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Mrs De-Kayne is a Year 1 teacher and the Infant Phase co-ordinator

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updated by sdk – 1.12.19
Dear All,
Hope you have all had a good weekend!
The week ahead is as follows:

Language – We are going to be reading the story about Rama and Sita linked to the celebrations of Diwali the festival of lights. The story is about good winning over evil and the celebrations that Hindus take part in in the month of November. We shall be writing character descriptions linked to the story.
Please keep sending in reading books as we are changing them daily.

Maths – We will be introducing coins this week linked to our Christmas market. The children have been busy making things to sell on market day. We will be looking at and discussing money. We will also be setting up a sweet shop role play from our trip to St Fagans and the children will be looking at buying and adding up values of coins and giving change from a pound.

Welsh – We have been carrying out a survey on our favourite colours in Welsh and making graphs linked to reading data and data handling. The children are enjoying this very much along with using basic vocabulary in Welsh to ask and answer questions.

Please can you send in the costumes by Wednesday the latest this week.

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs L O’Maley/ Miss L Rees.

Updated 24.11.19 – by sdk

Dear All,
This is a busy time of year with the concert coming up but will you please make sure that the children keep reading and practise their handwriting at home with you. Please keep sending the reading books in as we will be changing books every day.

Language – We are continuing to write about the visit to St Fagans and we are also discussing and looking at the old school house and Sketty School. We have been asking the children which school they would like to be in and why?

Maths – We have recently introduced ‘Talk Maths’ into our sessions. This involves showing the children a picture and getting them to discuss what they can see with a partner. We often look at patterns/ colours/ shapes etc…. This is to encourage the children to talk out aloud what they are thinking. This then leads to being able to discuss problems that they are solving. We will be looking at the relationship with numbers and understanding teen numbers. Please encourage your child to look at the 100 squares that we handed out at parents meetings and get them to talk about the numbers looking at how many 10’s in each number eg 54 has 5 Tens / 4 units.

R.E. We will be looking at the ‘Festival of Light’ and talking about the celebration of Diwali and Christmas time. We shall be discussing how the celebrations are similar and different.

Please keep going over your child’s lines with them as they do tend to forget them and to encourage them to use a big voice as we have a very big hall.

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Malley/ Miss Rees.

Updated 17.11.19 – by sdk
Dear All,
The children are getting very excited about our Christmas Concert but they need to learn their lines now as we start getting ready to go on stage and say them. Please get them to use a big voice at home when they practise their lines with you. If you know that you are not going to be here for the concert please let us know in good time so that lines can be re allocated.

Language – We will start writing about our trip to St.Fagan describing the various places they visited.The children will be able to choose what they want to write about in the focus sessions. Also, they will be doing a comparison with our schools in the past and present.

Maths – We will start looking at ordinal numbers in readiness for the count down to Christmas. We will be concentrating on the vocabulary First/ Second/ Third etc….Please go over this vocabulary at home to reinforce it.

Science – What can you remember? The children will be carrying out a variety of experiments looking at how memory works and whether they can remember words/pictures/ numbers the best!
I am looking forward to finding out the results myself!

Please come and speak to us if you are finding it hard to sort costumes out for the concerts. Do not worry about it as we are very relaxed about it.

Thank you for all your support,
Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss Rees.

Updated by sdk – 10.11.19

Dear All,
The week ahead is as follows :-
Language – We are looking at recording what the children already know about the past and how people lived 100 years ago. We will be discussing homes/ clothes/ food/ leisure.
Activie Learn this week is linked to Science and grouping and sorting different materials that you have all been sending in. Also, the children have been clearing the outdoor area ready for planting some daffodil bulbs for the spring term. If you have any bulbs you would like to donate please send them with your child.
Please send in the reading books every day as its difficult to listen to the children if they don’t have their books. Please record each time you listen to your child so that we can have a dialogue as to how the reading is going.

Maths -This week we will be teaching missing numbers in squares from the 100 square. Children understanding where numbers sit in the 100 square and the relationship to the number before and after / 10 before and 10 after. Please keep going over the 100 square with your child.

We will also be interpreting data and discussing more than/ same as/ how many more.

REMINDER – Odd sock day to discuss diversity and being an individual on Tuesday.
Wednesday is KINDNESS DAY. we shall do some circle time and talk about what kindness means.
This week is Anti-bullying week and we shall be discussing what bullying actually means. We shall be doing that through Philosophy

Busy week ahead with our trip on Friday to St.Fagans Welsh Museum. We will be visiting the Old cottages and looking at houses long ago. Also visiting the School house and carrying out a wash day the old fashioned way! Please send in consent forms and money by Wednesday the latest.
Thank you for all your support,
Mrs De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Malley/ Miss Rees.

Updated – 4.11.19 by sdk
Dear All,
We hope you had a relaxing week and ready to support us with the term ahead which is a busy one!
Language – We will be looking at how people lived along time ago and finding out what the children want to learn about looking at houses/ homes. We will be visiting St Fagans next week to look at old/ new. We will also check what the children already know and then we can add to their knowledge. Reading books will be changed this week after the holidays – please send them in every day!

Maths – We are going to be teaching ‘Estimation’. This is a difficult concept but we shall be teaching the children how group objects into 10’s /5’s and 2’s to check their estimations.

Philosophy Frog – We have introduced our class frog who swallows a weekly Philosophical question and the children can then discuss what their views are. These will then be recorded. We shall have a different question on a fortnightly basis to encourage the children to develop the deeper thinking.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs o’Maley/ Miss Rees.

Updated by sdk – 20.10.19

Dear All,
Nearly half term and the Year 1 children have settled down well into the Year 1 routines. Thank you to all of you for your support during this first half term!
Parents meetings will be this week in the classrooms. Please note they are only 10 minute appointments at this stage as we will be just letting you know how your child has settled down and the way forward for the rest of the year. If we feel the appointment will be longer we will re- arrange another appointment.

The week ahead is as follows:-
Language We are going to be starting Autumn poetry this week linked to colours during Active learn. It is a lovely time of the year with colours all around us and therefore we thought the children would enjoy this. Children will be going outdoors during these sessions so please make sure you send in a coat with the children as it is a little chilly!

Maths – We are continuing with 2D shapes and making shape pictures using a variety of shapes along with looking at symmetrical patterns. Outside the mud kitchen is now open along with a variety of outdoor games including scooters. The children have been learning to play Dominoes as part of doubling in Maths and therefore if you wish to play at home please encourage the children in turn taking.

Handwriting – We wanted to let you know that we are doing Dough Disco on Monday/ Friday and for the rest of the week we are starting cursive handwriting practise in our new special handwriting books. We will show you the format of these during parent meetings so that you can support us at home as well.

Welsh – We are learning parts of the body in Welsh along with asking and answering simple questions in Welsh whilst we interview our friends. The children are learning days of the week in Slot Drillo each day along with colours and months of the year.

IT – During out IT sessions over the next few weeks we are looking at Internet safety with the children. We hope these skills will be of benefit both in school and at home. Please ensure that you reinforce this message with the children about Keeping Safe.

We look forward to seeing you all this week coming and working together for the rest of the year.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs O’Maley/ Miss L Rees.

Updated 13.10.19 by sdk
Dear All,
Hope you have all had a good weekend?
The week ahead is a busy one as usual in year 1!

Language This week we will be writing about Article 12 and having a right to learn. The children will be writing whether they like to work with a friend or in a group and why? We are also going to be doing Outdoor activities but that will be a little bit weather dependent due to the heavy rains/ winds.
We are also currently working on Nouns and the children will be building a ‘Noun Town’ with support for our display boards. Please encourage the children at home to talk about Persons/ Places/ Things to further develop their knowledge.

Maths We are going to be looking at 2D shapes and their properties and I have planned a variety of fun activities linked to this topic. We have currently been carrying out number assessments and we have realised that a number of children are recording their numbers incorrectly. Please support us by going over number from 1-20 and checking on the number formation. For some reason a number of children are writing the numbers from the bottom upwards. Once this habit is established it is difficult to break them of it.

P.E We will be carrying on making different shapes in the hall and moving around. We will also be learning how to land safely of the apparatus.

Please keep sending in brightly coloured leaves for the children to learn to group and sort with all the other things you have been sending in. They are enjoying investigating and talking about the objects sorting them into light/ heavy etc….

Please note that Parents Meetings are next week. There will be no Wacky Wednesday next week but the one this week will go ahead as planned.

Thank you for all your support.
Mrs S De-kayne/ Mrs O’Maley / Miss Rees

Updated – 6.10.19 by sdk
Dear All,
Just wanted to say a big ‘Thank you’ to all the children that stood for School council in Year 1. Sadly, we can only have two representatives for the Year groups.
The week ahead is as follows:-

Language – We are going to be focusing on our Rights as a child and the children will be writing with support from the teachers. Active learn is going to be busy with a great many of the children’s choices. There will be water outdoors looking at Vocabulary such as empty/ half full/ nearly full and full. Children will be able to use chalks and practise their numbers outside on the wall along with their names. The children asked for an outdoor role play – this is now fully set up and open to be used! Reading books need to come into school every day and please can you ensure that if your child reads you record a short comment so that we can see how they are getting on at home with you. Much appreciated!

Maths – We are going to starting doubling this week from 1- 10. Children will be focusing with the teachers for this activity along with painting mud numbers in the woodlands and finishing of the Science they started last week. Please keep teaching your children how to form the numbers from 1-10 accurately as we have noticed a number of children are recording them incorrectly in class.

ICT – We are going to be discussing as part of Mental Well being week as to how much time is appropriate on the I-pads/computers this week in circle time and also generating some Safety rules when working on the computers/ I-pads both in school and at home. Please have a chat with your children in relation to these issues as they are important.

P.E.– The children are now getting changed much quicker and we are working on different types of positions in gym this week such as pike/ crab etc… Please encourage your children to be changing for school independently as some children are struggling to change back into school uniform after the P.E. sessions. We also do games weekly as part of Active Learn / Friday activities sessions. These are usually to encourage good listening and following instructions.

We are currently collecting stones please for painting. Could you please send them in with your child as every child needs one.

Mrs S De-Kayne/ Mrs L O’Maley/Miss L Rees.

Updated – 30.9.19 by sdk

Dear All,
Just writing to let you know that the children are settling down well into a routine now and I feel I can now start posting on a regular basis as to what work we will be doing.

So here goes…….
Language – We will be focusing on the Rights of the child during Active Learn. We have been allowing the children to have a pupil voice and asking them what they would like to also do during this time. We will have the outdoor running and provided weather holds up the children will be out daily.

Maths – We are looking at number lines this week and counting up in ones and twos and counting backwards also. Please can you keep practising number formation with your child on a daily basis 1-20.

Science – The children will be going into the woodland area and collect a variety of leaves. They will then look at the changes and make observations as to how the leaves are changing.

P.E. – We are looking at moving around the hall safely and landing with soft feet for when we get the equipment out to ensure that they children don’t hurt themselves. We are looking at personal space and moving around the hall in a variety of ways using hands/ feet.
Please keep sending in the reading books daily and you will notice that the staff are recording regularly if your child has been heard reading. Please could you also record and give us feedback as to how their reading is going.
Thank you for your support.
Mrs S. De-Kayne / Mrs L O’ Maley and Miss Rees.