage 2 pupils and worked with Y3 and Y5 children,  who took part in Water Saving Workshops. The pupils then did some follow up work on their own personal water consumption at home and in school and  translated the information into graphs. This work allowed the children to reflect on how much water we waste and educated them to try and improve their consumption in the future.

As an Eco council we will be shortly meeting with Welsh Water leaders to discuss the audit and any possible ways forward to improve our water consumption as a school and as individuals.

We are a  Eco Platinum School and aim to renew our Status in February 2018.

With this in mind Eco council are currently very busy auditing the schools Eco  procedures, to check that they are still in place and being managed efficiently. We are currently focusing on recycling,  healthy eating and water consumption.

Please continue to support us and help us to “Be Green!”


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