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PDA Programme for Parents and Carers

Pathological Demand Avoidance is an extreme form of autism where individuals are unable to cope with every day demands.  Children can present difficult challenges for parents, but with the right techniques can learn, develop and prosper.
The PDA Society is running a 6 week course for parents and carers of children with or suspected of having PDA.  The course will explore the latest research into the condition, provide parents with the strategies and an opportunity to meet other parents.  For further information please see the link below:

Y6 Trip To Llancaiach Fawr


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Year 6 Trip

As part of our topic, a visit has been arranged to visit Llancaiach Fawr, a Tudor Manor House, on Wednesday 28th September.  The cost of the visit it £15.50 per child. Pupils will need to arrive in school at 8.20am as we are due to depart at 8.30am. Packed Lunch will be needed.