Our school target for 2015/16 is 96.4%attendance

Please help us achieve this by ensuring your child/children regularly attend school. Your child’s attendance is monitored on a weekly basis. We may ask you to attend a meeting to discuss your child’s attendance if there is a concern. This provides an open dialogue between home and school, allows us to offer support and to help ensure your child benefits from all the opportunities within the school environment.

If your child/children is unable to attend, please contact the school by 9:30am on the first day and leave a message on the answer phone. We have a first day contact policy, so should you forget you will be contacted by the school attendance officer, to enquire as to the reason for your child’s/ children’s absence. This is to ensure all children’s safety within the school day.

As from September 2015, we will require either the original or a photocopy of the letters or appointment cards if your child is attending an appointment during the school day. The office staff can photocopy originals for you. If your child has regular appointments, please contact our attendance officer, Mrs Rachel Shuker who can advise you.

You will be kept up to date of your child’s attendance percentage figures at parent/ teacher evenings.

We will be continuing our monthly class attendance awards, the results of these are on our attendance board outside the school hall. As from the end of September these results will also be posted on this page for you to follow. We will also continue with our individual Bronze, Silver and Gold awards.


If you would like to inform us of your child’s absence by email, please contact Rachel Shuker –

June class attendance:

Year 1 SW- 96.%

Year 1 SW/VE-95.4%-

Year 2 KP-93.1%

Year 2 SDK-96.1%-

Year 3 SK- 96.1%

Year 3 CT-91.8%

Year 4 MW-97.1% –

Year 4 EC-92.4%

Year 5 JM-93.6%

Year 5 PR-95%

Year 6 CJ-95%

Year 6 LJ-92.4%

Overall school attendance for June -94.2%


Many thanks for your help in trying to achieve our target. If you have any queries do not hesitate to call us.