Internet Safety!

Internet Safety is always something that schools take very seriously and provide our children with many workshops and lessons to discuss how they must keep themselves safe “Online.” February 6th 2018 is Internet Safety Day and School will be working particularly hard on that day to ensure our children are equipped with the skills to stay safe online.

Please can I ask that all parents and carers check the parental controls on the games that your children may be playing online. Please can you check that the games are suitable for their age and continue to monitor closely any social media websites they may access.

Thank you so much for your support with this important issue!

Slime Issues

It has been brought to my attention that lots of children are making “slime” at home and having a wonderful time doing so. Unfortunately as we are not aware of what ingredients everyone is using, for the sake of health and safety, with various children having various allergies to a variety of things please can we keep our slime at home. I know the children have hours of fun making and playing with slime but can we keep this as an at home activity.

Many Thanks

Beverley Phillips

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