Reception Noticeboard

Hello everyone,

It’s offically our Easter holidays today for 2 weeks. Take sometime to enjoy the lovely weather. (it may not last very long!) In your gardens of course.

During the holidays we would like you to take part in #PowerIsKindness. Sketty Primary school is celebrating happiness day on Friday 24th April, Mrs Phillips would like everyone to create a kindness calendar (an example you can use will be in file uploaded to dojo or you can make your own calendar). You canl think of kind acts you can do during the month and add them to the blank calendar. For example, you could help your mum tidy up or write a letter to a neighbour who may be lonely

Happy Easter

The Reception team.

Kindness Day[9334]

Dear all,

Please do not turn up to school expecting child care unless you have spoken to the school and discussed your emergency child care needs.

Many thanks for your support in this matter.


Parents/carers if you are entitled to free school meals and require a packed lunch from Monday, please can you let your class teacher know through Dojo, or contact Mrs Phillips at school tomorrow (Sunday 22.3.20) from 10,00am.
Thank you



Hello everyone,

Home Learning – March 2020

Reception Class Teachers will post ideas on our noticeboard for Home Learning while the school is closed.  We will send a dojo message when we update our ideas.  We will be checking messages regularly from home on Classdojo.

Just a few things here to keep you busy. As well as the home learning packs you received:

Joe Wicks (a.k.a The Body Coach) has announced that from Monday 23rd March, he will be hosting  free P.E workouts daily aimed at kids live on his YouTube channel. They will be at 9am Monday-Friday for 30 minutes. This is a great way for everyone to keep moving and stay healthy.

Getting Outdoors

Enclosed in the pack there is also a copy of the RSPB Wild Challenge for families.  If you have access to the outdoors, this could provide you with some activities.  The children can work towards awards by submitting their evidence to the RSPB online.  We have started working towards the Schools Wild Challenge, so they are familiar with this project.
What is Wild Challenge from RSPB?
It’s a challenge for you to connect with the natural world in brave new ways and earn awards as you go. Do you have what it takes to achieve gold?
Our activities resources are available in both English and Welsh. You can find them as downloadable documents on the relevant activities pages.

Stay safe everyone

The Reception Team

WK/B 16.3.20

Dear all,

A big thank you to all those who helped the children learn their lines and  were able to come to our Family assembly on Friday. Hope you enjoyed it. As you can see we are busy bees in Reception and the children have already experienced so much. So when they tell you at the end of the day they haven’t done you know, it’s not true!

Life in Reception is going on as normal next week with lots of fun activities and learning.

In language we are getting creative and writing some beautiful poetry- I can’t say any more about that I’m afraid! Wait and see.

In  Maths we are focusing on measure and comparisons- inside and out side the classroom including down in our Mud Kitchen. Key vocabulary includes tallest, smallest, longest, shortest, bigger, smaller, full, empty, half full, heavier, lighter etc .If these can be reinforced at home- great. We are also continuiing work on estimation and directional language.

Rest assured we are being vigilant with hygene in the classroom.  Any concerns do not hesitate to come and see us.

The Reception Staff.


WK/B 9.3.20

We all had lots of fun dressing up on Thursday’s World Book Day. It was lovely to see the children sharing a favourite story with their buddies too.

As usual we have another busy week ahead. Not only will we be marking International Women’s Day and Science week through our activities but we have a family assembly to prepare for!!! There’s always something.

We have already begun planning this with the children and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Fiday for a 10.30 start.

In Maths we will be introducing the concept of estimation with a fun practical activity. The children will be working outside on foloowing and giving directions. An work you can do at home on right and left would be much appreciated!

The children are becoming more confident with their number bonds to 5 now so we will be introducing bonds to 10. Again reinforcing this at home would be great e.g




3+7  etc

We have an exciting Science investigation linked to soap- the children really enjoy donning their lab coats and becoming Sketty Scientists!

So excited to share some of the lovely things we have been doing in Reception this term- see you Friday.




Week beginning 2.3.20

Dear parents,

We had a fantastic Welsh week. The children all enjoyed wearing their Welsh costumes. The Eisteddfod and the Ffli a Fflac theatre were a great success. The children performed their poem and song beautifully.

This week is a little more back to normal. Although world book day is on Thursday so don’t forget to dress up as your favourite character.

In Maths this week we will be concentrating on ‘one less’ and symmetry.

Our language focus is a book review. The children will be choosing their favourite traditional tale and writing a review, giving it a star rating too.

For our Welsh this week, we will be continuing to focus on ‘Dw i’n hoffi’,  looking at the things our traditional characters like and ‘likes’ for food that is good and bad for us.

Our handwriting will be continuing this week with the letter ‘n’.

Parent’s meetings are on Monday and Tuesday this week. If you haven’t made an appointment yet, please come and speak to us . There are still times available and if you are unable to come on Monday or Tuesday, then we can make alternative arrangements.

PE will resume on Wednesday this week. So please don’t forget to return your PR kits to school.

Thank you for all your continuing support.

The Reception Team.

Week beginning 24.2.20

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a lovely half term break.

This week is Welsh week in school.

We are looking forward to see the bunting you have made.

There are a few activities this week, Flic a Flac theatre are in on Monday morning and there will be Welsh dancing on Wednesday. On Friday the whole school will take part in our Eisteddfod with the crowning of our Bard. Reception have been learning a Welsh poem and a song to perform at this event.

We are taking photographs of the children on Monday, so please wear Welsh costume or national colours or rugby shirts.

We are concentrating on all things Welsh this week. All the children will be producing a piece of artwork, a Welsh fact file, reading and sequencing the story of St. David and making something delicious to bring home.

In Maths this week , we will be concentrating on ‘one less’. As well as continuing with our work on ordinal numbers and number formation.

There will be no PE this week as the hall is being used for Welsh dancing. But please don’t forget to bring PE kits to school the following week.

The Reception Team.

WK/B 10.2.20

Dear Parents,

This week we will be covering a number of special events. We will be doing activities linked to Internet Safety Day, Random Act of Kindness Day and even touching on Valentine’s! Expect a little something coming home this week.

We will be using our live Birdwatch data to generate and interpret graphs in Maths. We will be sending off our results to the RSPB.

We will be making some bird feeders to attract more birds to our garden areas as well as continuing work on ordinal numbers, number formation and number bonds to 5.

Our focus activity will involve a discussion and Q&A activity linked to staying safe on the internet.

Random Act of Kindness Day is celebrated on 17th February this year. During the week we will be talking about what it means to be kind, listening to the story of the kindness quilt and making our own version of it.

Have a lovely weekend and get counting those birds- PLEASE!!

Many thanks from us all.

Week beginning 3.2.20

Dear Parents,

This week during active learning time we are hoping to go outside into the wooded area to do some activities focusing on using the natural materials available to us and talking about feelings linking it to the Welsh we have been learning. (the weather forecast is looking dry at the moment!). The children all have waterproof clothing to wear, and wellies will be needed. Could you please make sure that your child has a pair of wellies in school to wear.

In Maths we will using ordinal numbers this week. Some activities focusing on using the Chinese Zodiac animals we learnt about last week.

For our new Welsh carousel we will be using ‘Dw i’n hoffi … Deciding what things some of our characters from traditional tales might like.

Can we please ask again for clothes be labelled- we are still losing jumpers and cardigans  and reading books and records in everyday please.

Thank you for your continuing support.

The Reception team

.WK/B 27.1.20

Dear Parents,

We had a great week last week- it was lovely to  get outside a bit, even if it was a little frosty in the morning.

The children enjoyed our work on National hug day- there will be a little something coming home this week so keep a look out.

P.E seemed to go well- this being the first week the children were changing into kit- they wer brilliant.

This week we will be doing some lovely activities linked to Chinese New Year including making lanterns, dragons, 3D money boxes and having a go at writing numbers.

In Maths we will be reinforcing bonds to 5 in a range of practical situations.

Our language focus is writing a kenning poem linked to the story of Chinese New Year. We can see that the children are making great progress in their letter formation and using their phonics knowledge in their writing now, which is great.

Thanks again for your continued support and a couple of requests please-

Can clothes be labeled- we are losing jumpers and cardigans by the day and reading books and records in everyday please.

Thank you

WK/B 20.1.20

Dear Parents

This week will be our third week back in school since the New Year. Time is going so quickly and we have a very busy term ahead.

Our language focus this week is a character description. As part of our traditional tales topic the children will be choosing either The Gingerbread Man, Little Red Riding Hood,  Cinderella, The Troll from The Three Billy Goats Gruff and Prince Charming to describe.

In Maths we will be looking at ways  to make six, and continuing to reinforce bonds to five. Hopefully the weather will stay dry and the children will get the chance to use the large numicon outdoors.

Our handwriting letter this week is ‘h’. The children will also be reading every week so please make sure that your child brings their book to school everyday.

Tuesday is ‘National Hug Day’ and the children will be doing a little circle time to talk about this and a small activity too.

Many thanks as always from the Reception team.

Dear Parents

Happy New to you all. The children settled well last week and it was lovely to see them all and hear their exciting Christmas news.

Our language focus was a thank you letter to Santa and it was fun finding out what they had for Christmas. In Maths we continued to work on bonds to five in a variety of activities.

We briefly introduced our new topic which is ‘Traditional Tales’.

This week will will continue gathering ideas from the children about where they would like the topic to go.

We will be carrying out a Science investigation to show how germs spread which I’m sure will be lots of fun.

We have seen a huge improvement in the handwriting of the children. Their pencil control is much improved and we appreciate any work you have done at home to help them with their letter and number formation. We continue to work on this in school.

The children are now reading reguarly and working on their phoncs in RWI (Read, Write,Inc).

Friday is World Religion Day and we will be doing some activities related to a variety ofbeliefs and faiths. It woukd be nice to relate it to themselves so please let us know if you follow a certain faith that we could share with the children.


Many thanks as always from the Reception team.



WK/B 9.12.19

Dear Parents,

Thank you to all of you for coming to watch our Christmas Sharing. I hope you enjoyed it. I was so proud of them, they worked so hard and really pulled it off.

The children will be continuing with Maths and Language as normal this week- doing some independent writing and continuing with problem solving in Maths. The main focus this week, however,  will be preparing for our Christmas Market. I won’t give too much away as I want it to be a surprise for you.

The market will be held in the Reception classrooms on Monday 16th December at 2.15pm. There will be lots of items to buy- if you buy everything you will probably need a maximum of £5. Please bring change if possible as the children will be selling the items themselves with the help of their Buddies.

Following the market there will be an opportunity for you to stay and look at your child’s books and see all the hard work they have been doing in their first term in Reception.

We hope as many of you as possible will be able to make this event. All profit we make will go back into the individual classes.

Ths Friday is Christmas jumper day and our visit to the cinema, please teturn the form and money ASAP if you have not already done so.


Many thanks

K.Palmer, K.Eagle and S.Rees




WK/B  2.12.19

Dear Parents,

The children worked hard last week during our rehearsals and enjoyed trying out their costumes for the first time.

They enjoyed developing their ICT skills producing their PIc Collage invitations- we hope you liked them.

This week sees us putting the finishing touches to our Sharing and then our two performances on Wednesday. It will be very exciting. The children have worked really hard- we do hope you enjoy the show and thank you for your support providing costumes and working with the children to learn their lines and the songs.

In language this week the children will be doing instructional writing in the form of a recipe. They will also be continuing  working on their handwriting and RWI phonics sessions.

In Maths they will build on last weeks sorting activities- working independently to sort a range of items. They will also be developing their mathematical language through Digit Dog problem solving challenges.

We will be beginning to make items for our Christmas market this week and the next. We will be making a wide range of Christmas gifts that you will be able to purchase at our market in the last week of term- details to follow shortly.

We look forward to seeing you all on Wednesday and once again- hope you enjoy the show!


Many thanks,

Mrs Palmer, Mrs Eagle



WK/B. 25.11.19

Dear Parents,

All the children really enjoyed our trip to the All Souls church last week for the Christening. It was a great success and Canon Gwynn was very impressed with the children ‘s listening skills and behaviour. Thank you to all our helpers too.

In Maths this week, the children will be focusing on learning the days of the week. The children will make their own visual diary using a zig zag book. They will also be sorting natural materials,  and themselves!  The children will learn that collections of objects/people can be sorted into sets based on colour, size or shape. The children will decide how they would like to do this.

For our language focus this week the children will work in pairs to make an invitation for our Christmas sharing using pic collage on an i-pad.

The children have now completed c, a, d, g, o, q and l in our handwriting family. The letter for this week will be t.  Please keep working on these at home too.

Don’t forget the dress rehearsal for our Christmas sharing is on Friday and we would like the children to bring in their costumes. We will send them home on Friday. Please can you bring your child dressed in their costumes on the morning of Wednesday 4th December ready for our first performance at 9.00am. Your child will also need school uniform to wear on the 4th as the next performance on this day will not be until 2.15pm.

Thank you for all your support and help.

Mrs K Palmer and Mrs K Eagle.



Dear Parents,

We have another busy week ahead.

We have our trip to the All Souls Church on Tuesday this week for our Christening. We have chosen a name for our baby and the parents and godparents will be chosen on Monday. We are all looking forward to dressing up in our best clothes and the tea party in the afternoon. If you haven’t filled in the consent form for this trip. Could you please do this and bring it in on Monday. Thank you.

In Maths,  the children will be working to recognise and use 2D shapes, focusing on squares, rectangles, triangles and circles.

Our  language focus this week will be linked to our Christening at the All Souls Church. The children will be working in groups  to produce a piece of shared writing.

The children have now completed c, a, d, g, o and q in our handwriting family. On Tuesday the children will start the next group of letters starting with l. Please keep working on these at home too,. There is already an improvement in the children’s grip and formation- many thanks.

The songs for our Christmas Sharing are sounding amazing. The children really need  to learn their  lines now! We would really appreciate your support in this!

Don’t forget that Friday is ‘Super Hero’ day!

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs k Palmer and Mrs K Eagle.

WK/B 11.11.19

Dear Parents,

We have a busy week ahead. Reception will be completing lots of activities linked to ‘Anti-bullying Week’, Odd sock day, International Kindness Day and Children in Need. In a fun and age appropriate way the children will be developing  their understanding of some important issues that effect many children.

In Maths they will be continuing their work on adding one more and writing number sentences. They will also be generating data linked to our Christening visit. They will be voting for their favourite name and producing graphs on JIT to show the results. In our indoors and outdoors provision there will be continued opportunities for them to work on their number formation and recognition and activities linked to Numicon.

The children have now completed c, a, d, g and o in our handwriting family and will be working on q. Please keep working on these at home too- I can already see an improvement in many children’s grip and formation- many thanks.

Our language focus will be linked to friendship and showing kindness and empathy- linked to our whole school topics this week.

We have already begun to learn the songs for our Christmas Sharing and need to crack on with the lines now. We have our first hall rehearsal sessions this week. To make the most of these it is really important that your child learns their line(s) asap! We would really appreciate your support in this!

Please could you return the consent form for our trip and we would still like some more parent helpers if possible.

Many thanks

Mrs Palmer and Mrs Eagle


WK/B 21.10.19

Dear Parents,

Can’t quite believe it but we have arrived at the last week of this half term. The children have settled so well and routines and expectations are becoming fully embedded.

The week ahead:-


We are continuing to focus on number formation using a range of media. It is really important the children are forming their numbers correctly and we look forward to discussing this further at parent meetings this week.

The children are also enjoying a range of counting and number songs to help them in their learning.


Last week the children completed some great poems linked to the story Oliver’s Vegetables. This week they will be using pictures to sequence and retell the story.

Handwriting– they will be working on the letter g this week as well as revising previously taught letters c, a and d.

Active Learn/Busy Bee sessions- the children will continue to enjoy a range of experiences in and outside the classroom including sand and water challenges, role play, construction, creative and ICT experiences.

Welsh is as last week. Could you please return the Pori Drwy Stori booklets this week in preparation of learning some new songs and rhymes.

We are really looking forward to meeting you all properly this week.

Thank you again and see you soon

From all the Reception Staff



Week beginning  14.10.19

Dear Parents,

Welcome to the Reception Noticeboard.


This week in Maths we are focusing on number formation 1-10.  We will also be using the numicon in the classroom focusing on ordering from 1-10.

We will also be using our investigation area and woodland, sorting conkers, pine cones and acorns and using the large numicon to help us count these and recognise the numicon pattern.


During our active learning sessions this week , our language focus will be to write an autumn poem. Our poem will be linked to a book called ‘Oliver’s Vegetables’. The children will be able to choose colours with fruit and vegetables to help them achieve this.


In Welsh, the children will be learning their Welsh colours and practising asking the question Pa liw? They will also be practising their counting skills and asking the question Sawl un?


Please don’t forget that it will be parent’s evenings on the 22nd and 23rd October. Please return your forms to book an appointment.

The Nasal Flu vaccinations will be on the 22nd October. If you haven’t returned your consent form, please do so asap.

Thank you for your continuing support.

Mrs K Palmer, Miss S Rees and Mrs K Eagle